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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 123

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
It is designed to automatically set a stop loss for open trades in the MetaTrader 4 platform. Here is a breakdown of the important parts of the script: The script uses input parameters to control its behavior. The AutoSLTP_AllSymbols parameter determines whether to track trades on all symbols or only the current symbol. The AutoSLTP_Type parameter specifies the type of orders to track: 1 for market orders, 2 for pending orders, or 3 for both. The AutoSLTP_StopLoss parameter sets the stop loss v
Winshots Trade Assistant EA decides when to take the the first trade based on the H1 time frame and the Stochastic indicator.  It is there to assist you in deciding in which direction you should trade as well as managing all the trades you open on the same chart (it's very useful in scalping on lower time frames).  The first trade will always be 1 micro lot, and decision always based on the H1 time frame.  Then your job is to open further trades in the same direction as top ups MANUALLY. However
PM indicator
Christian Vestergaard Rasmussen
Discover PM - Your Ultimate Precision Forex Indicator for Informed Trading Decisions! In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of Forex trading, having a reliable and accurate indicator can make all the difference between success and missed opportunities. Say hello to PM, the revolutionary Precision Momentum indicator, engineered to empower traders with unparalleled insights into market dynamics, volatility, and trends. At the heart of PM's power lies its ability to precisely identify moments
The SuperChannel indicator for MQL4 is a POWERFUL technical analysis tool designed to help you make informed trading decisions. BASED ON the popular SUPERTREND indicator, this indicator offers a UNIQUE approach Using HIGHS and LOWS over an n-period instead of the Average True Range (ATR) to construct the line. The SuperChannel indicator allows you to easily identify market trends and pinpoint optimal entry and exit points for your trades. By using historical highs and lows, the indicator plots a
Trade Planner and Viewer is a powerful and versatile MetaTrader tool that helps you plan and monitor your trades more effectively. It offers a number of features that make it an essential tool for any trader, including: Risk analysis: Trade Planner and Viewer calculates the risk ratio of each trade, allowing you to assess the potential risks and rewards before entering a position. Trade tracking: The tool provides a user-friendly display of triggered trades, making it easy to track the performa
This indicator is mainly used to analyze future support and resistance levels for better trade analysis. If the support level is effectively supported for many times, the market will break through the previous high point, and the effective trend breakout will be long. After the down, the market cannot overshoot the pressure level for many times, and then goes down and breaks through the previous low price again, and the effective trend breaks through the short position. When the marke
The robot uses the trading strategy of breaking the lines of the Bollinger Bands indicator. The essence of this strategy lies in the constant analysis of the indicator lines and the search for the most effective breakout points for its lines. When the price breaks through the indicator line in one of the directions, the robot opens a trade in that direction and starts to follow it. But the robot does not open trades every time the indicator lines are broken, but only in those places where it co
Hull Crossover Alert
Thushara Dissanayake
Introducing the Hull Crossover Alert indicator for MT4, a powerful tool designed to enhance your trading decisions. This indicator utilizes the Hull Moving Average (HMA) and incorporates advanced features to filter false signals and provide fast and reliable alerts. With the Hull Crossover Alert indicator, you can benefit from the unique characteristics of the Hull Moving Average. Its responsiveness to price changes and smooth curve help you identify potential trend shifts and market reversa
Note: After installation, please go to Tools>Options>Expert Advisors and add https://porsaj.com to 'Allow WebRequest for listed URL'. Still Problem?! Please check Internet connection! Sentiment is a vital gauge that provides traders and investors with valuable insights into their perceptions of the market and the broader economy. It serves as a reflection of their collective outlook, emotions, and expectations regarding future price movements and economic conditions. Porsaj is a powerful pl
Alfredo Jose Garcia Carrero
