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Separators: Adds period separators to your window, at a time of your choice. Author: Diogo Seca
Standard Deviation Channels: The Standard Deviation Channel is plotted on the basis of the Linear Regression Trend. Author: John Smith
TypeToBytes: Byte-wise operation with structures and standard data types. Author: fxsaber
New article Graphical Interfaces X: Word wrapping algorithm in the Multiline Text box (build 12) has been published: We continue to develop the Multiline Text box control. This time our task is to implement an automatic word wrapping in case a text box width overflow occurs, or a reverse word...
JFatl HTF: The hybrid of digital and analog filters that displays its larger timeframe values at a smaller one. Additional JMA smoothing is used to prevent the indicator actuating at each random market movement. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
New article The Basic of Coding A Hedge Expert Advisor has been published: An example of hedge Expert Advisor is just presented in this article. The author will choose its very own favorite hedge pair that is EURJPY & GBPJPY. It always moves the same way, easier to set the hedging order type...
YURAZ_CreateCSV_HistoryFile_From_MT5_For_MT4: When I used the history quotes data from MetaTrader4 client terminal, I found that some brokers doesn't have the full history. The quality of the historical bar data is better, so I have decided to export the historical quotes from MetaTrader 5 and...
Line Order: LineOrder gives you the ability to place an order by using the horizontal line object from the toolbar menu. You can also control stop loss and take profit buy moving its horizontal lines. Author: Erich Pribitzer
Nevalyashka Stop Up: After a loss, the EA opens orders with stop levels increased by the coefficient. Author: Vladimir Khlystov
RSI_Expert: Simple Expert Advisor based on the RSI indicator. Author: Aleksey Cherbaev
N- candles v2: We look for N identical candles in a row. If the found candles bull — we buy, if bear — we sell. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Attention Level: The indicator places a horizontal non-trade level on a chart that helps intraday traders to evaluate trend change within a day. Author: Pavel Trofimov
Hi, I am new to using Signals and have a problem with connection to my signal. Message: Signal - connect to ... :443 through proxy failed How to resolve it? Please help. Thank you in advance. AK
Two Pole Smoothed Oscillator (based on Ehlers' Super Smoother): This oscillator is based on Ehlers' Two Pole Super Smoother, converted as an oscillator, and smoothed using Ehlers' Instantaneous trendline. It does not retrace, and catch all the major cycles with a great accuracy. On this...
Awesome oscillator - extended: Awesome oscillator - extended version. Author: Mladen Rakic
Spread statistics: The average spread for the "averaging period". You can set the background transparency and transparency of the text. CCanvas. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Breakthrough_BB: Advisor on the signals of the indicators Bollinger Bands and Moving Average. Author: Vladimir Karputov
BSpread: This indicator helps you display spread on a chart. Author: Morteza Yaghmouri
Spearman Rank Autocorrelation: This is an auto-correlation version of Spearman rank indicator. Author: Mladen Rakic
Exp_Volume_Weighted_MA_StDev: Trading system based on Volume_Weighted_MA_StDev indicator signals. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Simple timer next candle: A non-invasive candle time that can be positioned next to price or near a corner. Color, font, size and align (anchor) freely customizable. Author: abbadon1334
  Experts: KNUX V1.0 (18   1 2)
KNUX V1.0: The idea is to work with a trigger, based on ADX, CCI, RVI, WPR and EMA. Author: BroTrader2014
SSL_Alert: A trend indicator SSL, marking trend change moments using colored icons, with the possibility to generate alerts, send emails and push-notifications. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Stoch Crossing: Indicator Stoch Crossing is a modification of EMA-Crossover_Signal based on Stochastic Oscillator. Author: John Smith
Super Passband Filter 2.0: Super pass-band filter as described by John Ehlers Author: Mladen Rakic
Keltner Channel: The indicator shows the Keltner Channel on a chart. Author: Vladimir Lyopa
Specific support and resistance indicator: Specific support and resistance indicator is based on indicators MW_ZigZag.ex4 and High_Low v2.ex4. Author: marwi1
TrendMeLeaveMe: The semi-automated Expert Advisor using a trend line (TrendLIne). Author: Vladimir Karputov
New article Patterns available when trading currency baskets. Part II has been published: We continue our discussion of the patterns traders can come across while trading currency baskets. In this part, we will consider the patterns formed when using combined trend indicators. Indicators based on a...
PZ Reversal Trend Following EA: You can either be long or short at any given time. You buy and close a short position if the market makes a new 100-day high, and sell and close a long position if the market makes a new 100-day low. Author: Point Zero