Is INDIA economy getting better - Part III

25 August 2016, 19:55
Muhammad Elbermawi

This is the third year in which I write an article about Indian market. One year ago I wrote an article about it HERE.

I constructed the chart below depending on the same template I use one year ago, which depends on:

  1. -Renko Chart with 200 point box size.
  2. - Logarithmic Scale.
  3. -Ichimoku Cloud Indicator as a trend filter.
  4. -Stochastic RSI Indicator as an oscillator.
  5. - I added a Relative performance to compare the Indian Index with the Dow Jones.

It seems that the Indian Index is still better in performance than Dow Jones. It also look like it want to break its highest point on this chart around 29,600 points that it achieved at January 2015.

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