Tendenceris - Trend Indicator for MT4 Boost Your Trading with Tendenceris ! This incredible indicator for MetaTrader 4 shows you real-time trends across various timeframes. Don't miss any trading opportunities! Key Features: Identify and visualize trends across multiple timeframes, from 1 minute to 1 day . Intuitive and user-friendly interface, providing clear and concise information on your chart. Real-time updates to keep you informed about changes in trends. Compatible with a wide range of fi
Magneto XAUUSD h1
Raphael Schwietering
Introducing MAGNETO, the expert advisor designed to magnetize your trading success. Get ready to unleash the power of this cutting-edge trading robot and take your trading to a whole new level. MAGNETO is not your ordinary expert advisor. It's a state-of-the-art trading system that combines breakthrough technology, advanced money management strategies, and probabilistic analysis to deliver exceptional results. Tested rigorously on real accounts, MAGNETO boasts an impressive risk-to-reward rat
Special Candle Do you want to use one of the best Forex indicators with a successful Ichimoku strategy? You can use this Awesome Indicator that is based on the Ichimoku strategy. MT5 version is here First strategy: This strategy involves identifying similar strong crosses that rarely occur. The best timeframes for this strategy are 30 minutes (30M) and 1 hour (H1). Appropriate symbols for the 30-minute timeframe include: •    CAD/JPY •    CHF/JPY •    USD/JPY •    NZD/JPY •    AUD/J
Supply Demand Trend
Galani Darshan Vijaybhai
indicators included supply and demand indicator Specification Buy trade A SUPPORT zone (or immediately forms above the support zone) if the candle sticks are below either the middle or the lower band NO BUY TRADE IN THE RESISTANCE ZONE (RED HIGHLIGHTED ZONE),  Sell trade A RESISTANCE zone (or immediately forms below the resistance zone) if the candle sticks are above either the middle or the upper band NO SELL TRADE IN THE SUPPORT ZONE (GREEN HIGHLIGHTED ZONE), In the supply zone, the prices are
Introducing the Donchian Channels indicator for MQL4, a powerful technical analysis tool designed to boost your trading success. This indicator consists of four lines that represent the upper and lower boundaries of price movement over a specified period. With the Donchian Channels indicator, you can easily identify potential breakouts and reversals in the market. The upper line shows the highest high of the specified period, while the lower line represents the lowest low. The space between thes
Change chart timeframe pro
Abdul Arief Bogie Ardianto
The   Change Chart Timeframe   EA is a powerful tool that provides users with the ability to effortlessly modify and customize chart timeframes according to their trading strategies and personal preferences. You can select individual charts to modify or apply changes to all charts simultaneously, saving valuable time and effort.  This EA is just a tool to help with your auto trading. It doesn't open any trades, so nothing happens if you backtest it. Parameters Working hour setting Start hour:
Forex Indicator "Relative Drawdown Display" for MT4 , Trading Support tool. This is   MUST HAVE indicator   for traders who use   grid trading systems !!! Relative Drawdown Display indicator shows current Relative DD or Floating Profit in % on your account.  PC and Mobile Alerts are built-in with adjustable Trigger level Indicator also indicates account Balance and Equity It is possible to locate indicator values in any corner of the chart : 0 - for top-left corner, 1 - top-right, 2 - bottom-le
Francisco Gomes Da Silva
TrendPlator: Empower Your Trading Strategies with an Advanced Trend Projection Indicator Explore the potential of our innovative indicator! With the ability to analyze and project trend lines from larger timeframes directly onto your current timeframe, it provides strategic support that catches the attention of traders across the board. These points become strategic levels of support or resistance for your trades, strengthening your trading strategy. Visualize the opportunity to add an indicator
Williams R Scanner Indicator is a technical tool for Metatrader 4 designed to display a simple dashboard showing the values of the Williams %R oscillator across multiple markets and time frames of the trader's choosing. The dashboard also shows when the Williams %R indicator reaches an overbought or oversold condition which may precede market reversals. The trader also has the option of viewing signal alerts on the platform that indicate when the Williams %R has made a bullish or bearish cros
Lot and Loss Calculator
Roberto Rodriguez Montano
Lot & Loss Calculator es una herramienta que te ayuda a abrir operaciones en el mercado y te brinda cierta información, entre ellas se encuentran: Permite conocer los posibles beneficios y perdidas de la operación en dependencia del lot asignado, el SL y TP. Permite establecer una perdida fija en dinero y dado un SL se encarga de calcular el lot que debe usar en la operación. Permite una vez configurado los parámetros de la operación colocar la operación en el mercado.
