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Automated tick trading

To show that it is possible to trade tick data directly from the tick chart, I have created a simple EA. From this, everyone should be able to use the charts in a meaningful way.

Please do remember, this is NOT a trading system - instead, the EA merely show that it is possible to incorporate the tick data in a proper trading system.

Because the tick data pass by so quickly I have been running the EA on the 1 min chart - basically to get/see how trades are placed.

Oh yes - it's using the signals generated from the tick volume indicator and (as for myself) this is propably one of the best indicators I have to define turning points.

However - it performs poorly with regard to defining direction so...

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New EA that allows you to do statistics on ticks

Hi all,

We have released for free an EA that allows you to store all Mt4 ticks in a MYSQL database and to calculate anything you want on the stored ticks.

Boston Technologies - Technical Solutions for Forex, CFD, and Futures Trading Platforms

One can use this EA to calculate for example

* The average spread of a feed

* The largest spread

* The smallest spread

* The average spread during a daily time period

* And any other statistics one wants to calculate

One can also use this EA to store ticks so that you can do proper back testing.


CEO, Boston Technologies


Similar tick indicator for a currency pairs as the NYSE Tick is displayed

I know that the $Tick or NYSE Tick comes from a centralized feed, but I have tried to find an indicator that handles and displays tick info in exactly the same way for a chosen currency pair. Preferable in bar form oscillating above and below the zero line.

With all thanks to all of you who have posted their indicators and information on this thread I have not found what I am looking for, or I am not able to understand how every indicator handles tick. The reason for looking for the bar form is the visual perspective, where it also shows the closing value before next bar. The latter should be visible in the picture from a 30min chart.

Could anyone please help me with this?



Tick Data Indicator

In reference to the LogDataTick and PostDataTick indicators, I am unable to get them to work. I can see that data is being written to the offline chart, but when I open it all I get is the "Waiting for Update" message. Can anyone using these indicators explain what may be happening? I am curious to try them out as I enjoy using tick charts to help pinpoint entries. Thanks in advance for any help.


Tick Chart - with MA's

Here is an indicator I hope you find useful. It is as the title states, a tick Data chart with 4 moving averages.



Brokers and Tick Data

1. Where do brokers get their live tick data? Is it from a single location or from some sort of network of banks sharing a live data stream...or what? Can live tick data differ - and if so, why?

2.Why does historical tick differ between brokers? For what reason is there not 1 TRUE tick history all the way back to the beginning of the market?

I do not see how this is possible at all and this makes me think that I am misunderstanding something fundamental.

3. Who does the money from a spread go? I understand that the brokers get it; but do they keep it all, or does a part of the spread go to someone else? Who is that someone else; banks? Does a part of it go to the makers of Forex? Can brokers trade their own money with a substantially reduced spread?


Change in Tick Price

Hi I can't code for shat and would love some help.

I'm trying to make an EA that opens orders after a large enough change in tick price. So can someone help me with the code for storing the bid of the first tick, then subtracting the bid of the 1st tick from the 2nd tick?


Not difficult.

But due to the network connection.

No one can guarantee must be tick by tick.

And every brokers tick data differs.