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Telegram Notify

Notify Telegram is a utility that bridge your MetaTrader4 trading activities to your Telegram chat/channel. It will help you to monitor your MetaTrader4 actions such as placing trade, modifying order's TP/SL, closing trades etc and send a notification message to your dedicated Telegram chat/channel. It does not execute any trade on your MetaTrader4 account. It can be useful for monitoring EA performance or providing signal to your Telegram channel/group subscribed.


  • Token="" - enter your bot API token
  • ChatID=0 - enter your Chat ID or Channel ID
  • BridgeFailAlert=true - Telegram bot self checking every 5 minutes
  • MobileNotification=false - function On/Off
  • EmailNotification=false - function On/Off
  • DesktopNotification=false - function On/Off
  • TelegramNotification=true - function On/Off
  • Setting="----------";
  • NotifyNewOrder=true - send notification when placing a new order
  • NotifyOrderClosed=true - send notification when an order is closed
  • NotifyNewPending=true - send notification when placing a new pending order
  • NotifyPendingDeleted=true - send notification when a pending order is deleted
  • NotifyModifiedOrder=true - send notification when an order is modified
  • NotifyPendingFilled=true - send notification when a pending order is filled
  • NotifyOption="----------";
  • ShowLot=true - displayed message customization
  • ShowSL=true - displayed message customization
  • ShowTP=true - displayed message customization
  • ShowDate=true - displayed message customization
  • ShowTime=true - displayed message customization
  • ShowMagic=true - displayed message customization
  • ShowComment=true - displayed message customization
  • ShowClosed=true - displayed message customization
  • ShowPips=true - displayed message customization
  • ShowProfit=true - displayed message customization
  • ShowRemainingTrade=true - displayed message customization

Setup guideline

  1. Open your Telegram APP and search for "BotFather".
  2. Type /start and click/type /newbot to create a new bot.
  3. Give your bot a nickname and username (e.g., nickname: TestingABC and username: TestingABCbot <-- username has to be ended by 'bot').
  4. Congratulations! You have created your Telegram bot.
  5. Save your bot API token (e.g. 227330911:AAEWHnT9B9bAARDiKhESwXd7hk-G4nxmEpI) and click t.me/TestingABCbot to chat with it.
  6. Go back to Telegram APP and search for 'userinfobot'.
  7. Type /start and retrieve your personal Telegram Chat ID (e.g., 12345678).
  8. Back in MetaTrader 4, go to Tools > Options > Expert Advisors > tick 'Allowed WebRequest for listed URL' and add 'https://api.telegram.org'.
  9. Attach the utility into your MetaTrader 4 chart and fill up the Token (from step 5) and ChatID (from step 7).
  10. Hooray! Your Notify Telegram utility is ready to work for you.
  11. Fill up the Chat ID with your Channel ID and set your bot as a channel administrator in order for your bot to work in the channel.

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Versión 2.0 2018.10.04
Added options for display info customization.