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Problem with the markets volatility


I've made a expert advisor. It work good. But I've a problem the ea doesn't open any positions when the market is very volatile. (1pm until 6pm)

It trades on gold 1M

What do I must to do?

Please react only if you can help me


Lot Size Indicator Alert

Hi, If someone could help me finding or coding this indicator I will appreciate your help.

Im looking for an indicator that play an alert and popup a message when open a lot of x size (previously defined). I already have an ea, but the thing is that I have it running in 10 pairs, so it will be easier to me just to hear an alert when a trade of x lot was opened, so I can make a decision to keep playing the ea or stop the ea.

The indicator could be as simple as the "Equity Alert v2.mq4", but instead of sending the alert based in the equity, sent an alert when reach the lot size predefined in the indicator settings inputs. Also it will be nice if has the option to make it alert on every tick, until you turn it off.

*Just to be more clear, my ea starts opening lots like this:

0.1, then 0.15, then 0.23, for example, I would like an indicator that send an alert in the moment that open the x lot (13.0 for example).

Thank you so much in advance.


Indicator Code change Help

Done Thanks


Need help for Hedge EA with 2 MagicNumbers

Hi guys,

I need your coding help. I want to open a hedge by open 4 postions at same time:

MagicNumber_1: buy EURUSD and sell USDCHF <--(Hedgepair 1)

and at the same time

MagicNumber_2: sell EURUSD and buy USDCHF <--(Hedgepair 2)

Now I want to close each Hedgepair when the profit of a Hedgepair reaches a defined takeprofit.

Please check the attached EAs. I need the code of the CloseSpecificMagicNo EA for both MagicNumbers in the OpenHedge EA.

Who can help?

Best regards.


Margin Required Indicator

Hello dear coders,

I've been a long time desperately looking for a simple indicator that shows me how much money I need to spend per lot (mini-lot) . Below is a code where this feature is located amongst others, but I only need the bolded-one.

Or is there perhaps an easy indicator for this info?

Like this one ...but not for free.

checkMargin.ex4 is to tell you that how much initial margin requirement [ or used margin] per amount of lot sizes you wish to open positions.

Perhaps it is enough to simplify the formula?

Can any of you help me please?

Thanks very much.

Gilbert (Belgium)

Wow! This is my 'child' a long long time ago....

The name of this indicator is not BinuJosep, but MarketInfo. I made this very simple indicator for some clients who want to know about their broker's trading environment setup.

Here it is I strip it out for you...


(req) creating an offline chart for an offline chart using rangebars (mt4)

Hi all,

In FF forum,i came across a thread, where it was discussed in creating an offline chart for an offline chart, using BasketChart Script.

Because, i feel when two offine charts in operation, the more the NOISE GETS REDUCED, than when in a single offline chart.

The link is given here...


( refer post number 3077)


( refer post number 3093)

Now my request to the coder gurus here, is there any way to make the "BasketChartScript" to get modified, and so that we can use it for individual symbols as an INDICATOR.

To put it straight, i need the same to be used in commodity trading.


1) Some BasketChartScripts are given in the reference thread itself.

2) Replace : XX with tt in hXXp

0 with "o" in f0rexfact0ry

Thanks a lot.

With regards



Sweet spot - stop loss modification

Hi all,

I have found the following EA which works quite well. the only problem is that stopp loss is not working properly.

Can anyone check please the following EA and correct the code? Is it possible to add trailing stop?

Thanks to all,



help with EA

im new on forex and try to trade corelated pairs ,EUR/USD and USD/CHF and using SpielersHedge Divergence_v2.ex4 ,so i need if is possible an EA to close two pairs when the SpielersHedge Divergence_v2.ex4 reaches a specified value(like zero )

helpp me


Renko EA need to update !

i want to put on this renko EA that on every 10secund or 1minutes to update hst file example EURUSDM3.hst plzzzzzzz

Renko EA


Cyclops EA

Can anyone help in rectifying the problem with the attached EA. It will not take buys it only takes sells.

Can someone tell me how to fix this problem?