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Big Profit Without Using Any Indicator - page 3

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masoudk 2007.01.27 17:47  
Dear All,,,

it's a nice thing to know you my biggest trading system.. and i named by BLESSING SYSTEM.. I have been using this trading system for a year. and i could harvest min 40 pips a day just in one pair.. and i usually trade in 5 major pair.... so it must be 200 pip a day.

and guess what ... i don't use any indicator.. it's true.. and i am not a big liar.. The biggest advantage of this system is we don't have to afraid with news even NFP. Why?? because more volatile more profit we got...

Since i don't have enough time for being a baby sit in front of my computer. I need you all to make EA from this very simple trading system.

Just see my PDF file... happy pip to all.

May Allah bless u all.


You can find this strategy with EA somewhere in this forum.

rifovalas 2007.01.27 17:53  

String FX : you don't have to open all level in manual trading. That's why i mention in my pdf "only when the price near your level, you should OP the level"...

At the first time just open 2 level.. and then it will flow...

By EA we can make it fast.. that's why i need your help to make EA. So we don't have to see it oftenly.

reaper 2007.01.27 17:56  

Hi rifo.

Please post your trade for two - three days .

I'm not have understood as we carrying opened positions of the previous day and as their combine with level of the new day.

Sorry for my English.

reaper 2007.01.27 18:49  

This system very good for correcting but in trend can be a greater drawdown . Possible stands its try on less volantility pair for example EURCHF.

mmccormac 2007.01.27 18:55  
This system very good for correcting but in trend can be a greater drawdown . Possible stands its try on less volantility pair for example EURCHF.

Usually yes... That pair has trended hard For about 8 months now though.

rifovalas 2007.01.27 19:04  


repaer : that's good idea for using this system in EUR CHF.. the distance between high and low are small.. it's very good using this system with bigger level 1 lot ex. 0,3 lot.. and still we can catch more dollar here...

any one can make me EA please ???

smeden 2007.01.27 23:17  

How do you find the right place to draw level 1? From Day open?

elepoutre 2007.01.27 23:37  
Note for all Members

i have did this strategy in different cases on different currecies if the market move in channel up and down it is okay and winner and if the market move in one direction like in May or Nov. u will lose all the money in your account i have testes it forward on MT4 and the results win and then big drawdown which tends to big loss

so take care from this strategy

deleted..;see next post

elepoutre 2007.01.27 23:35  

worst case scenario that ever happened-FIND IT

looking at this strategy, everybody can agree that huge sudden move could kill the account if margin/equity available cannot sustain the increase of lots until getting retracement.

But it s useless to say that in case of a 1000 or 300 straight up move account will be dead.....

better check was has been the worst situation ever seen in the last 5 year.....and then check up to which level we should have gone to be able to sustain it.

So i invite all members believing that this system is too dangerous and will finally crash to show here the worst situation that they could find in the history of any currency

rifovalas 2007.01.28 02:15  

Thanks Elepoutre

Yes you are right.. someday would be there is worst condition. So i invite every one.. to show us over 5 years backtest that you think that the worst situation.

and i try to analyst...

And remember if in 5 years there are only 1 day that we call it worst condition !! how do you think about this system ???

do we need a huge balance to run this system..?

Let we see....

we start with 0,1 lot level 1

in forward run it hit until level 8 it's mean we OP 12,8 lot

in mini account it's mean 12,8 x $50 = $680 margin + $254 floating margin

= $934 margin

So to forward this system we need at least $1500 balance.

to every one who has a little balance you could set level 1 only 0,01 lot or higher.

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