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MT4 to Telegram Signal Provider

MT4 to Telegram Signal Provider es una utilidad fácil de usar y totalmente personalizable que permite el envío de señales especificadas al chat, canal o grupo de Telegram, convirtiendo tu cuenta en un proveedor de señales.

A diferencia de la mayoría de los productos de la competencia, no utiliza importaciones DLL.


Una guía de usuario paso a paso está disponible en: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/747833

No se requieren conocimientos de la API de Telegram; todo lo que necesitas te lo proporciona el desarrollador.


  • Posibilidad de personalizar los detalles de las órdenes enviadas a los suscriptores
  • Puedes crear un modelo de suscripción por niveles, por ejemplo Bronce, Plata, Oro. La suscripción Oro recibe TODAS las señales, etc.
    Filtro de órdenes por id, símbolo o comentario
  • Incluye una captura de pantalla del gráfico en el que se ejecutó la orden
  • Dibuja la orden cerrada en la captura de pantalla enviada para una verificación adicional
  • Posibilidad de retrasar el envío del mensaje de la nueva orden, para poder realizar ajustes en la posición antes de enviarla
  • Total transparencia en los detalles de la orden:
    • Nueva orden de mercado *con captura de pantalla
    • Modificación de la orden (stop loss, take profit)
    • Orden cerrada *con captura de pantalla
    • Orden parcialmente cerrada **
    • Nueva orden pendiente
    • Orden pendiente modificada (precio de entrada)
    • Orden pendiente activada (adicional como nueva orden de mercado)
    • Orden pendiente eliminada
    • Informe histórico de órdenes ***
    • Comentarios personalizables


* Al enviar capturas de pantalla, se incluirán todos los objetos de sus gráficos, como indicadores.

** Las órdenes parcialmente cerradas pueden fusionarse con la orden original en el informe para obtener un informe "verdadero".

** Los informes diarios, semanales y mensuales se envían a la hora/día especificada o manualmente a través del panel de control

Esta utilidad requiere una conexión en vivo a Telegram y por lo tanto no funcionará en el probador de estrategias. Sin embargo, un video de demostración en vivo está disponible.

El producto está en desarrollo activo y nuevas características y actualizaciones se publican regularmente.

Si estás buscando un copiador de Telegram a MT4 bueno y fiable (para tus clientes), escríbeme un pm.


Un VPS para ejecución 24/7 y fiabilidad de la señal 

¡Por el momento hay algunos problemas si el EA se utiliza en un VPS MQL5!

Precaución: MT4 to Telegram Signal Provider SOLO está disponible para la venta a través del Marketplace. ¡Otros productos en Internet que pretenden ser lo mismo son FALSOS!

Comentarios 20
karel_j 2023.03.04 15:31 

I like the product very much, I am satisfied with the current functionality. I like the report of currently opened trades, which shows me the lot calculation and possible profit - (based on my risk ratio), send back the screenshot and also give me the info about the RRR. I use it in connection with auto-trade of my signal and it gives me the visual response of the trade taken. I like it for the functionality of confirmation - that my order was fulfilled - based on the signal received to the MT4 platform.

Aurélien A.
Aurélien A. 2023.02.10 23:20 

Excellent tool with a very responsive and quick bug resolvation rate by Lukas ! Thanks for you hard work !

Clément 2023.01.27 17:40 

awesome product and perfect support!

