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Discussion of article "Do Traders Need Services From Developers?"

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2014.06.24 14:16 

New article Do Traders Need Services From Developers? has been published:

Algorithmic trading becomes more popular and needed, which naturally led to a demand for exotic algorithms and unusual tasks. To some extent, such complex applications are available in the Code Base or in the Market. Although traders have simple access to those apps in a couple of clicks, these apps may not satisfy all needs in full. In this case, traders look for developers who can write a desired application in the MQL5 Freelance section and assign an order. Just like this:

Order for Expert Advisor Consisting of 4 Custom Indicators

Generally speaking, this kind of order is pretty ordinary and straightforward in terms of programming, but it requires the developer to create a unique EA for the specific trader. Apparently, for the customer it is more convenient to work with such an expert and he is willing to pay for the job. There are many orders as such in the Freelance section, and this is a great opportunity to gain income through Freelance jobs in a short time, solving an interesting and unique challenge.

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