Dare to win

12 February 2017, 00:17
igordii Doherty
Let's say I deposit $10,000 AUD with you. 
You agree to guarantee the original sum plus cpi increases. 
You agree to make $4,000,000 with it trading as you are compentant. 
You keep $2,000,000.00 and Give me $2,000,000.00 profit. 
You maintain a vigilant reporting schedule (monthly) 
You make an estimate of how long it would take, and if agreed to, stick to the estimate. 

You estimate how much profit you can reasonably make in 1 year intervals. 
You pass my due diligence requirements. 

Flexible option. If you make 8 million in the estimated time, you keep 5 million and pay me 3 million 
The more you make the higher the percentage you keep. 

you can pay the profit monthly, quarterly, six monthly or yearly as you please. 

What would make this deal work and are you up for the challenge.? 


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