24 August 2017, 08:09

There are many programming languages available to write code on your Raspberry Pi design. But, having an open-source language with compatible features and command support expands the opportunities and possibilities with this tiny & powerful computer. The MQL5 (MetaQuotes5) is an object-oriented and high-level programming language which has a special Linux Version dedicated to the Raspberry Pi boards.

If you are interested in creating robotic machines and some other particular technical designs, then you should get the Linux based MQL5 on your Pi device. Though it is based on Linux, it widely accepts and uses the concepts and commands of the famous C++ object-oriented programming. This means you get the familiar coding environment in a new and efficient manner.

With the help of MQL5, you can easily install the MetaTrader5 on your Raspberry Pi powered mobile device to make online trading of Stock and Forex markets.

Let’s share our thoughts on the possibilities of Raspberry Pi with MQL5 Linux version. Take part in the discussion below and input your valuable suggestions and ideas.

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