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This EA helps to Close all Positions opened. It saves you the time of closing multiple positions manually. Parameters: Buy:  Close Buy Positions Only Sell:  Close Sell Positions Only Buy & Sell: Close Buy & Sell Positions Pending: Close Pending Orders More Advanced MT4 version available at:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/93468?source=Unknown%3Ahttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.mql5.com%2Fen%2Fmarket%2Fmy More Advanced MT5 version available at:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/93301?source=U
Telegram MT4 Order Channel Manager is a tool to manage order and send text message to channel through Telegram chat app . Attention: This EA can only work for One Telegram Bot in One MT4 Account . If you want to attach to another account, you should make new Telegram Bot and use new token for that account . It does not work in backtest. Watch the video to see how it works. There are 9 menu to choose: 1. Account Info - Gives information about Balance, Equity, Profit, Order List. 2. Quotes - Gives
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Evgeny Dobroskok
EasyLocalCopy is able to instantly receive and transmit servers to an unlimited number of terminals on one computer/server. The local copying is useful when you want to extend your strategy on other accounts on your computer while trading on one account (for example, in a discretionary investment, or if you want to save computer/server resources when using powerful experts). The main advantages of the copier one universal version; a minimum of settings and maximum ease of use (easy to learn eve
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This indicator allows you to monitor the vitals of your account and notifies of some events, in accordance with user settings. Keep your finger on the pulse of trading. Control elements Main panel of the indicator shows the following values: chart symbol, bid/ask prices, spread, free margin, equity, total number of orders and total profit/loss. There are also two buttons: "Alarm" and "Mute". "Alarm" button starts up a timer, which will notify user in a period of time, defined in the settings
Closing Orders At Specified Time is a utility which helps you to close opened orders and delete pending orders at a specified time - especially when you cannot be online and do it by yourself at that time. You can schedule a specific time for closing orders, and additionally you can choose what type of orders should be closed (all, only opened or only pending), what symbols (all or you can enter names of three symbols) and with what Magic Number. You can also select to close only profitable or o
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Ka Fai Benjamin Ng
A simple tool that shows the account information and plots the spread of the current currency pair/instrument. In addition, it also shows the local time, server time, and current times of major markets which requires proper manual settings for daylight saving, specifically (3), (4) and (5). Parameters: (1) ShowAccountName (2) Timezone (3) NewYorkDaylightSaving (4) LondonDaylightSaving (5) SydneyDaylightSaving
Price Spread Candletime
Sven Hans-rainer Uebel-scholz
Indicator with price, spread and candle time display + changeable font size + any color choice + can be placed in all four corners + Price and spread display runs on all timeframes + Candle Time runs on M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1 + Price Up / Down with changing color + Spread display + Candle time display (time until the next candle) + All ads can also be hidden + Display Markt Open / Close as a comment
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Hedge 120
Hassane Zibara
HEDGE   120   is an EA that opens an order if the market moves an adverse will make a safe zone . Hedging with Forex is a strategy used to protect one's position in a currency pair from an adverse move. It is typically a form of short-term protection when a trader is concerned about news or an event triggering volatility in currency markets. The main reason that you want to use hedging on your trades is to limit risk. Hedging can be a bigger part of your trading plan if done carefully. I
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DG Equity Monitor
David Mugo Gathaga
DG Equity Monitor is a useful tool that keeps track of the daily transactions made on the account. The EA automatically and instantly closes all the trades running based on two conditions: 1. If the daily profit target is hit. 2. If the maximum drawdown is reached. An alert is sent immediately one of the above conditions are met. Parameters: Show Account Info -Choose whether or not to display the Account Info on the chart. Show Pop Up Alert -Show alert on chart when either condition 1 or 2 a
Telegram Signals MT4
3.67 (3)
Telegram Signals MT4 is an utility helps to instantly publish your trading in the Telegram channel. If you have long wanted to create your Telegram channel with FOREX signals, then this is what you need. Telegram Signals MT4 can send messages: Opening and closing deals; Placing and deleting pending orders; Modification of stop loss and take-provit (last order); Triggering stop loss and take provit; Activation and removal of a pending order: Sending trade reports; Sending a message with rep
Partial Close MT4
Ahmed Alaoui Chrifi
