USDCHF weekly forecast (technical side) 2018-06-(18-22)

18 June 2018, 04:17
oleksandr bilokon


(Bear side). For items for sale, with the goal of forming a turn down (down W1 / R1W1 / down MN), the goals are (dowm D1 broken / S1W1 / Key resistance levels) with a breakdown option below (up D1 / S2W1 / S3W1).

(Side of bulls). For saved purchases, it is recommended that you save the maximum amount of items in the volume, but if the condition is higher (down MN), the goals may be (R2W1 / R3W1). In order to reduce the risk, it's best to plan new positions after possible correction, for example - under the condition of forming a turn down (down D1 broken).

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