How to Successful in Pamm System?

18 June 2016, 11:50
Sherif Hasan
Hello everyone today i would like to say one of the key points regard pamm services.i want to discuss on following topics
1.what is pamm? pamm helps the pamm manager? to attract the pamm investors? pamm helps pamm investor? to invest in safe pamm trader?
Let us discuss about each of the above in the following which might helps you.
1.what is pamm?
pamm mean percent allocation management module which is introduces in forex trading where investors can invest into the pamm traders based on agreed percentage of share between them. pamm helps the pamm manager?
if you are a good trader and you dont have enough money or else you want more capital you can thus make use of pamm manager services which are provided in pamm system where you will be putting your own limits of % share you want to give investors who invested in your account. pamm managing is really like a gift for those who wnat to grow their income more by attracting investors with their results of trading.
How to attract investors?
attracting investors is not so easy first of all you need to show consistent profits and also with less drawdown,later on you need to advertise your pamm link in online forums,social networking sites or any other related forex then you will be recognised and more people coming to invest with you.The important thing is to maintain consistency in your trading results otherwise even if you advertise also no one comes so once you proved to be you can grow investor money safely if they invest with you.
where to promote your pamm monitoring?
forex communities
social networking sites
banner advertising at popular sites

4.How pamm helps pamm investor?
when you finding difficult to make profits in forex trading it is often better to chose pamm trader and get share of profit by investing with him and chosing one who is good at trading.
pamm is mainly for investors who are unable to make profits or else who are losing more,they now get an opportunity of investing into pamm traders to manage their funds.
Major uses:
don't need to spend time for trading
can get profit share just only by investing
no kind of problems from pamm trader as broker itself will automatically divide the share

5.How to invest safely in pamm trader?
this is what the biggest question for pamm investors,so many people are afraid about pamm as their pamm trader may lose their funds and remain them into losses.yes,it was true if you really did not chose a good pammtrader then your account may remain with
zero balance.
key elements in chosing a pamm trader?
chose a pamm manager who have following satisfied.
consistent profits
less drawdown
whether previous investors have got good profits or not
how much capital the pamm trader had.
Now,i want to discuss regarding about points.first of all a pamm trader who is having consistent profits is to be chosen whether even he made a high profit or low profit because dont chose the ones who will make big profits for few days and will make their account to margincall next days.
you need to chose the accounts with less drawdown if the pamm trader has more drawdown means it was really risky because drawdown also need to be considered for good pamm investing.
check the account of previous investors i.e check in whether if the pamm trader had an previous investors check their results how he made whether he made them with profits or in loss.
conclusion:pamm was both beneficial for pamm trader one who can grow his income with pamm investor funds and at same time for pamm investor it was a good opportunity to invest with good pamm trader and grow their account safely.
note:the above is my opinion and this may have a negative or positive impact just take it as a information source
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