操作技术,资金管理,风险管理是交易系统三大要素,其中风险管理是交易中可以说是最重要的一部分,想要在市场上赚钱,首先要先活下来,要先活下来就要先做好风险管控。 相信做交易的朋友都会遇到风险管理的问题: 1. 不设置止损,亏了继续硬抗,如遇到单边行情,亏损便会大幅扩大,甚至爆仓。 2. 亏了一定资金后,开始着急想快点赚回来,开始重仓 或者频繁操作 ,结果亏得更多。 3. 赚了一定资金后,信心开始膨胀, 忘记做单规则  ,开始加仓操作,结果回吐利润。 这也是作者曾经经历的,所以把这些痛点总结出来做成工具,希望能帮助到大家。如果你是超级自律的人,能按照既定的系统规则交易,也能严格做好风控,也许不适合你,但 如果你正在经受这样的痛苦和懊恼,不妨试试这款工具,也许能帮助到你。 该工具具备以下功能: 1. 控制总资金回撤,当达到设定回撤时,会关闭所有持仓,并禁止开仓交易。 2. 当日资金回撤比例控制,对于日内交易者,可以帮助做好当天的资金回撤控制。 3. 当日资金盈利达到一定比例后可限制进行交易,以免头脑过热,回吐利润。 4.  下单仓位控制,可按照设置值来控制总的持仓大小。 5. 交易品种
Equity charts
Mykhailo Krygin
Equity charts generator creates an offline chart that draws bars corresponding to the account Equity value. The TimeFrame of the Equity chart is the same as the TimeFrame of the chart where the indicator will be placed. Input Parameters: Offline Timeframe - You can select the timeframe in minutes of the generated chart. Use opened file for adding new bars (true/false) - If set to false, a new history file is always created and bars will start drawing from the moment the indicator is placed on t
Ibt F Volume Mt4
Scientia Traders Quants Sociedad Limitada
El sistema IBT-F.VOLUME hace uso de dos indicadores, el DeltaIBT y el indicador Fuerza Volumen para operar diversos activos en M5. El indicador Delta mide la diferencia entre compradores y vendedores, dando un valor cuantitativo de la agresividad de los compradores y vendedores. En la plataforma MetaTrader4, el Instituto de Inversiones Bursátiles y Trading ha desarrollado el indicador DeltaIBT. Por otra parte, se utiliza el indicador Fuerza Volumen.  El indicador FuerzaVolumen nos permite medir
Secret AI has a multiple mathematical strategy combined into one Automated Trading System. Hence this EA was able to   HUNT , EXECUTE and EXIT Trades. Secret do  not use a very risky strategy such as MARTINGALE , HEDGING or GRID . Secret AI risk is only 3% to 5% per trade depends on the stop loss setup. Secret AI can be used into multiple major currency pair like EUR/USD , GBP/USD and USD/JPY. CURRENCY PAIR RECCOMMENDATION: EUR/USD, H4 (hour 4 timeframe)  GBP/USD, H4  (hour 4 timeframe) USD/J
AI Forecast MT4
Leonardo Antonio Camacaro Armas
The "AI Forecast" indicator is the result of a unique experiment in which I asked an AI how to create the best indicator to anticipate the market. The AI suggested measuring the past history of the price and its reactions to different levels, and then calculating the probabilities of the price reaction in the future. With this idea, I designed with the help of another AI the "AI Forecast" indicator, which adapts to any MetaTrader chart and shows you three lines: one for entry and two for poss
Liuk GJ BreakOut
Maulana Dihaan Tadiska
INTRODUCTION There is so many trading strategies, but each pair have different characteristic. For example, EURUSD characteristic is zone to zone, break and retest, and so many sideways. GBPUSD seems like same with EURUSD, but have much spikes and larger range. XAUUSD also have same zone to zone, but with very long range between zone, breakout without retest, following trend strategies is much safe for XAUUSD. JPY pairs such as USDJPY, EURJPY, GBPJPY have much trend rather than sideways. And man
GOLD H1 Simple Martingale that works on daily swing levels, medium DD, TP and SL defined on the basis of certain pre-set calculations in the algorithm, executes one trade at a time, weekly trading no overnight on weekends, possibility to establish customized exit times, possibility of customize money management. average return of  30.43% per year with the factory settings of the V1, it is always constantly updated, it is recommended to use it with a GMT +2 server TESTED SINCE 2008 It's recommend
Lucky Beauty mt4 is an Expert Advisor that will pleasantly surprise you. The work of the adviser is fully automated and does not require human intervention. Download the free demo version and try to test the Expert Advisor on historical data and see for yourself how effective it is. The Lucky Beauty mt4 Expert Advisor analyzes the market over the past period and determines the mathematical expectation of possible entry points to the market, based on the algorithm embedded in the Expert Advisor
Abcde MT4
Mahsa Farjami
