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Impulse: Impulse Indicator - Count of Points Passed. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Stochastic_ROC: Stochastic Price Rate-of-Change Oscillator. Author: Scriptor
Stochastic_MACD: Stochastic MACD. Author: Scriptor
Stochastic_Slow: Slow Stochastic. Author: Scriptor
Stochastic_Fast: Fast Stochastic. Author: Scriptor
IT: Instantaneous Trendline - John Ehlers "instantaneous" trendline. Author: Scriptor
CC: John Ehlers Cyclic Component Indicator. Author: Scriptor
AwesomeMod: Modified Awesome Oscillator. Author: Scriptor
Absorption: The EA trades with the Absorption pattern. Working with pending orders Buy Stop and Sell Stop. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Advance_Decline_Line: Indicator of trend strength and of the possible changes in its direction. Author: Scriptor
USDX_Candle: The US dollar index in form of Japanese candlesticks. Author: Scriptor
Firebird v0.60: The EA trades on the iMA (Moving Average, MA) indicator. At the same time, there is a parameter of the indicator indent from price, set in percents. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Brandy: Two Moving Average indicators: A slow one for opening positions, and a fast one for closing positions. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Momentum-M15: An Expert Advisor based on two indicators: iMAs (Moving Average, MA) and iMomentum (Momentum). Author: Vladimir Karputov
FX-CHAOS_SCALP: The FX-CHAOS_SCALP trading strategy. Author: Vladimir Karputov
ZigZag on Fractals: ZigZag based on the Fractals indicator. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Blau_TStoch: William Blau Stochastic. Author: Scriptor
Blau_TSI: William Blau True Strength Index. Author: Scriptor
Blau_TS_Stochastic: William Blau Stochastic. Author: Scriptor
Blau_Trend_Momentum: William Blau Trend Momentum. Author: Scriptor
Blau_Stochastic_Index: William Blau Stochastic Indicator Author: Scriptor
Blau_SM: William Blau Stochastic Momentum. Author: Scriptor
Blau_Mtm: William Blau Momentum. Author: Scriptor
Blau_Directional_Trend_Index: William Blau Directional Trend Index. Author: Scriptor
Blau_Candlestick_Momentum: William Blau candlestick momentum. Author: Scriptor
Blau_Candlestick_Index: William Blau Candlestick Index. Author: Scriptor
Volume_Accumulation_Percentage: Indicator of volumes accumulated within a period. Author: Scriptor
SSIFT: Smoothed Stochastic Inverse Fisher Transform. Author: Scriptor
KAMA: Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average (KAMA) Author: Scriptor
Price Impulse: The EA waits for the price to pass XXX points within NNN ticks. Author: Vladimir Karputov