Starting a blog ...

21 February 2017, 17:57
Prachait Saxena
Greetings to you my friend, as you took out your time to read the linea below.

After coming this finical world since Oct 2013 and started my trading live trading since Jan 2014, today, 21 Feb 2017, I thought to start writing my experience and share my knowledge.

My research says mql4 and mql5 server and clients are the backbone on trading now a day, which made me to choose to write my content on

I will be starting to think that I should write my experience in a time frame of every 7 days.

My initial release of thoughts will be per month basis, starting from Oct 2013.

And very soon, I will reach to today.

My reports are already available in public with Google: Prachait forex trading

Keep on scrolling and visiting for my constant coming updates.

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