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Discussion of article "Fast Testing of Trading Ideas on the Chart"

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2013.02.08 13:30 

New article Fast Testing of Trading Ideas on the Chart is published:

The article describes the method of fast visual testing of trading ideas. The method is based on the combination of a price chart, a signal indicator and a balance calculation indicator. I would like to share my method of searching for trading ideas, as well as the method I use for fast testing of these ideas.

The sixth Automated Trading Championship has started at last. All initial excitement is over and we finally can relax a bit and examine submitted trading robots. I decided to do a little research to find out the most noticeable features of modern trading robots and define what we can expect from their trading activity.

That proved to be difficult enough. Therefore, my calculations cannot be called perfectly accurate or complete, as Expert Advisor descriptions and rare comments of the developers were the only things I had. However, we still can draw some conclusions and below are the results of my calculations: 451 Expert Advisors participate in the Championship but only 316 of them contain some meaningful descriptions. Developers of the remaining ones filled their descriptions with greetings to their friends and family, messages to extraterrestrial civilizations or self-applause.

Figure 2. Indicator of "hammer" and "shooting star" candlestick patterns

Author: Vladimir Kustikov

Shantala 2013.02.11 03:51  

Dennis Ring
Dennis Ring 2013.02.13 15:53  

I find a slight similarity between 'shooting stars'/'hammer' and the Chakin Indicator

Jeremy Trevatt
Jeremy Trevatt 2013.03.05 04:23  

Thanks for this.

I have a problem in the PivotCandles.mq5 indicator's OnCalculate event..  The open,high,low,close array member elements are all returning the same value.  That is the same value in [i] for each OHLC index.  Also the time first element in the array is reporting 1971 as the date.  It appears as if the array passed into OnCalculate is not valid.

 Any ideas? 

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