This is a very simple, and easy-to-use Trade Manager with features like   Auto Partial Close, Auto Stop-loss, Breakeven. EA  closes a profitable position in partial closes when the price moves first in the direction of profits, and then comes back. EA monitors the position. If the price moves in the direction of profits, then ea establish the first level of rollback price at a distance. If the price continues to move in the direction of profits, this level of profit continues modifying this le
30 USD
Simply clock. Local time as default. There are possible to Select: Local Time /Server Time /GMT Time as input. Please take into account that the local time is the most accurate. However ,this clock always uses local time seconds, even If GMT / Server Time Is selected.  I solved it this way to get more accuracy. Delays can occur when changing minutes or hours, if local time is not selected.
Ultimate Partial Profit EA
4.67 (3)
This EA Utility allows you to manage (with advanced filtering) unlimited open orders (manual or EA) with unlimited partial profit levels based on pips, ratio, ATR, and profit. Visualize all orders and their profit levels in a sophisticated on-screen display.   Note: EA can be run with the visual backtester to simulate trading to see how it looks and feels before purchase or for testing trade ideas.  Join our telegram discussion group   here . A partial profit system attempts to close parts
80 USD
Nacer Kessir
5 (2)
The most important thing in my system of forces, is the variation and changing of these forces. It is the key to the whole system, and from this point, my second indicator called FORCES-VARIATION appeares important. The indicator is represented in a separate window in the form of the green histogram and the red curve . The parameter NPIuPeriod represents the number of bars on which we calculate the variation of buyers forces. The parameter NPIdPeriod represents the number of bars on which we cal
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Telegram Forwarder II
Yaser Sabbaghi
4 (4)
Telegram Forwarder can forward all activities related to trades and position taking as a signal to Telegram messenger. It can also forward indicators' alert to Telegram if you modify indicator code (I can do it for you too) to hand over alerts to Telegram Forwarder. This EA is intended for business and professional usage. You can introduce your own Telegram bot and customize water mark in screenshots. Telegram forwarder is able to forward signals for "new order", "modification of order", "Pendi
70 USD
Fibonacci automatico GBI
Edmundo Antonio Bazan Garcia
El Fibonacci automatico de Grupo Bazan Inversores, permite al usuario que lo utiliza, ver desplegado de manera automatica los niveles Fibonacci de los periodos que el mismo usuario haya seleccionado. Esto permimte que el usuario no tenga que seleccionar el Fibonacci de la plataforma de metatrader 4 para colocar manualmente la figura, pudiendose concentrar exclusivamente en su analisis u operativa.
30 USD
Lot by Risk
Sergey Vasilev
5 (7)
El panel de negociación Lot by Risk está diseñado para operar manualmente. Es un medio alternativo para enviar órdenes. La primera característica del panel es la colocación conveniente de órdenes con la ayuda de líneas de control. La segunda característica es el cálculo del volumen de la transacción según el riesgo dado en presencia de la línea stop loss. Las líneas de control se configuran con teclas de acceso rápido: take profit-por defecto la tecla T; price-por defecto la tecla P;
Exit Manager
Victor Christiaanse
5 (2)
This Exit Manager  will  manage your orders to ensure you close the orders at the right moment. After you placed an order, the Exit Manager will close the trade based on YOUR conditions. It will also be able to trail your stoploss to reduce risk. The features of this tool enables you to Set & Forget the trade. Place the trade, and the Exit Manager will continuously keep an eye on the trade and close it when the conditions are met. The orders will be monitored and closed based on different condit
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Quantized Trend
Oleg Pechenezhskiy
This utility automatically draws the trend channel on the price chart. For the time interval from the specified date to the current bar, the drawn channel is almost optimal. Placing the beginning of the channel at a more distant historical price extremum, you get a visualization of a longer-term trend. Channel slope is not a continuous value, but takes one of discrete values (in AxB format, where A is the number of price points (points), and B is the number of timeframes). This program works ONL
500 USD
MT4 To Telegram Signal Pro MT4 To Telegram Signal Pro allows you to broadcast your trades to a Telegram Channel or Group. Can be used to build, support and expand your own network of traders. A Group can have 200.000 members, A Channel can have an unlimited number of subscribers. The messages are send to Telegram in HTML5 format, which is the preferred language. Ability to broadcast newly opened trades, trades that were closed, and sending out status reports on set intervals. This EA also h
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Con el Panel de Noticias, tendrá todas las noticias de la semana de un vistazo. Ya no tendrá que temer que noticias inesperadas destruyan su configuración de negociación. Gracias a la función de filtro de impacto, puede elegir selectivamente qué noticias deben mostrarse en el panel. Esta práctica utilidad descarga las noticias desde ForexFactory. Sólo necesitas habilitar la URL para Webrequest. Puede encontrar esta información en los comentarios. Con el Panel de Noticias, siempre esta
30 USD
The Copier MT4
Andrey Barinov
4.36 (14)
