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New article Color optimization of trading strategies has been published:

In this article we will perform an experiment: we will represent optimization results as different colors. The final color is determined by three parameters: the levels of red, green and blue (RGB). There are other color coding methods, which also use three parameters. Thus, three testing parameters can be converted into one color, which visually represents the values. Read this article to find out if such a representation can be useful.

The best options in RGB are close to white and in CMY they are close to black. For a proper interpretation of other colors, we need to understand how individual components within the color model are combined and how the resulting color is formed.

Let us view the RGB model in more detail. When the values of all components are equal to 0, we get the black color. When all components are equal to the maximum value, the color is white. All other combinations provide different colors. If one of the components has the highest value, and the other two are equal to 0, we get the clear color of the appropriate component: red, green or blue. If two components have maximum values and the third one is zero, the resulting color is also clear. Red and green result in yellow, green and blue provide cyan, red and blue are shown as magenta. Figure 6 shows several combinations of RGB components.

Fig. 7. Basic combinations of RGB components

Based on the color, we can understand which parameter contributes more positively to the testing result. If red, it is the first parameter; if the color is yellow, then the first and second ones; green means the third parameter, etc.

Author: Dmitry Fedoseev

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