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Demand And Supply


  • Indicate Buy Sell Signals
  • Indicate Strength of Buy Sell Signals
  • This system is for both type of traders (Short & Long Term)
  • Instead of Other Calculations, Parabolic Sar & Awesome are also used
  • In Any time frame this can be use.

What is in for Trader?

  1. Trading Switch: Short Term & Long Term
Finally, we all knows that Forex Trading needs completely concentrate & proper cash management, So I never promising that my program will never give you loss but I tried well to provide good and responsive program. Wish You Best Of Luck - Good Day :)
sunnychow 2019.03.17 17:48 

Thanks for share

Richard Jehl
Richard Jehl 2019.02.12 13:06 

This a rather good indicator !