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Scalper Weapon

Great for scalper/intraday weapon for your ease daily trading.

Scalper weapon will suit's you for any trading condition, whether it's intraday / scalper this tool is important for you which providing the missing function on the native MT4 platform.

You have to check Allow Auto Trading by pressing Ctrl+O, going to Expert Advisors tab, and checking "Allow automated trading". also to ensure the "auto trading" is green.

Input Parameters

  • _MINIMIZED_AT_START: to chose whether the panel is minimized or shows at start
  • _CAPTURE_WIDTH: the screenshoot width
  • _CAPTURE_HEIGHT: the screenshoot height

Main features

  • Direct buy
  • Direct sell
  • Pending Buy (Limit/Stop) >>> by pip or price
  • Pending Sell (Limit/Stop) >>> by pip or price
  • Setup Takeprofit point and/or Stop Loss point
  • Setup a price for pending orders
  • Setup the breakeven stop loss to the plus direction (in pips)
  • Close only Buy
  • Close only Sell
  • Close all orders or all current symbol only.
  • Trapping button
  • Martiangle
  • Averaging
  • Log history line.
NEW Feature: SCREENSHOT to capture your chart located at >> "../Mql/files/journal"
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Versão 1.4 2016.10.14
** adding history Profit/loss directly on chart and stability performance when dragging
** fix stability on orderlist for the other chart