ABCDE indicator This indicator is based on the primary abc patterns of price action (i.e. break, pullback, movement). These patterns resemble the rally base rally pattern, and a set of analyzes, such as trend analysis and divergence analysis, are checked to issue the accurate signal. It will provide pretty accurate trading signals and tell you when it's best to open and close a trade. It can be applied to any financial asset: forex, cryptocurrencies, metals, stocks, indices. MT5 version is
Tailor Ea mt4
Saeid Soleimani
4 (4)
The TAILOR EA  is an advanced automated trading system designed specifically for the MQL market. This bot monitors the CHOCH price (character change) and market trends to place Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders in a secure and efficient manner. It offers a multitude of safety features, ensuring a smooth and reliable trading experience. Live Signal  Start June 2022 Key Features : 1 : Smart Stop: The bot intelligently places stop orders to minimize losses and protect your investments. 2 : Limit
Ranger ADX
Galani Darshan Vijaybhai
Introducing Ranger ADX Expert Advisor: The Ultimate RSI Trend-Following Solution Are you in search of a reliable and robust Expert Advisor (EA) that harnesses the power of RSI trend-following indicators? Look no further! We are proud to present Ranger ADX, an advanced EA developed based on a winning combination of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Moving Average (MA) indicators. With its exceptional capabilities, Ranger ADX offers a powerful solution for identifying and capitalizing on tre
Rush XAUUSD h1
Raphael Schwietering
Introducing RUSH, the ultimate trading robot designed to revolutionize your trading experience. Whether you're a seasoned trader or new to the market, RUSH empowers you to take control of your financial destiny with unrivaled precision and success. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, RUSH utilizes advanced algorithms, cutting-edge money management strategies, and sophisticated probabilistic analysis. This powerful combination has been extensively tested on real accounts, consistently deli
Hello. I'm a Japanese engineer and have been trading since 2016. I have developed automatic trading software many times so far, but I did not sell because of poor performance. Finally, an automatic trading software that seems good has been completed. * What I present here is past performance based on backtesting, and does not guarantee future profits. Live Trading: see  My signal page The back test results in MT4 are as follows ↓ period: 2016/01/01-2023/04/30 Final profit: 478.4
This   Wonders Real Arrow   indicator is designed for signal trading. This indicator generates trend signals. It uses many algorithms and indicators to generate this signal. It tries to generate signals from the points with the highest trend potential. This indicator is a complete trading product. This indicator does not need any additional indicators. The indicator is never repainted. The point at which the signal is given does not change. When the signal comes the arrows are put back on
Urgent reminder> Only 13 copies remaining for the price to double on all renting options. Get your copy Today! Introduction Dear Traders, I am always working to come up with tools that may help you to become a better trader and investor. Due to my experience in trading and market analysis and trading software design and development, I am glad to introduce to you my other tool called " Amazing Entries Indicator ". The Indicator is designed in a way that it combines different strategy to provide
Bot chuyên quản lý và trị các thể loại DCA Kích hoạt bot theo level 1, level 2, level 3 Kích hoạt theo tiền hoặc theo % tài khoản tùy chọn Tất cả tự động Cắt tỉa lệnh theo cặp giúp hạ lot Đóng cắt lỗ thông minh Khóa lợi nhuận ngày Dùng lợi nhuận để đóng dần lệnh lỗ Giúp bot DCA về bờ sau 2-4 nhịp sideway Nhiều phương án đóng - cắt tỉa lệnh thông minh Phù hợp với tất cả các loại bot DCA, Martingel, Grid... Giúp không bay màu tài khoản Em chưa có thời gian viết kỹ tính năng. Mong mọi thông cảm. E
Ace Trading EA is a unique expert based on deep machine learning and hyperparameter search technology. In machine learning, an optimal model is generated to minimize the predefined loss function for given independent data. A secret advanced mathematical model that undergoes multiple optimization stages to control the market and correctly set stop loss orders based on market fluctuations. This allows for following the trend when it appears and exiting in a timely manner when the trend is likely
Risk Helper
Kayla Nichole Clay
