Person of the Year

8 November 2016, 08:00
Muhammad Elbermawi

What's the #1 way to become wealthy in today's World?

I'll give you a clue. It's 100% different from what it used to be. It's also become far easier. That's why I'm doing a LIVE Training, I'm going to reveal exactly how the new wave of Entrepreneurs are getting rich these days...

In 1982, TIME Magazine named the COMPUTER the "Person of the Year.” Did you ever take a moment to think about why that is?

See, a computer LEVELED the playing field.

A computer allowed someone sitting in their home to be as powerful as the big corporate companies or anyone rich for that matter.

The computer performed the jobs and processes and systems that were once done by entire offices. Computers have allowed a single person to create and manage ten or a hundred systems all at once.

If you have heard me talk about the CASHFLOW Quadrant then you know its systems that make the biggest difference. Whether it b a small business, self-employment or even a big business owner where systems automate everything - working daily or not is inconsequential...

Then it got even better. Along came the Internet and absolutely changed everything we know about the World and how we live our lives. I actually can remember the OLD ways - let me tell you, it’s a brighter, better World for Entrepreneurs today.

The INTERNET has 100% changed the way businesses are built.


Robert Kiyosaki

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