Signal copying does not work Копирование сигнала не работает

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Hi! I have a problem. For several days I noticed that the copy of the signal to which I am connected is no longer working. I mention that the metatrader settings are correct and stop from the personal broker I do not have. So the problem is somewhere with you. Please help me as soon as I lose serious transactions

Привет У меня есть проблема. В течение нескольких дней я заметил, что копия сигнала, к которому я подключен, больше не работает. Я упоминаю, что настройки метатрейдера верны и останавливаются у личного брокера, которого у меня нет. Так что проблема где-то с тобой. Пожалуйста, помогите мне, как только я потеряю серьезные сделки

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

1. Check all the procedure- just in case you missed something (for example - Community tab should be filled with your forum login/pass, etc) -

How to Subscribe to MT4/MT5 Signal - new instructions

2. Check your VPS logs and your Metatrader logs:

It is important to look at log files  Virtual Platform Logs 
Because everything is written there.
You can find the reason why some trades are m issing (if any for example).

3. Check FAQ, especially concerning the mapping(I think, some trades may be missed because of the mapping, and it is not a bug) -

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signal activity doesnt work

Sergey Golubev, 2019.09.20 10:43

It is related to symbol mapping:


The Provider has trading symbol called GOLD, and my broker has the same instrument, but it is called XAUUSD. Are trades on GOLD copied to XAUUSD in that case?

If no symbols remain after conducting all the checks or more than one symbol is found, it is considered that a symbol mapping attempt has failed and it is impossible to copy Provider's trades for that symbol.


1. "Position USDCAD skipped as no symbol found".
Because the broker is having USDCAD and USDCADc (for example).


It is strongly recommended to use same broker with the signal provider.


If you are not able to figure it out by yourself by looking on the log files so open the thread in English part of the forum here

How to Subscribe to a MT4 Signal (new instructions, after 1065 version upgrade)
How to Subscribe to a MT4 Signal (new instructions, after 1065 version upgrade)
  • 2017.04.10
Below are step by step instructions, of how to subscribe to a MΤ4 signal: 1. Register a MQL5 account: 2...
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