ATcl - unlimited features for your programs

ATcl - unlimited features for your programs

27 January 2018, 11:49
Maxim Kuznetsov
I am glad to present you the ATcl v1 beta library - Tcl interpreter for MT4. Unlimited possibilities for expanding and integrating MT4 programs

The ATcl library provides a compact API for the full use of Tcl:
  •     ALL Tcl features are available
  •     You can use in any MQL program: script, indicator or expert
  •     in one program multiple interpreters can be used, including Safe
  •     simple conversion of Mql data types to Tcl objects and back. ( string, long, double)
  •     similarly supported arrays and Mql series
  •     management of Tcl objects - creation, deletion, duplication, obtaining of nested elements
  •     creating, reading, installing, and deleting variables and hashes for Tcl
  •     execution of Tcl scripts and procedures
  •     OOP design - library represented by class
  •     It's easy to install - just unpack the archive
Expand the capabilities of your MQL programs, use DBMS, supplement with network tools, integrate them with any programs using Tcl.

Library is available free of charge, provided without warranty

ATcl Project: and for english-spoken users:

Distibution and installation instructions

See also ATcl class short HowTo programming interface and practice guidelines

Features of Tcl
  •     simple - simple scripting language
  •     portable - the developed scripts and algorithms you can use in any system (Windows, Linux, Android and others)
  •     event driven - internal event model
  •     object orientation - all the features of modern OOP
  •     threading - you can use all the features of multithreaded programming - system threads, mutexes, conditional variables, shared variables with the possibility of permanent storage.
  •     virtual file system - transparent access to zip, tar, ftp, webdav as a file system
  •     database - the unified interface tdbc and sqlite are included in the tcl kernel. PostresSQL, MySQL, MonetDB, Oracle and any ODBC databases are actively supported.
  •     networking - client / server: tcp, http, mail, websocket, zmq. Almost any protocols and services that you may need.
  •     cryptography - checksums, electronic signatures, crypto hashes. Symmetric and asymmetrical encryption. Support for public key infrastructure, TLS, SASL
  •     windows - tools for working in windows - registry, DDE, COM client / server, ldap client
  •     tcllib - The standard Tcl library provides additional features (software tools, word processing, math and statistics and much more)
  •     c / c ++ - The TinyC compiler is part of the libraries, and the Critcl package allows you to use the C / C ++ system compiler (vc, gcc, clang). Modules and functions can be compiled and used "on the fly"
  •     most known - many libraries and systems provide the Tcl API, you can easily use them in your programs

The ATcl library is provided free of charge, without guarantees and does not limit you in its use, but you can support the project not only with a kind word

through paypal or another way on the project page

possible ways of development:
  •     static distr - an ATcl distribution that does not require the installation of Tcl, that is, fully including the interpreter, libraries and packages
  •     oem service - system of protection and distribution of your programs together with ATcl
  •     mql callback - emulation of MQL counts from Tcl scripts
  •     tk gui is a full-fledged GUI for your programs
  •     mql5 port - porting ATcl to MQL5
  •     ATcl ++, ATcl # - ATcl libraries for C ++, C #. With the identical interface, for unification of MQL and other your projects
Also you can order the extension of your programs using the ATcl capabilities

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