The mentality that less leaves it to make progress on financial topics

31 July 2016, 06:03
Jose Lourenco Claudio Junior
The mentality that less leaves it to advance on financial issues there is a particular thought that prevents you to advance economically in their lives, the worst is that the majority of Colombians have them and if they changed it, could have a very positive impact on their lives and their pockets.

· How money do buy happiness having money is one of the main aspirations of people as they grow, know the world and begin to understand how. While can that the money does not buy the happiness, "is best cry in a ferrari", as says a popular said or, in itself, what translates, that when is have conditions that facilitate the life, is can be much more quiet.

 Then, start to arise an effort to seek ways to grow professionally to have more money, seek media or more ways to win more or, even, to accumulate even more than it already it is has. Although it can be confused with the attitude of greed, the truth is that it depends on the level and "desire" each person has to achieve this task.

 The problem is that, with that ambition, arises a particular mentality: impoverishment or shortage, where every day you repeats everything that is missing to achieve and makes a list of everything what they want to have someday. Even this is not only in the economic sphere but that goes beyond the borders, to the point that also affects their self-esteem ("I wish I had the longest hair") or also their personal relationships ("if I had a partner, everything would be easier").

 All this so you will give account that you never have enough of something, even if they Ascend, that becomes the love of his life or to begin to improve their conditions; you will always want more. And it is that same mentality, which does not allow you to assess what has not be grateful for what is achieving.

Change of chip a little style of zen habits, which we have already spoken on personal finance, do meditation on his life, contemplating the simplicity and aware of it to act in this regard. So, according to Leo Babauta, expert in themes and habits zen, explains that all what you has to do is start to think in "ware tada shiru taru" (a said Buddhist), that translates "all what need, already it have".

 What does this imply? Perhaps, unlike what may already think many of our readers will say 'this is for conformists", that you begin to think this way, from now on, makes you start to develop this awareness that all the work that has actually been worthwhile and recognize, in yourself, the fruits of all this.

 Thus, the suggestion of the expert, to achieve this is: 1. thanked: the origin of all is to forget everything you have already done for yourself and what life has given him opportunities. So, once you develop the habit of being aware of what already has and is grateful for this, recognizing that it is something that can lose tomorrow, your perspective will begin to change.

 This implies also to recognize the presence of certain people in your life, possessions or different things has already bought (instead of thinking you need more), foods receives daily at each meal as well as the simple and small moments that knows that you have every day, but that if you miss it could subtract peace or happiness (from bathing until the possibility of walking in a park).

    2 respecting: both people as situations and sites that. "In the Zen tradition, is transferred to others including the meditation cushion, like a deep part of the practice," explained page. This makes you begin to show respect for everything that surrounds it and that, in some way, gets in their favor so your things are given.

 While there are moments and people that actually can be hard to bear, when you begin to thank for these tests, the difficulty and complicated things management begins to recede.

    3 recognizing others: "if we have enough... why care us so much by ourselves? Why not see what we can do for others? ", explains the expert." This is how you also begin to see that there are people, to his around, which actually fail to have even half of the things you Yes and, despite that, they have this same desire of yours.

 Although you can not solve the sadness and calm the hunger in the world, when you develop this awareness consider another and intervene in your life to make it better, you will feel a greater peace of mind with yourself and its mission in the world.

The effects once has adapted this philosophy into your life, you will begin to realize how things that goes slowly, making are best exploited and get them in a way much more calm and grateful you with this desire that had before to achieve their goals.

 Breathe, walk quiet and enjoy travel, not without leaving their dreams of side, but enjoying the feeling of calm that brings you to recognize what you are, its virtues, its faults and how to put all that in your favor.
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