Wall Street Original MT4+MT5 English

Wall Street Original MT4+MT5 English

15 December 2019, 17:56
Alexandr Gavrilin

There are many similar advisors on the Internet:

  • Trio dancer
  • Wall Street Bot (WSB)
  • WSB Bot
  • BTCash
  • Alfa trend bot
  • Profit FX
  • Pride FX
  • STB Smart Traiding Bot

All of them were made from the same adviser, but for some reason, not one wondered who the real author of the original adviser is?
I decided to release a version for MT5 and MT4 and thereby put the final point on this issue.

https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/44502 - MT5
https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/44512 - MT4

Removed all unnecessary in my opinion functions that have shown themselves to be bad and not effective over a period of more than 5 years.
Most of the set-files of settings from the above advisers are suitable for this advisor.
Recommend broker: https://rbfxdirect.com/ru/lk/?a=wxxk

  • Trading Mode - the mode of choosing the direction of trading or the complete shutdown of the adviser.
  • Max orders count - limit the maximum number of positions for all strategies.
  • MM - automatic lot calculation
  • Divider - divisor in the calculation formula of the lot: 0.00001 * Account_Balance / Divider
  • Lots - initial lot if MM = false
  • Lot exponent - multiplier of the subsequent lot when averaging
  • Max Lot - limitation of the maximum lot; when the lot is reached or exceeded, the next lot will be set
  • Continue trading - allows you to trade all 3 strategies, if disabled, the so-called 'Drying' mode will turn on. In this mode, the adviser will work to close all strategies in profit and wait for a command from the user.
  • Use TF by Max Orders - when the limit on the number of orders is reached, all strategies switch to trading mode on the specified time frame.
  • Max Orders - the number of orders, upon reaching which the adviser switches the timeframe for signals.
  • Trend Start - the number of the knee from which the order begins to open in the opposite direction, counting on taking additional profit if the price moves against the trend.
  • Trend Exponent - lot multiplier from the one opened during averaging when the Trend Start function is enabled.
  • Drowdown - drawdown level in% at which the EA stops opening the first orders for strategies, but brings open ones to a positive result.
  • Use open average by ticks - turns on the mode of opening averaging orders by ticks or waits for the bar to finish and analyzes the passed negative Pip Step distance.
  • Take profit - take profit in standard points for closing a group of orders.
  • Use close by profit - turns on the mode of closing all positions by the total profit in money.
  • Minimal count orders - at what minimum quantity this mode is activated.
  • Profit in value - profit in currency at which all positions will be closed.
  • Use equity stop - enable closing control by drawdown level in%
  • Total equity risk - drawdown level in% of the balance.
  • Use open Monday - turns on the monitoring of the opening on Monday from the specified time.
  • Hour - the hour from which trading on Monday starts.
  • Use close Friday - forced closing of all positions on Friday by time.
  • Hour - the hour at which all positions are forcibly closed and the adviser goes into Monday standby mode.
The following settings are the same for all 3 strategies:
  • Continue trading - includes a strategy. When the strategy is turned off and there are positions, the 'Drying' mode is activated, which was described earlier.
  • TF - timeframe for the signal to open the first strategy order
  • Max Orders - the maximum number of averaging orders in the strategy
  • Use trailing stop - the trailing stop mode for a group of strategy orders, can significantly increase the advisor's survival in difficult situations.
  • Trailing start - level of inclusion of a trailing stop from the breakeven point of the strategy
  • Trailing stop - stop level in points
  • Pip step - the minimum step between positions during averaging.
  • Pip step multiplier - averaging step multiplier
  • Magic - identifier of strategy orders. Magic + 1 reserved for Trend Strategy Orders
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