Fishing Network Options

Fishing Network Options

9 августа 2019, 16:11
Volha Loyeva

GBPUSD - default settings

EURUSD - download set1

1.   Distance         - distance from the zero point to the first pending orders

2.   InitialStep      - the distance from the first pending orders to the next, from which a neural network begins to form using the multiplication coefficient

3.   TypeLot         - fixed or dynamic lot selection mode

4.   FixLot            - fixed lot

5.   DynamiLot     - dynamic lot

6.   TooGrid         - a mode of choosing the construction of many neural networks

7.   StepNexGrid - distance from the zero point to the construction of the next neural network

8.   Kprofit          - profit taking and zeroing of all networks to change the zero level and start building new neural networks

9.   Magic            - magic number

10. Slippage        - slippage

SET1.set 1 kb
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