ValeoFX's Trading Method...


This is the start of the new Thread that should be less confusing to those of you who were not with us from the first day of me posting my XO_Method.

This is the first Post for my current Method.

I am satisfied that this is what the latest method is all about and you may now proceed to post your queries (and I hope not too many otherwise I have not done a good job at summarising) and or comments.

My sincerest thanks to ND and his team for all the hard work they are putting into the Forum.

LATEST UPDATED and Dated versions will contain a Template with latest date displayed - they will be added as we go along as I want you to first get to understand what I am doing and it is no different to what most of you know that I am doing.

Firstly, I am indebted to the originator of the "Multiple Time Frame idea" namely Kerris2112.(MTF) – the development of the #MTF-method, is a blessing and something I have been wanting for more than 3 years. Be blessed all of you, especially Kerris who made this come true.

I am further indebted to the following people who continued to assist in developing this method, without you it could not have been possible: ShadowWiz; Hellkas; Elihayun; Raff; Kalenzo and Perky. I also wish to mention CJA for his unselfish sharing of his expertise - he has never refused a request when I needed to see what my ideas would look like in an indicator. Thank you my friend.

Since Jan 2007, my friend and fellow trader Gerhard a ka DayTrader - without you there would have been no development; I am extremely grateful for your friendship, support and dedicated research without questioning. Also, your input is highly rated and appreciated.

As of last year, Mladen came to my rescue with his brilliant work. Please forgive me if I have missed out on anyone else, but kindly bring it to my attention.

As of April 2008, Suk1000k very kindly put the latest method into pdf-format and for that I am indebted to him too.

A special thank you to those of you who relentlessly tested and tested again. Lately, there is BigJoe who has been an inspiration as he believes as much as I do, that we have a winner. Thank you Joe.

Also a special mention to three new found friends in Yannis.21; Jerry Fairchild and Joe Broadhurst. Guys you are an inspiration second to none.

Yannis in particular is a great coder and developer as you will see further down the Thread. I am so blessed to have met such a great and unselfish person.

And then of course to all who shot it down initially for you made me aware of where the short-comings were. Without your support it may have taken much longer and for that I am very grateful.

Wishing you success, always.



I do believe that this H-8 chart is of tremendous help due to the fact that we trade 2 candles each and every day and in my case I am fortunate enough that I have the privilege to see what the close of the first candle looks like.

Best wishes.


H4 chart...

By now I hope that you can see the importance of these TFs. In this instance all we need to complete our "viewing" is the H2 and H1-charts and it all takes less than 5 minutes.

If you don't have the time to do this, then I am afrais Forex is not for you. What you put in, you will get out in multitude.

Best wishes.


Weekly chart.......

I made this Weekly chart early this morning but due to unforeseen circumstances, was unable to load it.

Nevertheless, I want to show you in the next 5 Posts how important it is for you to look at the Weekly, Daily, 8-Hourly, 4_hourly and 2-Hourly charts.

Thereafter we will go onto the H1, M30, M15 (BigJoe) and M5.

I am going to be deliberately slow and place one chart every 2 days so that if there are any questions and or suggested improvements, we can make them and all learn from the experience.

This is not only MY Thread - nothing that I know is NEW remember that. I have just learned from other people and are using my unique ability to put thinks together in a different way.

The people that I need to thank, will be mentioned in Post 1 as soon as I have posted his Post, hence my reason for not wanting anyone to Post just as yet, but now you may post with immediate effect.

The first thing you should look at is the bottom indicator and the RED-Arrow indicating that a retrace was imminent. Therefore, the opening with a gap upwards, was not too surprising to me at least.

Also notice the Blue Triangles and tell me what their significance is and why you think I marked them. I am not going to spoon-feed you completely and I want you to think and see what I am seeing.

Best wishes.


H2 chart...

This is my H2-chart for this morning which will also show you the accuracy of this chart yesterday.

Let me first tell you that the first oscillator is the RSi-2/4 on H4 TF and this morning you could clearly see the "bounce back" as marked by a Light Gray Ellipse, which clearly indicated that the overall direction is Long.

In the middle is the CCi-5/15 with a Spearmen-2 H4 set over it. Needs no further explanation other than the fact that the CCi-5 also bounced off the Zero-line (ZLR) which is a strong signal.

Last is the WPR which also indicated that the direction is Long.

Best wishes.


H1 chart ...

This is my H1-chart and screen-print taken at this instance.

Note the ZLR on CCi marked in a Blue Triangle.

The first 2 Oscillators are RSis to show me the H4 and H2 TFs and you will notice that I use "dashboard-type" indicators to show me the value of each TF to the right of each oscillator.

There is NO better indicator than the one that shows you when the trade has run out and that is why I am NOT in favour of using the "blocked type" indicators. There are nuances as I have mentioned before, that you miss out on especially when the CCi-5 shows you a re-entry. PRICELESS to say the least.


M30 chart...

I have found that the 30-M chart has become a very good point of reference seeing that I enter on the M5-TF. Reason being that IF the price is in its see-saw mode, you find invariably that it obeys the M30 TF and that gives me 6 candles to work with as oppose to the 12 candles on H1 and then it turns on you midway with the result of you being unable to trade at all. It has made a world of difference to the number of pips harvested over the last 15 months.

The first Oscillator is Kalenzo's RSiOMA which he very kindly converted in such a way that I have LINES in stead of Arrows on the indicator. When I asked him to fix this indicator (it throws back the signal by one candle!), he sent me an indicator with Arrows on the candles which I do not want. There are more than enough Arrows on my candles already. Now he tells me that he is too busy coding to change this "Arrow_version" to one with Lines, but hopefully he will one day relent.

I set this indicator on H1 TF with a setting of 2/8 and it is pretty accurate. I will NOT trade against the direction of this indicator on M30 - period.

Next up is the Rsi-2/4 for the M30 TF with the values of the other RSi s from M5 - H4 to the right thereof.

Followed by the CCi-5/20 which needs no further explanation.(NB the settings are correct). Notice the ZLR @ 10h30; with confirmation by the ZeroLagSto. - Brilliant.

The last one is a change that you may not be aware of and that is the incredible ZeroLagStochastic developed by Perky. Excellent for DIRECTION and very accurate in its default state. (I don't know how he got to the "strange" settings, but the combination works.)


M-15 by courtesy of BigJoe...

Hi Joe,

Now it is your turn to please post your M-15 set-up.

Looking forward to seeing yours.

Best wishes.


M5 set-up...

This will take the form of a few examples before we finally get to the final Template that I trade. It may take a day or 2 to go through but will be to your advantage IMHO.

It will only follow after BigJoe's M-15 post.


AH i found one into one of my laptops.

Don't know if it's what you want valeo, honestly i begin to get lost