Why to Become Forex Trader?

Why to Become Forex Trader?

13 November 2015, 16:39
Sherif Hasan
In last twenty years forex trading change in many ways, you dont need extremely big money to start with trading like before. Thanks to computer and internet connection can start with trading almost everybody all around the world. I'm trading forex spot market for more than 3 years, so i would like to share with you main advantages and disadvantages of forex trader lifestyle. All the advantages and disadvantages are applied only for full time self made traders, who trade only their own money.


1) Independence

You can wake up when you want, you can trade where and when you want, you can go for vacation when and for how long do you want. You dont need to go into the office. So you are completely free. You are your own boss. You can live where you really want and lifestyle, which you want.

2) Money

Successful traders are making very good income, because they can produce profits consistently and reinvest part of their profits. Their income potencial is unlimited. (Sky is the limit) Thanks to bigger leverage than at any other type of the market and lot of opportunities to trade you can make really interesting returns.

3) Flexible working hours

Trade like you want, many traders are able to make their profits only by trading 4 hours a day and rest of the day they can enjoy their free time with their families or friends.

4) Dream come true

Thanks to working in regular job you can forget to buy for example your dream car Ferrari, Porsche or Bentley, but forex trader can achieve these cars.


1) Stress

Lot of trading styles involve bigger level of stress that any similar job, mainly intraday trading, thanks to its fast pace. On another hand you are free, so you can regulate your stress level on the go.

2) Lot of hard work

It is not easy to become successful trader, you have to spent really lot of time to find strategy, which will suits to you. I think that first two years are the hardest one, because you will have to go thru many fails and broken accounts.


Trading can give you chance to change your life, to fulfill all your hidden dreams. But it is not like commonly for free, you have to at first invest lot of time and effort to learn how to trade, how to become profitable and how to be consistent. You have to have patience, discipline and passion to become successful.

Why did you become forex trader?
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