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There is an essential need for MQL5 programmers or developers to master important and valuable tools. One of these tools is the Strategy Tester, this article is a practical guide to understanding and using the strategy tester of MQL5.

If we move to the setting tab we will it the same as the following:


  •   1- Expert: choose the program file that we need to test.
  •   2- IDE: to open the source code of the selected program.
  •   3- to save or load specific settings.
  •   4- Symbol: choose what symbol or symbol we need to test.
  •   5- choose the timeframe of the selected symbol to test.
  •   6- for the specifications of the selected symbol.
  •   7- Date: choose the period that we need to test.
  •   8- choose the tested starting period.
  •   9- choose the tested ending period.
  •  10- Forward: is Selecting the needed fraction of the optimization period that will set aside for forward testing.
  •  11- select from or start the date of forwarding.
  •  12- Delays and 13: to try to be close to real data and real executions.
  •  13- to try to be close to real data and real executions.
  •  13/2- Modeling: To select the model that you need to test is it by every tick or something else?
  •  14- tick if you need profits in pips.
  •  15- choose the deposit amount that we need to start with the testing.
  •  16- choose the currency of the deposit.
  •  17- to choose the leverage.
  •  18- to choose if we want an optimization or not, we will take about it later.
  •  19- tick if we need to visualize trades or executions during the testing.

Author: Mohamed Abdelmaaboud