Return of Grexit Fears Unlikely – Deutsche Bank

Return of Grexit Fears Unlikely – Deutsche Bank

11 April 2016, 12:39
Roberto Jacobs

Return of Grexit Fears Unlikely – Deutsche Bank

Research Team at Deutsche Bank, suggests that a return of Grexit fears as being unlikely over the coming weeks.

Key Quotes

“The ongoing disagreements between Greece, the IMF and European creditors suggest that there remains some way to go until agreement is reached, they highlight two important factors as dampening risks. First, both the refugee crisis and the Brexit referendum significantly increases the costs to Europe of a crisis in Greece. Second, the Syriza government has a greater commitment to the program with PM Tsipras having obtained voters' support for continued cooperation with Europe last September and espousing the benefits of co-operation with European partners over the last six months.

The perhaps greatest risk for now is that debt relief negotiations are not completed in time for Greece's July ECB redemptions, once again deferring full IMF participation in the program and leaving some of Greece's medium term issues – including the full lifting of capital controls on the banking system – unresolved.”

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