Infinite Storm EA

Infinite Storm EA

7 July 2019, 21:42
Radek Reznicek

Infinite Storm EA


Infinite Storm EA is a safe and fully automated expert advisor that analyzes market trend and price movements and thanks to that is able achieve high rate of winning trades.

Every order has StopLoss (either real or virtual) and EA has implemented advanced filtering functions together with spread and slippage protections.

This EA does NOT use any of the dangerous strategies like Martingale, Grid or Arbitrage.

This EA is fully customizable by user.

This EA is not limited by trading pair or time-frame (recommended to use on M15 - H4 time-frames).

Infinite Storm EA default settings is optimized for EURUSD H1.

Infinite Storm EA is verified on both platforms (MT4 and MT5) and successfully passed tests and simulations with 100 % real ticks in MT5 with variable spread and simulated execution delays as well as with 99.90 % real ticks in MT4 with variable spread.





  • Adapt your own risk settings according to the account equity and always verify with back-test
  • True ECN broker with low spread and VPS server with small delays is recommended for any type of automated trading
  • Use minimal deposit of 100 USD
  • Use EURUSD H1 timeframe
  • Please avoid high volatile pairs with insufficient market liquidity like Gold (XAUUSD), Bitcoin (BTCUSD) etc.

Trading Instructions

  1. Move EA to the chart (simply drag and drop)
  2. When pop up window appears select desired settings (for EURUSD H1 you can use default settings)
  3. If using more trading pairs and more charts, make sure that  each chart has unique Magic number !!!
  4. In settings window always adjust FixedLotSize (or RiskInPercentOfBalance when UseAutolot is enabled) based on your account equity and your own trading risk
  5. Make sure you have sufficient margin to open new positions, especially if using low leverage accounts 
  6. Confirm settings and let the EA trade

Trading checklist

  1. Make sure that each chart has unique Magic number!
  2. If using standard VPS server or personal PC - Make sure that AutoTrading is enabled in your Metatrader terminal (smiley face on the top right corner of the chart)
  3. If you are using Metatrader MQL VPS server - Make sure that AutoTrading is disabled in your Metatrader terminal (sad face on the top right corner of the chart)
  4. Make sure you are using charts with time-frames that you want to trade
  5. Make sure that you are using right Money management and every time verify with back-test





1) There was issue with duplicating orders and unpredictable behavior

  • Make sure that each chart and each trading window has  UNIQUE MAGIC number. There can not be more charts using same magic number.
  • If there are more charts using same magic number the trades will fight with each other and it will possibly fail.

2) The EA did not open any order today
  • This is not a 1 minute scalper so there is a possibility that this day was not any suitable price analysed to trade
  • If you study the back-test you will see that it does not trade every day
  • Verify that AutoTrading is enabled in your PC/VPS Metatrader Terminal (If using MQL VPS: AutoTrading must be disabled in your Metatrader Terminal)
  • There is implemented status information that will print (or send Notifications) status of the EA every X hours (or when status changed) selected by StatusIntervalInHours to the Expert tab. So you can easily check if the EA is running correctly.

3) Will EA work with other brokers?

  • EA is not limited for any broker but recommended is to use just true ECN brokers. Always verify with back-test with proper tick data (Make sure that you have enough margin if using low leverages).
  • True ECN broker is always recommended as well as 24/7 hours VPS server

4) Will the EA work with X:X leverage?

  • EA has no leverage limitation. It was optimized for 1:200 to 1:500 leverage. If using other leverage, make sure you have enough margin. Verify with back-test with your proper account settings.




Settings Optimization

This EA is fully customizable by user. I provided some set files optimized for different pairs but you can optimize your own settings. Here is short recommendation for your own optimization.

NOTE: I never force anyone to use the settings I provided. So use it only if you want to.

