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Hi All, great system !

I'm moneyline and it's good to be here, pleasure to meet you!

I've read all 276 pages of this thread and it took me a few days to do it,

very interesting!

I've noticed a number of folks have posted ideas about exits and I would

like to propose that we take some of the exit strategies and form groups to

test them. Would that be possible?

Not to leave anyone out, but these folks come to mind:





Needless to say, since there are so many things to include in a exit strategy

I doubt any will ever be "perfect." All the same, I'm willing to setup a demo

account to help test some of the strategies. I think if we could establish a

number of groups to help gather the data, and it would benefit all.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Nina's master and all that have

contributed to this very fine project.



- level 2 long at 9:30cet 1.7544 - made a high at 1.7595 at 11:00cet >> max. pos. profit +51 pips (ex spread)

- level 1 short at 15:30cet 1.7539 - made a low at 1.7487 at 18:00cet >> max. pos. profit +52 pips (ex spread)


- level 1 short at 15:00cet 1.2242 - made a low at 1.2195 at 16:00cet >> max. pos. profit +47 pips (ex spread)


- level 3*) short at 9:30cet 1.2835 - made a low at 1.2805 at 11:00cet >> max. pos. profit +30 pips (ex spread)

- level 1 long at 15:00cet 1.2871 - made a high at 1,2928 at 18:00cet >> max. pos. profit +57 pips (ex. spread)

*) level 3 because there was no crossing on close of the candle with ema50

What a day and what a week!

It is clear that it is nearly impossible to enter alle these trades (some at the same time) and realize all these pips. But neverthess if you made some of these it's ok.

happy trading


Would anyone be willing to post what they actually made on Thursday with the Nina Trades just so we can all get a feel for what % of the MPA is being acheived.



Hi Mates,

I use MT4, my broker is Capital Spreads. I placed a sell trade yesterday with my usual stop loss in place. Capital Spreads stopped me out of the trade based on their charts which showed price had spiked to 3 pips away from my stop loss. At the same time, MT4 showed price spike to be 8 pips away from my stop loss. Price gradually reached their level 30 minutes later.

Are they allowed to stop you out like that.


I am still working on an exit strategy and good money management for CatFX50.

When you enter a trade with CatFX, how after does that trade net 30 pips? Almost every time?

Also..... how often does the trade go against you? 10 pips? 15?

I would really appreciate everyone's input that is trading this.


My broker is FXSol with 400:1 leverage.... unfortunately not a Metaquotes broker.

Does anyone know if there is a metaquotes broker with identical data feed?


How do I do these settings?

Hi Folks,

Hist_StepMA_Stoch_KV1_Ex_02 should be set at 2000 bars with +0,04 and -0,04 on it.

How do I set the +0.04 and the -0.04, is that on the first tab that says "fixed minimum" and "fixed maximum" ?



Hi, Nina
Please let me know some of your technique,

I (and my friends )want to learn about your system as much as I can.

question 1:

Eur/Usd, I checked North Finance and find out you were right.

Entry price was 1.2241.

while we were watching it ext ream movement, you entered with more than 40 pips away which is very risky challenge from your catfx50 rules.

What made you entering this trade without hesitation?

Because of the movement from news?

I would like to know how to think when I use your system.

especially when I see 20 pips wide entry or MORE than 20 pips wide

difficult entry. You said you saw the data.

What kind of data were you seeing for this particular entry?

Data was Trichet. It was clear that what he said was meaning a sell off. Yes, to enter more than 20 pips away is very risky.

question 2:

I checked usd/chf with north finance, and also find out it totally different

from Nextt.

With Nextt , entry point was 39 pips away,but

from North Finance, it was 22 pips away and this one is easy to challenge for

entry( compare to 39 pips wide).

(I attached this chf/usd from north finance and nextt.)

Are you checking both chart at the same time, or you just using only

nextt ?

NEXTT had problems with data yesterday.

My two lives accounts are at Real Time Forex and at OANDA.

question 3:

I think you always using multi lots for trade.

I am using 2 lots for each entry and exit one of them when trade made

its first 15pips, then after that move up stop loss to brake even.

but this way, retracement hit my stop loss easily.

so far, I have no negative results from catfx50 which is GREAT, but the way moving stop loss to brake even, I think I need to find out more good timing in order to stay in trade (avoiding retracement)

If you have any suggestion, please let me know.

I'd like to know when we'll have not a retrace.

question 4:

Reading your entry, your entry is always perfect, and ours were always

too late.

Could you tell me how you entered very close to opening price, I think you are using market order, but not entry order.

What kind of technique should I learn for best entry like you?

Need just practice or something else?

Look, Ted, it is impossible to enter at opening on each pair at a time. What you see posted is the amount of pips CatFX50 generates.

But you can enter on one for sure. Just FOCUS.

It is not so difficult. With CatFX50 you are going to win, sure. Focus, Patience and Discipline.

About stops placed at b/e. You know, if your account is huge, you can afford a retrace without sweating too much. You know that CatFX50 is right 8-9 out of 10.


If it ok,

Could you please attach your current template of catfx50?

If so, We can use exactly same type of chart with you.

I know I am asking too much, please forgive me.

I hope this questions and answer also help a lot of friends in this forum,

Thank you.

It has anything else than EMA50, EMA120, Hist, aNina and StepChoppy.


Hi Folks,

How do I set the +0.04 and the -0.04?



Hi Moneyline,

pop up the indicators parameters (ctrl-I) -- go on the levels page -- enter a level +0.04 and another -0.04


Hi Moneyline,

pop up the indicators parameters (ctrl-I) -- go on the levels page -- enter a level +0.04 and another -0.04


Thanks Mibl,

I was able to enter 0.04 and -0.04 ....I imagine 0.04 defaults to +0.04?


My broker is FXSol with 400:1 leverage.... unfortunately not a Metaquotes broker. Does anyone know if there is a metaquotes broker with identical data feed?