Need help managing your risk? Use Risk Helper Drag this script onto your pair, enter your desired pip target, and open a trade. Once your pip target has been reached the Risk Helper will take partials profits, move the stop loss then double the profit target so it can do this process again on the next hit.   A notification will be sent for every action the Risk Helper takes.  Once the trade has been reduced to 0.01 lot size, Risk Helper will proceed to only move your stop loss for every pip ta
Any and all liability for risks resulting from investment transactions or other asset dispositions carried out by the customer based on information received or market analysis is expressly excluded by Tradeciety. All the information made available here is generally provided to serve as an example only, without obligation, and without specific recommendations for action. It does not constitute and cannot replace investment advice. We, therefore, recommend that you contact your personal financial
Ibt D Bollinger Mt4
Scientia Traders Quants Sociedad Limitada
El sistema IBT-D .BOLLINGER hace uso de tres indicadores, el Delta, las Bandas de Bollinger y el volumen para operar diversos activos en M5. El sistema Delta+Bollinger hace uso de dos indicadores técnicos, el indicador Delta y las Bandas de Bollinger. El indicador Delta mide la diferencia entre compradores y vendedores, dando un valor cuantitativo de la agresividad de los compradores y vendedores. En la plataforma MetaTrader4, el Instituto de Inversiones Bursátiles y Trading ha desarrollado el i
Ibt R Bollinger Mt4
Scientia Traders Quants Sociedad Limitada
El sistema IBT-R.BOLLINGER hace uso de tres indicadores, el RSI, las Bandas de Bollinger y el volumen para operar diversos activos en M5. El indicador Índice de Fuerza Relativa, RSI por sus siglas en inglés, es un oscilador de tipo momentum que nos permite distinguir cuando el precio se encuentra en zonas de sobrecompra o sobreventa. Para interpretar este indicador, establecemos dos zonas: 1. Zona de sobreventa. Cuando el RSI toma valores inferiores al nivel 20 indica una señal de compra. 2. Zon
Ibt ATR 120 Mt4
Scientia Traders Quants Sociedad Limitada
El sistema IBT-ATR.120 hace uso de dos indicadores, el ATR y el Ratio de Volatilidad para operar diversos activos en M5. El indicador Average True Range, conocido como ATR por sus siglas en inglés, fue desarrollado por Wilder (1978), junto con otros indicadores como el RSI o el sistema parabólico. Para definir el rango verdadero (True Range) el autor distingue entre tres situaciones distintas: -           Primer Rango. Distancia entre el máximo de la vela actual y el mínimo de la vela actual. -
Panda Gold
Jiang Ming Wang
3.5 (2)
Panda Gold EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor is designed to execute fast and precise trades using scalping techniques such as trend following and capitalizing on short-term price fluctuations.Panda Goldis a very effective  trading strategy, professionally developed especially for trading GOLD (XAUUSD). Real account:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1772310 Panda Gold is built on a solid and well-designed trading strategy , runs best on the XAUUSD currency pair. However, thanks to its f
The standard RSI indicator is very helpful in identifying overbought or oversold areas during a flat, but gives a lot of false signals when the market is trending. For example: during an uptrend, the standard indicator often enters the "oversold" zone and extremely rarely (most often, when the trend has already ended) enters the "overbought" zone. This indicator takes into account the trend movement and, with the selected settings, can enter the zone opposite to the trend direction, giving a sig
Fish n Grid
Pak Hong Poon
3.67 (3)
Current Price: $349--> (Next price $459) Live signal:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1590997 Fish n Grid – an automatic trading robot that works on multiple currencies. It takes advantage of the market's mean reversion characteristic with a calculated, dynamic, multicurrency grid system. Main features: Fully automatic Easy one chart setup  Multicurrency grid profolio  Basically trading everyday  Calculated parameters for each currency  Dynamic stoploss occasionally during night market Manual
