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True SnD

This Supply & Demand indicator uses a unique price action detection to calculate and measures the supply & demand area.

The indicator will ensure the area are fresh and have a significant low risk zone. Our Supply Demand indicator delivers functionality previously unavailable on any trading platform.

Trading idea

  1. You may set pending orders along the supply & demand area.
  2. You may enter a trade directly upon price hit the specific area (after a rejection confirmed).

Input parameters

  • Signal - Set true to show the signal arrow.
  • Bars to calculates - To choose the maximum bars to calculate the S&D area.
  • Tolerance - The additional size from original size area.
  • Deviation - Deviation of engulfing candle.
  • Candle bear - Engulfing candle color for bear.
  • Candle bull - Engulfing candle color for bull.
  • Demand box - Demand area box color.
  • Demand line - Demand area line color.
  • Supply box - Supply area box color.
  • Supply line - Supply area line color.

Feature highlights

  • Marking out the Supply & Demand.
  • Back test directly on chart.
  • Customization of engulfing candle color.
  • Customization of Supply & Demand zone color.
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