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Sergey Golubev
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Sergey Golubev, 2019.11.22 07:48

3 NYSE Stocks Ready For Rally (based on the article)

NASDAQ-100 by Metatrader 5

  • "Big Lots never really got going upward too much at all after the late 2018 lows. The downtrend on the weekly price chart is obvious. The short float is definitely big: at 19.8% it comes in at among the most shorted of stocks on the Big Board. Quarterly earnings are way off and the year looks to come in negative. Analysts have to wonder if that big 6.1% dividend yield can be sustained under the circumstances. You would have to think that hedge funds specializing in short strategies may be involved." 
  • "Delphi Technologies is another one unable to keep up with the broader indices and which now comes in at a lower low than the already depressed December, 2018 level. The short float of 7% is on the high side for an NYSE stock, but it’s not quite in the outrageous area yet. Analysts at Barclay’s recently reduced their rating on Delphi from “overweight” to “equal weight.” Similarly, Oppenheimer analysts took their rating down from “out perform” to, simply, “perform.” Long-term debt greatly exceeds shareholder equity and recent quarterly earnings have been disappointing." 
  • "Taubman Centers is now significantly beneath both the late 2017 low and the late 2018 low. While the widely followed major indices rallied, this one fell way behind. The short float is relatively high for an NYSE-listed equity: 10% of outstanding shares are now held short. Again, that high of a figure is an indicator of sorts that hedge funds may have found a fit for a certain type of investment strategy."


Chart was made on MT5 with BrainTrading system (MT5) from this thread (free to download) as well as the following indicators from CodeBase:

All about BrainTrading system for MT5:

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