  1. If you don't want to use automatic Lot size calculation (as by default is fixed lot size), then simply modify FixedLotSize parameter based on you risk and account possibilities.
  2. If you are using low leverage accounts, make sure you have sufficient margin to open positions. (This EA should warn you if you don't but rather always verify by yourself).
  3. If you want to use Automatic Lot size calculation, then select "UseAutoLot = true" and modify "RiskInPercentOfBalance " (RiskInPercentOfBalance means how much of your account balance are you willing to loose if there will be loosing trade). Lot size is calculated based on account balance and stop-loss level

WARNING: This EA has also a feature with Virtual Stop Loss. The StopLoss is not placed to the chart and the broker does not see it. The StopLoss is handled by the EA software. But be aware that it may cause larger losses in case of loosing trade due to execution delays. True ECN broker will never hunt your real stoploss like nonECN broker. So the recommendation is to keep UseVirtualSL parameter disabled. 

Main parameters to focus during optimization:

  1. StopLoss (recommended range from 50 to 500) - Stop Loss in points
  2. PredictorDistance (recommended range from 10 to 30) - Main parameter to determine the trend and price movements
  3. PointsToleranceL (recommended range from 0 to 40) - Tolerance for trend and price movements (Low tolerance)
  4. PointsToleranceH (recommended range from 0 to 40) - Tolerance for trend and price movements (High tolerance)
  5. PointsBE1 (recommended range from 15 to 40) - BreakEven 1st level in points
  6. PointsBE2 (recommended range from 5 to 30) - BreakEven 2nd level in points
  7. PointsLockBE (recommended range from 5 to 10) - Points lock in profit after breakeven (but it is also combined with the 2nd level of breakeven)
  8. PointsTrailingDist (recommended range from 5 to 15) - Trailing Distance in Points
  9. PointsTrailingStep (recommended range from 1 to 10) - Trailing Step in Points





General Settings
  • Magic - Magic number - MUST be unique for each chart
  • CommentOrders - Optional - Custom comment for orders

Risk Settings

  • FixedLotSize - Fixed size of the Lot to trade (UseAutoLot has to be disabled)
  • StopLoss - Stop loss in points
  • UseVirtualSL - Enable/Disable Virtual stop loss (recommended is disable - "false")
  • TakeProfit - Take profit in points

Risk Settings - Automatic Lot

  • UseAutoLot - Enable/disable automatic lot size calculation base don account balance and StopLoss 
  • RiskInPercentOfBalance - Risk in percent of account balance
  • MaxLotSize - Maximum size of the lot

Infinite Storm Specific Settings

  • PredictorDistance - Main parameter to determine the trend and price movements
  • PredictorMultiplier - Determines the number of cycles to analyse trend and price movements 
  • PointsToleranceL - Tolerance for trend and price movements (Low tolerance)
  • PointsToleranceH - Tolerance for trend and price movements (High tolerance)

BreakEven + Trailing Settings

  • UseBreakEvenTrail - Enable/Disable Break Even + Trailing Stop
  • PointsBE1 - Break Even 1st level in points
  • PointsBE2 - Break Even 2nd level in points
  • PointsLockBE - Points lock in profit after Break Even (but it is also combined with the 2nd level of Break Even)
  • PointsTrailingDist - Trailing Distance in Points
  • PointsTrailingStep - Trailing Step in Points

Info Panel Settings

  • ShowInfoPanel - Show/Hide Info Panel
  • PanelBackgroundColor - Info Panel background color
  • DefaultFontColor - Info Panel main font color
  • PanelHeaderColor - Info Panel Header background color
  • HeaderFontColor - Info Panel Header font color

Other Settings

  • UseSpreadProtection - Enable/Disable spread protection
  • MaxSpread - Max spread in points (Running mean spread)
  • MaxSlippage - Max slippage for positions to open
  • EnablePushNotifyStatus - Enable/disable sending EA status via Push notifications (interval of notification set by StatusIntervalInHours)
  • StatusIntervalInHours - Interval in hours for EA status message (Printed to the Expert tab)

Example Set Files:

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