Don't miss any trading opportunities! Purchase the Dual Timeframe Range   Overlay indicator today to make your trading analysis more intuitive and precise, helping you easily grasp market dynamics. Are you looking for a more intuitive and accurate way to analyze market trends and catch trading opportunities? We present to you the Dual Timeframe Spatial Overlay indicator, a powerful tool that will help you predict potential price movements and accurately time your trades. The indicator consist
Don't miss any trading opportunities! Purchase the Dual Timeframe Spatial Overlay indicator today to make your trading analysis more intuitive and precise, helping you easily grasp market dynamics. Are you looking for a more intuitive and accurate way to analyze market trends and catch trading opportunities? We present to you the Dual Timeframe Spatial Overlay indicator, a powerful tool that will help you predict potential price movements and accurately time your trades. The indicator consist
EA Liuk Equalizer
Maulana Dihaan Tadiska
LIUK EQUALIZER FREE for Limited Time! (until end of June 2023) Averaging and Martingale strategy may cause LOSS ALL OF YOUR INVESTMENT. Use wisely at your own risk. There are so many EA that can do averaging, because EA can instantly calculate and make decision. But at the end the Averaging and Martingale strategy will lose by the Market Trend. With this LIUK EQUALIZER (this EA), I tried to minimize that risk with below detailed features. 1. This EA use H1 time frame . So you can do Back T
Gulls EA
Samir Arman
Trend expert with a large number of indicators and the digital method in determining the opening of deals with the opening of multipliers deals when the trend reverses Work on the five-minute timer Work as the settings or control it if you like Explains how the expert works. Max Spread = 0.3 Broker link from here https://icmarkets.com/global/en/?camp=55169 or https://one.exness-track.com/a/lmeqq9b7 Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on
Ride of the Day Scalper
Segundo Calvo Munoz
2 (1)
'Ride of the Day' is a Scalper EA which identifies breaking points in the price such as support/resistances and allocate a potential trigger to open a position in the same direction than the price... these are expected to open and close quickly, as part of a Scalper behavior. All potential positions not triggered, will expire themselves as per Market Schedule Parameters. Remind, it is a Scalper, so give it time to reach good Market conditions and it will grow exponentially with the appropriated
The "Scalping Monster EA" Expert Advisor is based on the strategy of pending orders and an intelligent algorithm for efficient tracking. The robot is looking for the most effective points for opening orders using iSAR, iBullsPower, iBearsPower indicators. The robot also analyzes support and resistance levels. Based on these data, the robot decides when and in what direction to place pending orders. Pending orders are placed at support levels, and if they are triggered, the robot starts to accom
Fed Chair Gringott
Mr Thadanai Chulasamaya
This EA has no stop loss. All risks are at your discretion. Fed Chair Gringott  EA  is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for  Scalping  Trading on  XAUUSD timeframe M1.   The basic strategy starts with Market order in Trend Following, so this EA  Follow the Trend . Fed Chair Gringott  EA is similar to a Plug And Play package, please test it yourself. hundreds of times before making a purchase. I choose how it works. You choose the capital to invest. If you like it, buy it. Investing is r
Support tools for repeat trades Set the direction of the trade,the desired price range, and the number of repeats( or pips ) in the parameters. The EA will then automatically repeat the buy and sell according to your settings. The range can be set for both selling and buying, which broadens the range of strategies. This EA is just a support tool that allows the user to trading; the EA does not use indicators or other means to judge the situation internally. Functions and Usage Save the downloa
KFX Trade Manager
Joe Christopher Ramirez
Introducing the "KFX Trade Manager" expert advisor for MetaTrader 4 (MT4), a comprehensive solution for advanced trade management and risk control. This powerful tool is designed to enhance your trading experience by automating various aspects of order handling, profit optimization, and alert notifications. With the "KFX Trade Manager," you can take your trading to the next level and streamline your operations for improved efficiency and better risk management. Key Features: Trade Management Set
