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Знаете ли вы, что в MQL5 появилась обработка событий?
FourX 2011.07.15 11:40  

Let's still try with a simple.
The problem: Is it possible to write a function that runs once a day and month history of a stoploss parameter sets the optimal number?
And most importantly: Is it possible with this function to check on the tester? Will there be a general tester work? It turns out that every day in test mode it should change the setting foot on another day? Is this possible? If we solve this problem, the rest as we have already said - the frosting.

The problem that we all have with any technical trading system is that like your suggestion above, while it MAY help and make the EA better and more profitable, it is all based on events that have already passed and alas we do not trade on what has already gone by. I am not saying that there are not repeatable patterns; but the future is dynamic and does not (100%) consistently conform to any specific set conditions or conclusions that we may make based on the past and will not necessarily be valid when, where and how we apply them.

I'm starting to think that any ForEx trading system must include some 'fundamentals' and knowledge of real world events and the impact that they have on the markets as opposed to strictly trading with statistics from the past. The past is past and know, the future is unknown and for all intents and purposes in such undertakings as these will always remain so.

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