Future and AI

Future and AI

26 марта 2019, 07:37
Evgeny Dobroskok

This post does not apply to trading, I just want to share a large-scale thought that does not give me peace (well, not exactly that way, but interests). Thought about how our universe works.

I apologize for the mistakes, I translated mainly with the help of Google translator. If someone has a desire to correct, I will be glad :)

It is known that now AI (artificial intelligence) is able to play any games on a computer better than humman, write articles in magazines, draw, make music, and much more. This is despite the fact that the information age has come just recently. The best minds of the planet are sure that we live in a computer simulation. For example, Elon Musk explains it this way (not literally, but the essence is as follows): "some 25 years ago, people were playing a game where there were vertical sticks on the right and left of the screen, and between them a small square was flying, which every player needed catching it with your stick. And today we have a virtual reality with graphics, like in a movie, and total immersion in the gameplay. Such a speed of development of events inevitably draws the conclusion that all of us will live in a computer simulation."

Hmm, a quarter of a century in space is an instant. We go ahead. Now people are working hard to connect our brain with a computer. For order to give a command to a computer, we will not have to print anything, even to say - just think. And all the sensations will be transmitted directly to the brain, without the intermediation of the sense organs. What is not the Matrix? 😉 We go even further. If now AI can do so much, then what prevents them from learning how to create the game world during the game itself - landscapes, objects, characters, etc.? And this is with the highest detail, the quality of which is growing every day. A person plays, thinks about something, dreams about something and the AI ​​creates him his gaming reality right in the game. All this simply appears further in the plot and is organically embedded in it with an intensity proportional to the mental effort that was previously applied. And this is not a fantasy, work is underway on this, but so far in different areas. Does it remind you of anything? Today, a lot of books have been written about the materialization of thought and the management of reality through the management of thinking (if you are interested in this topic, I recommend the “Master Key” by Charles Enel). I myself, and I, am sure, that many of you, have some observations that are difficult to attribute to coincidences, but it is impossible to prove that this is not the case. Yet. Well, now, look, if we assume that all this is exactly so, then, it turns out, we have endless (in the full sense of the word) possibilities, but they themselves have so limited themselves in their thinking that they are simply unable to give the correct commands to our AI in create really something new and interesting. We are too socialized, and that keeps us in the frame. God forbid, for example, reduce the gravity in your game universe and start jumping five-story buildings! 😳😂

Probably, you just need to free the mind, as Neo did in The Matrix. 😜

And in general, sometimes it seems to me that this film itself is like a mockery, they say, “look, guys, everything is in front of you, you just have to take it, dare ... but you are in fear!!😂".

What are your thoughts on this?

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