Tips for choosing the best Forex Broker

14 setembro 2016, 14:49
Paulo Alexandre Violante
Tips for choosing the best Forex Broker
Hello guys I have found here in the forum there is a great dificldade to find the best broker to negotiate with advidsor expert or signs.
To trade Forex in most EA and signs it is advisable to choose a honestoe broker regulated with:
  - Instant execution,
-no recotes and low slippage in news
  -1 / 500 lever,
-spreads no more than 0.5 average (Euro usd) committee no more than 2 usd,
-Not freezes trading in the opening minutes at the beginning and end of each day and week,
-deverá be ECN, NDD (No Dealing Desk) and STP technology
-aceitar large orders
-Aceitar Customers in Europe and,
-Deposit and free withdrawals, effective customer support,
-no bonus (bonus because when you certainly have something bad hidden)
After an advanced search for more than one year I found only 3 brokerages that meet these requirements and the best for my opinion is link

 Good luck in choosing
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