Trading is real life

17 July 2017, 06:21
Ali irwan
"Trading is Life", is my view after all this investment and trading field. How come? In life, we always go through the journey up and down. There is always a peak and there is always a base. Our quality as human in life is determined by the journey itself. What decisions we take and what lessons we get from experience during our journey.

Experience is the key to being qualified and qualified human beings. And that experience can only be gained by doing or taking action, and trying to keep on or practice. Like well-known athletes, they train themselves continuously without stopping, to become the best in their respective sports. Pilots are required to continue collecting flying hours. By the way they practice and continue to take action, they can start reaching the master level in their area.

From here alone we can see the similarity with our trading life to achieve Net Profit. During our trading, we will be through profit and loss. We will learn from it with the hope that we will be smarter every time. Improving our quality as traders so we can become master traders, like us the Master of Our Life.

The second equation of Trading and Life, is that both have a beginning and an end. The difference is only in time. Life has a long period of time, many years. While Trading usually has a short period of time, even can per minute or per second. Means in the Life period, there can be a lot of Trading.

Now we focus on the last sentence. In one Life, there is a lot of Trading. If Trading has the same characters with Life, as I said above, then with us to Trading, we can practice for our Life. In fact, it means we are given the opportunity to live our lives many times. If we had some Life like cats, what would we do differently than usual? Just as with our Trading, if we look at each entry as an opportunity to live a Trading life, will we be different in seeing Loss?

To be a Trader For A Living, having a view of life as above is one of the most important things. Consider every trade you like one of your lives, but remember that in the end every trade you are only a small part of your life actually. As you plan your life, you should also plan all your trades. As you respect your life as it is, you also have to respect your big account as it is. Only then will you be able to feel that in the end every trade you like to train you in life.
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