BOE's Carney says they will not hesitate to take measures as required

24 June 2016, 10:35
Sherif Hasan

Bank of England governor Carney now up to the rostrum as expected 24 June 2016

  • BOE ready to provide GBP 250bln of additional funds
  • economic adjustments will be supported by resilient banking system

Yes because they've been shoring up their defences with cheap money rather than lend it on.

  • UK economy will adjust to new trading relationships
  • extensive contingency plans in place
  • best contribution BOE can make is to pursue relentlessly mon and fin pol responsibilities, these remain unchanged
  •  in coming weeks BOE will re-assess and consider any additional policy adjustments

Speech over. Taking no questions.

Simple and as expected really. GBP rallied but running into sellers again.

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