Terror attack near British Parliament in London.

Terror attack near British Parliament in London.

23 March 2017, 07:49
Aleksei Kotlovanov

The incident happened in the very centre of London on March 22nd near British Parliament. The stranger in a car ran over the pedestrians on the Westminster bridge, ran out of the car, attacked a policeman with a knife and tried to enter the locations of British Parliament. The incident happened this day two years after the terroristic attacks in subway and airport of Brussels.

All the facts for today are: 

 - The attacked policeman died.

 - At least 2 men died. The number may increase, because the people on the bridge were heavily injured. 

 - About 12 people were harmed

 - It is still unknown if the attacker was alone or he had accomplices

 - BBC reports that attack was performed by 2 men: “bold white man” and “black man with a beard”

 - However the eyewitnesses say that the attacker was of Arab appearance, he was weaponed with a knife. The knife was found on the location of attack.

 - Theresa May was not far from the location during the attack. After the gunshots she was immediately evacuated from the building of British Parliament. 

 - Police qualify the incident as terror attack. 

 - There are three french scholars among the injured.

Later Daily Mail published a picture of the suspect. 

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