(17 JULY 2017)EUR / CHF:Buying pressures continues.

(17 JULY 2017)EUR / CHF:Buying pressures continues.

17 July 2017, 13:55
Jiming Huang


Buying pressures continues.

(By Yann Quelenn)

• EUR/CHF is still trading above psychological

level at 1.1000. Selling pressures are very weak at 

the moment. Hourly support is located at a 

distance at 1.0922 (30/06/2017 low). Expected to 

inch higher. 

• In the longer term, the technical structure is 

mixed. Resistance can be found at 1.1200 

(04/02/2015 high). Yet,the ECB's QE programme 

is likely to cause persistent selling pressures on 

the euro, which should weigh on EUR/CHF. 

Supports can be found at 1.0184 (28/01/2015 

low) and 1.0082 (27/01/2015 low).

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