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hello lovely people !

i am looking for tick data upto last 7 years for all currency majors, metals and oil.

anybody willing to advise on a good source or even donate the data like a good fellow community member ?


not sure if you require *tick* data but you can download roughly the last 11 years worth of data from 1M -> 1MN through the History Center (F2) inside MetaTrader 4. 1M ticks are great if you testing 1H+ time frames.

Bit of a thread dig here... but, does anyone know of any similar system where you can collect ticks in a database that isn't in .ex4??

This is system is great for meta trader, however, I need to run this on a platform that doesn't support .ex4 but can support .mq4

any help much appreciated!

if you download time frame history from the History Center in MT4 you might be able to export the data from history files. History files are located in [MT4 install folder]\history\[server name] (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\FXCM MT4 powered by BT\history\FXCM-Demo).

I'm pretty sure i've seen poeple talk about doing it however i cannot find where that was

Good luck!



Although this might be a considered doublepost because I already asked this in the indicator finder thread I decided to ask the same question here since it's a focused on the ticks. Hope there is no problem.

I would like to know if it's possible to count if a mt4 tick could be counted in pips. Like price drops in a tick 3 pips at once and for a 15 min candle see how many times price dropped 3 pips or went up 3 pips.

Ofc the best would be to be able to customize the number of pips I want to observe.

If you know anything similar but it would need some customization I'm still interested.

Thanks a lot.


Is it posible to draw the 10 ticks candle?

if posible , how?

pls help

let me put it this way...we know the tick volume of a bar...so if we know which side has more changes than it can give us more info of that bar...for instance:

what tick volume does tell you is the amount of activity going through the market.

a bar has 700 tick volume, so that means 700 transactions...700 transactions by whom? by buyers or sellers? if we know 300 by buyers and 400 by sellers what does that tell u? another if is, although there are 400 transactions by sellers but the price close middle or upper bar, what does that tell u?

anyway, here's hoping someone out there can make this simple indicator...

again i thank you...

Ok am still a lil more a of newbie to trading. Anyways, I was going through this forum on the hunt for how volume can be/is being used in FX stumbled accross Gilo's idea which I found to be very interesting, but I was just thinking, what if one also incorporated price move/change for each tick into this (maybe am still not so clued up on what a tick is) because I would assume that the size of price change per tick would tell us more about what Smart Money/Professionals are doing and hense, trend strength, weakness, reversal, etc. Maybe this is a lil more like the use of volume VSA where price change (represented by Spread/bar range). Am still new to VSA and have been doing some readings on it. What do you guys think? is it even possible to code an indicator using Gilo's idea but also incorporates price change per tick? It would be interesting to see if this matches to what we would expect volume to do.

This has probably been tried and done many times before, but was wondering if at least any of you had an idea of where I can find such info/indicator so i can back and forward test the idea.

Thanks guys.


Program/Code Ind. Help - Every Tick Sound Change

Hello Forex-Tsd & Traders & especially coders,

Congrats on this Fanastic community, just joined, here to stay lol

Help With Creating/Coding a Sound Indicator - "Every Tick Sound"

I hope that this explains fully the project and please feel free to comment or send any recommendations. Thank you very much in advance!

Background: The idea is that i constantly can't monitor the charts with my 'eyes' but it could helpful to monitor the market using different sounds with my 'ears'.


1. To create a sound indicator for MT4

2. Six Audio short files

3. Every 1 tick UP triggers the first sound file "beep up 1"

4. Every 1 tick DOWN triggers sound file "beep down 1"

5. Every 5 ticks Jump UP triggers sound file "beep up 2"

6. Every 5 ticks Jump DOWN triggers sound file "beep down 2"

7. Every 7 ticks Jump UP triggers sound file "beep up 3"

8. Every 7 ticks Jump Down triggers sound file "beep down 3"

Here is a Diagram Explanation to explain further - Attachment or on this PhotoBucket Link

Result -an alternative way to track/monitor the market tick movement, volatility (tick jumps) with different sounds that identify market price 'sound' action. This could as well help the trader determine the speed of the market and Avoid trading when the market is 'dead' 1-3 pip range.

This project will be free to use for all users


- Sound File 1&2 - Zip files with (wav./mp3) attached


Tick Clock/Counter


Can anyone please tell whether a tick clock indicator for MT4 (similar to candle clock) showing remaining ticks in current candle of the tick charts exists?


Julian Lo
Julian Lo  

Tck counting indicator?

Is there an indicator that measrues how many ticks per minutes that the broker is sending from their server?

I need something like that to evaluate brokers. Thanks,


I was wondering how to calculate the open and close on a minute chart with my own pro


I was wondering how to calculate the open and close on a minute chart with my own program. The tick level shows hh:mm:ss:millisecond.

When I look at a candle, does a minute chart,

1/ open at minute:00 and closes at minute:59 or

2/ open at minute:00 and closes at minute +1 :00?

ie how is the 1 millisecond accounted?

Waiting for your answer

thank you



tick counter with sound

hi all ,

can someone code the indicator to work with this sound file on every new tick ?

thanks in advance !!!