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Do you know that MQL5 has structures?
Pablo Zacheo
Pablo Zacheo 2012.03.24 21:59  

This forum seems is bit cold now. Nevertheless I would like to do a report on what I've found, if this it's good information for anyone then better.

I've managed to reproduce the multi-broker "arbitrage" shown in an Alpari-Pro UK Demo account vs. a feed from any other broker.

I've not managed to reproduce the same in Alpari-Pro USA Live or Alpari-Pro UK Live accounts. This probably means that the lag in the feed is shown on the demo account of Alpari Pro UK only.

However the arbitrage opportunities if weak are still there, but I can't seem to find a reason to explore this further, as there exist one commercial solution which already do this, but it doesn't

show the return that we saw in the Pro UK demo account, and we shall never see this, because this kind of arbitrage opportunity no longer exist (it existed).-

Nowadays all brokers are aware of this and they have fixed this by faster connections with liquidity provider.

However this lead me to lots of reading and investigations in other stuff. I learned that there are still opportunities to do arbitrage by trading in 2 live accounts, but I think the spread and thus the brokers

are which makes most profit with any arbitrage opportunity. So becoming an Introducing Broker is something interesting to harness profits? Probably Yes, but that's a different kind of story.

What I'm reading now is about a guy who trades on NinjaTrader using a realtime feed that lets him watch the market depth directly on each bar of the chart, which looks amazing, but he is trading

this using stocks, not Forex.

I will do one more test on arbitrage by using a Live account and will let you guys know the outcome.

For now I can only say that this was a good joke but nothing more than that, something that you cannot trade live, and specially with brokers out there watching arbitrage and liquidity providers and

bank with such investments on technology, sound like something dumb and impossible to try.

Nevertheless I learnt a lot in the process, and I'm still open and learning a lot.

Pablo Zacheo
Pablo Zacheo 2012.03.30 00:37  

Seems nobody cares anymore about this, anyway I though I could share my recent discovery, if anyone is interested let me know, I can share it.

Peter 2012.04.01 16:13  
In this week i have the chance to make a live test on my on acc. :)
Pablo Zacheo
Pablo Zacheo 2012.05.12 06:52  

I've managed to code an EA with this strategy which renders profits on a regular basis. I'm not interested in selling the EA.

I'm currently releasing this strategy only as a trade copier in a money managed environment at Solidfxinvest.


eurofx 2014.02.11 17:04  

can we see a glimpse of what you want to offer in managed account?


Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.02.11 17:07  

can we see a glimpse of what you want to offer in managed account?


Hi, welcome to forum,

Did you see that the last post of this topic was posted on 2012.05.12 08:52 ?

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