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Thank you FXBS.

The JMA is a little better than V2.

They are both better than the one on ebay though.

So, lesson for everyone. dont buy indicators off ebay, there is nothing new under the sun.


thank you, Mart!

better... they different...


off-course it's not an ind. - it what you do with it ...

(system or way to use ise ind. it wasn't discussed)

though if trading is bad - it always indicator's fault...


LOL! LOL! You are right! It's always the indicators' fault!

Okay, I am not selling my indicators here, folks, seriously, don't buy from me. I don't know how to code for MT4 anyway. But my concept really is: If I spend, say, $400 on something that really can help me make 40 pips, just a bit easier and more confident, then the $400 doesn't seem to be too big, am I right? Of course if you already have a profitable system or indicators to make money, by all means don't re-invent the wheel and change what's working for you. But if you are looking for a better way, you can try and save $400 bucks by spending days, weeks, or months, even years in the search, in the meantime leaving your trading result to chance, or you can just spend the $400, and start making money when you are ready, be it a day, a week, or a month. I convinced myself with this concept long ago. It is the concept that changed my life, it is also the very same concept that has cost me a lot of money on junks! LOL!

So the question we ask ourselves is not the cost, it's whether or not the system will work. If the system doesn't work, like those EA's on eBay for $9.99, that's EXPENSIVE! If there is a mechanical system that makes, say, even 10% return a month and never fails, I will be the first one to sign up even if it costs 100000000! Okay, I am kidding, I don't have that kind of money! But you get my point!


Hi, fxbs,

Thanks for the comments. If you visit my website, you will find more free indicators than the ones I am selling. If I don't think an indicator is worth a dime and make a difference, I simply can't charge for it. Also, we are new but we are almost to the point that we want to shut the website down for a while because of the demand. We want to provide good service and I don't know how people found us really....... Many of them told us they had bought this and that and still failed. It's nothing new to me really. I have been there, done that! From this experience, I think we must have done something right...

It's true! So my point being: All the discussions about my Squeeze and the BB Squeeze might not be fair, because you are comparing stochastic to MACD per se. They are completely different. They only look alike! And to be honest, I can name my Squeeze differently, but I thought 1. they look so similar, people will still think they are the same, so why not give it the same name and go head to head with the other one, to show how much better mine is, and 2. I thought there might be discussions in the trading world if I name it the same. Now *THAT* is my dirty trick! LOL!

Since those are two completely different indicators, while the other Squeeze only has one rule/signal (as i understand, I could be wrong!) mine has 3. And because of the nature of the indicators, you can't trade BB Squeeze using my rules. Because BBSqueeze is simply not precise enough. Several charts on my website and eBay demonstated that.

I believe nothing in the world worth your time and effort is free.

If you guys want to develop a Squeeze for MT4, my best suggestion is, dump the middle line! in my humble opinion, the BB band and K-channel is the "hype" of the BB Squeeze. It's a wonderful concept but probably useless in reality because they LAG too much!


sure, it's a services, job like everything else

thank you 4 the thought

we can free central line but leave squeeze dots in the bottom (like sidewiner etc.) just 4 the extra info what is going on (as Acuma99 put it " something brewing and soon might explode) - not like Go/NoGo, just warnig...

hm, if market changed and BB/Kelt squeeze effect doesn't work anymore and will prove not useful - we allways can take it off


PFB, there is no problem - people providing financial, advisory or programming services (very rare it's free)

and there is nothing wrong when people and companies paying or hiring professional services

there is whole section in the forum "Commercial trading systems"

(i just afraid Admin can send us there)

btw. if it will look like advertising or promotion - he will cut and redirect posts to Commercial thread

Try this - remember you need JMA as well.

extern int LRegrPeriod = 14;

extern int JMAPhase = 0;



otherwise it controls from bollinger w/o kelt - messing squeeze (concept down to drain)

Sergey Golubev  

I don't know ... may be you all are talking about some particular indicator but I looked at bbsqueeze indicator for MT4 (many versions) and it is written that original coder is Nick Bilak in 2005 (username Beluck on our forum).

Even Bollinger Squeeze v8 and v9 is having the following:

Original code by Nick Bilak

Nick Bilak (Beluck) is very well-known member of our forum.

May be you all are talking about some other indicators so sorry.