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First of all thank you to all the coders who make MT5 such an awesome platform.

Can one of you geniuses write an indicator/tool for MT% known as Equity Monitor?



First of all thank you to all the coders who make MT5 such an awesome platform.

Can one of you geniuses write an indicator/tool for MT% known as Equity Monitor?

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Something Interesting

Sergey Golubev, 2016.10.26 11:22

Many traders asked foir very ssimple indicator to place balance/equity on the chart from the account related to the whole account and for some pair for example. So, one good indicator as placed to the Codebase:

Equity Monitor - indicator for MetaTrader 4

Indicator parameters:

  • Only_Trade - keeping only trade operations, excluding the balance (replenishment, withdrawal, correction)
  • Only_Current - account orders only on the current instrument graphics
  • Only_Buys - keeping only buy orders
  • Only_Sells - keeping only sell orders
  • Only_Symbols - account orders only with those tickers (transfer through any separator)
  • Only_Magics - account orders only with those magic numbers (transfer through any separator)
  • Only_Comment - account orders only with the specified substring in the comment field 

  • Draw_Begin - the start time of rendering graphics (left bound of the interval)
  • Draw_End - end time rendering graphics (right-hand boundary of the interval)
  • Report_Period - yield calculation period: day / month / year / total ( daily / monthly / annual / total) 

  • Equity_Min_Alert - if the funds fall below this level, then the alarm is triggered
  • Equity_Max_Alert - if the funds will rise above this level then the alarm is triggered
  • Push_Alerts - sending alarm messages to mobile devices 

  • Show_Balance - display of the balance line
  • Show_Margin - histogram display an enabled margin
  • Show_Free - line display of available funds
  • Show_Zero - display zero line
  • Show_Info - statistics display (yield, drawdown, profit factor and recovery factor)
  • Show_Verticals - display vertical lines to mark the non-trading operations 

  • Text_Corner - option in which the screen display statistics
  • Text_Color - color of the text on the chart
  • File_Write - data recording option in the text file (folder MQL4 \ Files, the file name matches the account number)
  • FX_prefix - prefix for currency pairs (required for some brokers)
  • FX_postfix - suffix for currency pairs (required for some brokers)

Sergey Golubev #:

Thanks a lot Sergey. Really appreciated.