Greedy Boy
Sinh Nguyen Tran Hoang
My  Expert Advisor   trade  Gold  (XAUUSD) on M5  time frame, Base on Greedy   hedging   strategy. stop loss 0.570 usd/0.01 lot take profit 0.770 usd/0.01 lot  Live signal: coming soon. Recommend broker: Exness (Pro account), 3 digit broker, stoploss = 570; takeprofit = 770;  125 <spread <260. Min deposit: from 70 usd - From 70 usd to 1800 usd after a week. (backtest but worthy to  try) Input Setting to test my EA: - Stoploss: 0.570 usd/0.01 lot (adjust to the correct ratio and do not change)
The Fisher Transform is a technical indicator created by John F. Ehlers that converts prices into a Gaussian normal distribution. The indicator highlights when prices have moved to an extreme, based on recent prices. This may help in spotting turning points in the price of an asset. It also helps show the trend and isolate the price waves within a trend. The Fisher Transform is a technical indicator that normalizes asset prices, thus making turning points in price clearer. Takeaways Turning poi
Vasile Silviu Urs
Introducing our innovative trading robot, designed to help you achieve maximum profitability in the forex market. Our trading robot uses advanced algorithms to place pending orders above or below the current price, with the ability to set take profit and stop loss parameters. This allows for precise risk management, ensuring that you can limit your losses and maximize your gains. Our trading robot is also equipped with a breakeven function, which enables you to secure your profits and minimiz
Space Phoenix EA
Zenzile Jetro Siwela
1. TrendLine Monitoring : The EA can detect immediate breaks above or below any specified trend line drawn on the chart. It can monitor up to 25 trend lines simultaneously. 2. Automatic Take Profit and Stop Loss : The EA includes functionality for setting predetermined levels of take profit and stop loss. This feature helps to establish and maintain favorable risk-to-reward ratios. 3. Trailing Stop : A trailing stop mechanism is implemented, allowing you to secure profits by automatically a
Mr Thadanai Chulasamaya
This EA has no stop loss. All risks are at your discretion. CHIQUITA EA  is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for  Scalping  Trading on  XAUUSD timeframe M1.   The basic strategy starts with Market order in Trend Following, so this EA  Follow the Trend . M1 Trend…. very very fast.  MT5 version Recommendations The Expert is programmed to work on  XAUUSD M1,  but you can use all others timeframes with the appropriate settings. An  ECN  broker is always recommended A low latency  VPS  is always
Forex Trade Manager Grid MT4 helps you to managing orders and achieve the goal. You only need to place first order with Take Profit, run EA and set in params profit (pips) you want to get. EA will be managing your positions, as will gather appointed number of pips. It’s a strategy for management of manual trades opened on current pair. The strategy adds positions to currently opened trades in a grid management (with chosen distance in pips between trades) - up to 15 trades (or less). First up to
Ranger EA MT4
Milan Zivanovic
Ranger EA   is the advanced   grid system   which already works on demo accounts for months. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do) it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple "hit and miss" system which only survives by using grid. Instead it uses real market mechanics to its advantage to make a profit. Link to the Signals live results Link to the MT5 version Supported currency pairs:   AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD, C
Finanix Gold EA MT4
Charles Linzon Dy
Finanix Gold EA is the result of two years of extensive research and backtesting, ensuring that it is built on a solid foundation of data-driven insights and proven trading strategies. This expert advisor is fine-tuned for trading XAUUSD/Gold .  It is also capable of trading any instrument. Introducing the cutting-edge Finanix Gold EA , powered by advanced mathematical functions and unparalleled computation capabilities. This revolutionary tool is designed to provide traders with a competiti
