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Keywords and aliases of MQL5: The MQL5 keywords and aliases for autoreplace are presented. Maybe I had missed something, if you have found such keywords please inform me and this list will be updated. Author: Андрей
Genie Stochastic RSI: Stochastic RSI Expert Advisor. Author: Genie
New article MQL5 Cookbook: Developing a Multi-Symbol Volatility Indicator in MQL5 has been published: In this article, we will consider the development of a multi-symbol volatility indicator. The development of multi-symbol indicators may present some difficulties for novice MQL5 developers which...
New article Indicator for Kagi Charting has been published: The article "Indicator for Point and Figure Charting" has described one of the programming ways of creating Point and figure chart. This chart is known since the 19th century. However, this is not the only chart from the remote past....
New article How we developed the MetaTrader Signals service and Social Trading has been published: We continue to enhance the Signals service, improve the mechanisms, add new functions and fix flaws. The MetaTrader Signals Service of 2012 and the current MetaTrader Signals Service are like two...
Exp_AltrTrend_Signal_v2_2: A trading system using the AltrTrend_Signal_v2_2 semaphore signal indicator. Trade decisions are made when colored arrow appear, if their direction is the same as the direction of deals. Fig. 1 The instances of history of deals on the chart Fig. 2. Chart of testing...
COrdersCounter: The simple class for counting of the orders with different filters: by symbol of currency, Magic Number, either closed, either opened orders. Author: Alexey Lopatin
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Simple FX: Simple FX free expert advisor automatically trades the Forex market using moving averages. The expert advisor comes with user manual and source code. All the expert advisors settings can be changed at anytime. Author: Glenn Bacon
TCP socket : placed utility functions from ryazs server socket into socket.mqh, makes it really easy to use. comes with similar server example. Author: seth
PriceAlert: The indicator displays the horizontal line that sets the signal actuating level. As soon as the price reaches the actuation level, the indicator starts giving alerts or sound alarms. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Expert Advisor Template with Trailing Stop: This is a template for Expert Advisor coders to decrease their coding time. It contain Trailing Stop, autolots (true or false) and function scanning previous candles to find the lowest and the highest order price in the past. There is a lot more...
FX-CHAOS - SECOND EDITION: Trading strategy named Fx-chaos is the result of integration of Bill Williams Chaos Theory, A. Elders trading strategy (triple choice), and Ryan Jones Fixed Ratio money management method. Author: Pavel
Exp_Slow-Stoch: This trading system uses the Slow-Stoch oscillator. A trade decision is made when the stochastic changes direction, at the breakthrough of level 50 or when the color of the signal line cloud changes. Figure 1 The instances of history of deals on the chart Figure 2. Chart of...
NRTR ATR STOP: NRTR_ATR_STOP Indicator. Author: Collector
WcciPatterns: The Woodies CCI Paterns indicator Fig.1 The Woodies CCI Paterns indicator Author: Nikolay Kositsin
3_Level_ZZ_Semafor: The simple indicator which displays minimums and maximums of the eldest, middle and short periods using semaphore dots. The basis of the zigzag calculation is the algorithm from the client terminal standard set \Examples\ZigZag.mq5. This indicator was written during the current...
Daily Open-SR (Dosr): The trading technique that is based on the support/resistance that are determined at the daily opening. Author: John Smith
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Wave Power: Wave Power Author: Lam K
TradeXpert: The project has been created for the MQL5 Best Graphic Panel Contest. Project purpose is to extend the functions of MetaTrader 5 client terminal with economical use of chart place. The Expert Advisor has 4 independent panels with different functions. Any panel can be hiden/restored or...
Transparent MetaTrader 5: The script allows to set transparency level of the client terminal window using Windows API. Author: Karputov Vladimir
spread_on_chart: The spread_on_chart indicator shows the current values of spread, stop and freeze levels. Author: Forexometer
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cs2011: Automated Trading Championship 2011 version. Author: Игорь
Price_Alert: Alert indicator that allows to move the signal via the mouse. Author: John Smith
MacdPatternTraderAll0.01. Time+Martingale: New potentialities. Author: Юрий
StoDiv: This typical signal indicator is based on Stochastic oscillator and Fractals technical indicators. The indicator generates many false signals, it's necessary to filter them with some trend indicator. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
AwesomeModPips: This indicator is a modification of classical Awesome Oscillator indicator. Author: Manel Sanchon
PipsToAverage: This indicator measures the (smoothed) distance in pips between the close and an exponential moving average. Author: Manel Sanchon
Rate_AOModPips: This indicator measures the rate of change of the smoothed difference between two exponential moving averages given by AwesomeModPips indicator. Author: Manel Sanchon
B-clock with Spread: Modified Nick Bilak's b-clock with spread (ask-bid) and font customization (font, color, size). Author: tembox
a_candle: The indicator shows the remaining candle time. Author: Alexey Konygin