StrategyDB Select Market Report for Crude Oil End of Day Analysis 20150708

9 July 2015, 17:04
Matthew Goss

52.33 : 07/07/2015 : 356 ET Change: -0.20 (-0.38%)

Trending Bear Mode
Report Type = Macro, End of Day

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  • Transitions
  • Standard Analysis
  • Advice
  • Natural Attraction
  • Support / Resistance
  • Price Projections

strategydb believe that standardized and repetitive analysis instills discipline in trading. strategydb lists major areas of interest that should be considered when performing technical analysis and / or creating a trading plan.

Market Mode of Behavior: CL : NYMEX : 52.33 : Macro: Eight specific situations that dictate the current trading strategy... 

Currently, this market meets the Trending Bear Mode criteria. Price is trending lower.

For the entire data set this market has been in Trending Bear Mode 48.50% of the time.

The average number of bars spent in this Mode before transitioning normally = 16. Since the current number of bars in Mode = 2, this Mode of Behavior still has 14 bars to mature before meeting its average and possibly transitioning. Remember that this analysis is being performed on the bar interval.

The average price growth during this behavior is approximately = -8.54. This is compared to the current price growth of -4.60. Based upon the closing price of the most recent bar, price growth has yet to be met.

Transitions & Time: CL : NYMEX : 52.33 : Macro: Some background on the current Mode of Behavior... 

Transition from Volatile Bear Mode occurred 2 bar(s) ago. This transition occurs frequently.

Possessing knowledge of the preceding Mode of Behavior as well as the most likely subsequent Mode assists in executing current strategies, exits, and setting up for the next trade.

Standard Analysis: CL : NYMEX : 52.33 : Macro: A closer look at the current Mode of Behavior... 

The current bar's close at 52.33 demonstrates that prices should continue lower.

Cautionary price levels 17.10% below the market are outside the Average True Range price percentage window of 3.41%, currently lowering the short-term probability of transitioning out of Trending Bear Mode.

The Average True Range price percentage window is simply a function of the 16 bar Average True Range, divided by the underlying's closing price of the last bar. Cautionary price levels are proprietary. Prices in this region indicate possible Mode transitions.

Volatility based on the 30 day standard deviation = 37.19%. Volatility based upon the 30 day Average True Range = 1.78 points, (based upon the underlying's price scale.)

The price change versus 1 week ago = -4.60. The price change versus 1 month ago = -7.14. The price change versus 1 year ago = -6.86.

Advice: CL : NYMEX : 52.33 : Macro: Straight-forward wisdom on how to best be positioned for near-term profits... 

Alert! Transactions in FOREX, Futures, and Stocks, carry a high degree of risk. No slippage or commissions are included here or in our Statistics tables. Your FCM will charge you a commission.

Trend trade this market from the short side.

During Trending Bear Mode competition is one sided, making buyers scarce. If you like pyramding winners, now may be your chance. (---)

Natural Attraction: CL : NYMEX : 52.33 : Macro: Notes the price that the underlying market is expected to tend towards... 

During Trending Bear Mode prices should tend towards a price structure located at 38.54.

Support & Resistance: CL : NYMEX : 52.33 : Macro: This area of analysis generates specific trading levels or bands... 

A key level to watch is located at 63.86 is exactly 11.53 points or 22.0% away.

  • Trading Band1 Level = 58.61
  • Trading Band2 Level = 56.82
  • Trading Band3 Level = 55.04
  • Trading Band4 Level = 53.26
  • Trading Band5 Level = 51.48
  • Trading Band6 Level = 49.69

    Price Growth / Decay Projections: CL : NYMEX : 52.33 : Macro: This area provides unique growth / decay projections... 

  • Target#1=47.19
  • Distance=5.14
  • Move=9.8%

  • Target#2=38.54
  • Distance=13.79
  • Move=26.4%

    Market Report End: CL : NYMEX : 52.33 : Macro

    Yeah Lou, @CL! Take it and bid it! I buy!

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