OFFER! OFFER!    ONLY 5 COPIES REMAINING FOR THE NEXT PRICE TO BE 360$ Dear traders I am very glad to introduce the Sweet Arrows Indicator to you. The Sweet Arrows indicator is well designed to help serious investors to trade with confidence. In short I can say that this is one of the valuable tool to add in your trading tool kit. INSTANT, FAST AND NON LAGGING SIGNAL This is an instant signal meaning that you get the signal as soon as the bar opens. The signals don't lag meaning that i
Happy Trend Arrow
Muhammed Emin Ugur
This   Happy Trend Arrow   indicator is designed for signal trading. This indicator generates trend signals. It uses many algorithms and indicators to generate this signal. It tries to generate signals from the points with the highest trend potential. This indicator is a complete trading product. This indicator does not need any additional indicators. The indicator is never repainted. The point at which the signal is given does not change.       Features and Recommendations Time Fra
Real Magic Trend
Muhammed Emin Ugur
This   Real Magic Trend   indicator is designed for signal trading. This indicator generates trend signals. It uses many algorithms and indicators to generate this signal. It tries to generate signals from the points with the highest trend potential. This indicator is a complete trading product. This indicator does not need any additional indicators. The indicator is never repainted. The point at which the signal is given does not change.      Features and Recommendations Time Frame
Meta Treand
Tatiana Savkevych
Forex Meta Trend indicator - using the built-in algorithm allows you to determine the current trend. You can quickly understand what kind of trend is currently developing in the market. The indicator projects one of the main market wisdoms and says - "The trend is my friend". Using this indicator, you can develop a trading system in the financial markets. Since the indicator is designed specifically to create a system for searching for a market trend. This indicator does not lag and shows the tr
Init Treand
Tatiana Savkevych
The Init Treand indicator tracks market trends, ignoring sharp fluctuations and market noise. The indicator can work both for entry points and as a filter. The Init Treand indicator displays information in a visual way. It will help in finding entry points in the analysis. Suitable for trading on low timeframes because it ignores sudden price spikes or corrections in price action by reducing market noise around the average price.
Gold Leader mt4
Tatiana Savkevych
Gold Leader trend trading bot with gold priority trading (XAUUSD) can also work on EURUSD,GBPUSD pairs. To control the bot, you can use the management of stop loss, take profit, both virtual and real. For correct operation, the bot has a money management function. The bot has been tested in different modes (open prices, checkpoints, all ticks, real ticks) and on different brokers, including the tick history from Ducascopy. The bot algorithm is closed and optimized for working with gold. The set
Trends Engine
Maryna Shulzhenko
The Trend Engine indicator is good for any trader, suitable for any trader for both forex and binary options. Trend indicator, a revolutionary trend trading and filtering solution with all the important features of a trend tool built into one tool! You don’t need to configure anything, everything is perfected by time and experience, it works great during a flat and in a trend.
Anatoliy Lukanin
Fully automated, which does not use grid strategies, martingale, averaging positions, waiting out a loss, etc. All positions have a fixed Stop Loss. The expert trades in a calm market, at the end of the American session. Deposit: from 100 units of deposit. Example of currency pairs: EURCHF, AUDCAD, USDCHF, GBPUSD, AUDCHF. Chart period: any. Accounts: You should use ECN-ECN Pro. with five-digit quotes with a moderate size (spread). Testing-optimization: All recommended currency pairs are normall
Aliaksei Karalkou
The EA trades anytime the market is open. Its logic involves opening trades in the direction of movement. The robot increases the lot size in cases of negative profit on a previously closed order. This is not the Martingale system, when there is an increase in the lot size when the price moves against your position. This is a system for increasing the position on the movement of the market. Medium MA is used  Support and resistance lines are used  Fractals are used  A system for checking the ope

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