Sinal Atlantic1

2 fevereiro 2016, 19:48
Paulo Alexandre Violante
I have 4 years experience in forex trading.
Over the four years I found it almost impossible to trade forex permanently in profit, won few days will soon come the day when we lost everything.
I have studied various automated systems and make sure that everyone wins but for a limited time always end up crashing.
Negotiations have studied with signs and happens exactly the same thing just see that it is difficult to find the platform signals over a year to generate regular income.
With my experience in forex developed a trading method being tested and has shown impressive results, however I passed the testing phase to the actual negotiations,
with the Atlantic signal 1.

The signal generates profits for gamarra levels.

Gamarra is a mathematical system developed stop close a level of a set of orders always at a profit.

This signal has been successfully tested for a year and generated an average of 30% per month without exceeding 20% ​​dd.

The dangers to negotiate gamara are known, that is the problem can happen when the market never shrinks from a rise or a fall.

The secret of this signal is to prevent the collapse of a level with a multi system nini levels of various currencies that are offset from each other, without having to double the value of the lots should the market go against us for more than 10 levels (limit gamarra in the mathematical system enters danger zone and can collapse the account balance).
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