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2011.05.02 19:14
2016.11.22 07:32

An example of indicator, that draws candlesticks for the specified instrument in a separate window.

The color of candlesticks changes randomly every N ticks. The N parameter of indicator is made as external so that you can adjust it manually (the Inputs tab of indicator properties dialog box). Note, that initially there are 8 colors set for the plot1 graphical plotting using the #property compiler directive. Then, in the OnCalculate() function the color is chosen at random from predefined list.

See also The Drawing Styles in MQL5 article.


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The DRAW_COLOR_BARS style draws bars based on values of four indicator buffers, containing Open, High, Low and Close prices. This is the advanced version of the DRAW_BARS style, that allows you to specify individual color for each bar from predefined color set.


The DRAW_COLOR_ZIGZAG style draws lines of different colors by values ​​of two indicator buffers. This is the color version of the DRAW_ZIGZAG style and allows you to specify individual color for each line from predefined color set.

Kaufman Volatility Kaufman Volatility

Kaufman Volatility indicator according to Perry Kaufman book "Smarter Trading: Improving Performance in Changing Markets".

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