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Suggestions for your statistics indi


Please consider the following suggestion for your statistics indicator:

Automatic last day start (to see the current day only)

Number of days (used with above to see past number of individual days)

GMT offset (needs to be in your code so that day times start and end the same time every day... Do not only utilise PERIOD_D1 in your code, offset needs to be +(PERIOD_H1*GMT offset*60).This is so that the PVP and VWAP are calculated from the correct times. Let me know if you need further clarification.)

I hope the above makes sense to you. Your indicator is much better than the market profile indi I had which does not display correctly when looking at more than a days worth of volume over price, however, yours lacks the above functionality... (I could use multiple indicators, but I would need to edit them manually every day... I'm just too lazy).

I am thinking of automatically finding turning points(like fractals)[maybe on higher time frames like you suggested] and put a VWAP on them automatically rather than manually...How does that sound? Akif,

That's great akift.. I agree with you..



Not showing me anything that price isnt though


the chart you posted some time back on post #35 with the bands... It's not showing me anything that price isn't already. Do you really need that indicator if you can visually see that price is consolidating there and the market statistics/profile indicator is showing you that's where the POC/PVP is?


thanks, Akift


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