This is a professional trades copier with easy to use interface and fast rock solid execution. It has some unique functionality which is missing in other trades copiers (see details below). It can copy trades between both MT4 and MT5 terminals in any combinations. Supports "One to Many" and "Many to One" copying modes. Version for MetaTrader5 is available here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/15854 Functionality Copying between any terminals. MT4 => MT5 MT4 => MT4 MT5 => MT4 MT5 => M
49 USD
The TELEGRAM BROADCAST utility helps to instantly publish your trading in the Telegram channel. If you have long wanted to create your Telegram channel with FOREX signals, then this is what you need. ATTENTION. This is a DEMO version https://t.me/moneystrategy_mql TELEGRAM BROADCAST can send messages: Opening and closing deals; Placing and deleting pending orders; Modification of stop loss and take-provit (last order); Triggering stop loss and take provit; Activation and removal of a pend
We Can Do IT MT4   is a Secure Automated Software for Generation of Daily Profits for Forex Market. The architecture is a Fully Automatic Autonomous Robot Expert capable of   independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions. The Trading system is Multi-currency and is able to trade on H1 charts:  EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, SPX500, DAX30, GOLD NOT  Martingale! NOT GRID, Averaging and other dangerous strategies are NOT used!    This is a full compliance with the FIFO method !  The t
30 USD
This utility provides a very intuitive, versatile and helpful visual display of the live trades in a chart window - particularly good if you have a basket of live trades. How to use The program runs as a Non-Trading Expert Advisor - it is not an indicator. Therefore it should be placed in the Expert Advisors folder and then attached to a separate chart window, maybe stacked in front of your live EA trading window - see screenshots for many variations. Or you could trade manually in the Dynamic
30 USD
Revenge Trading Protector
Konstantinos Kalaitzidis
Revenge Trading Protector is a simple but effective tool for traders who can fall victim to revenge trading. Being a day-trader myself, I understand the psychological aspect of revenge trading and the desire to cover the losses. So, I developed this tool (that I use myself too) to be 100% sure I’m able to remain patient after a loss and not make irrational trading decisions. When you take a loss, the Revenge Trading Protector EA prevents you from opening another order (either limit order, s
45 USD
P Y R A M I D   E X P E R T    This Forex utility is a complex exit strategy and order management tool that executes four trading methods; scalping, pyramid style, hedging, and scaling method to close trades with a profit.           V E R Y  I M P O R T A N T     This is not a stand alone expert advisor. Use it with your own volatility-based strategy. Once you found the currency pair to trade, you can just attach this tool to the chart of the chosen pair and it will do
490 USD
Reverse Trend Solution And Trade Panel For All Symbols In One Tool! MuteLight AK Trade Pro's smart algorithm monitor the markets price, filters out noise and gives recommendation of entry time. Monitor different pairs in one chart Support to open, monitor and close orders automatically Trade Panel allow to open market or hidden pending orders with preset parameters to best fit different market condition. Advantages You Get Easy, visual and effective reverse trend detection. Gives you the abili
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Mentfx Mmanage
Anton Jere Calmes
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Drag and Drop Trade Manager. Draw your entry and have the tool calculate the rest. Advanced targeting and close portions of a trade directly available in tool (manage trades while you sleep). Market order or limit order on either side with factored spread. Just draw the entry, the tool does the rest. Hotkey setup to make it simple. Draw where you want to enter, and the stop loss, the tool calculates all necessary risk with your desired % risk. Check out the video for a breakdown of how it looks
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TradePanel MT4
Alfiya Fazylova
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Trade Panel es un asistente comercial multifuncional que lo ayudará a realizar tratos de manera rápida y conveniente, y a administrar correctamente los pedidos. La utilidad contiene más de 50 funciones para el comercio y le permite automatizar la mayoría de las acciones comerciales. No necesita calcular el riesgo antes de cada operación, la utilidad lo calculará todo por sí misma. Simplemente especifique el porcentaje de riesgo una vez, y la utilidad aplicará este riesgo para cada operación, sel
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¡¡ATENCIÓN PODEROSA HERRAMIENTA!! Si está aquí, es porque tiene curiosidad por la herramienta Forex. La herramienta se basa en el movimiento real del mercado de divises, utilizando cálculos matemáticos real basados ​​en el cambio porcentual. Porque el Forex e matematico. Vale, quieres pruebas. PONTE EN CONTATTO CONMIGO.  Las matemáticas no son una opinión. L'espulsione della donna Forex si basa su una relazione matematica che esiste tra gli istinti e le divise. En un abrir y cer
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The product will copy all telegram signal to MT4   ( which you are member  ) , also it can work as remote copier.  Easy to set up, copy order instant, can work with almost signal formats, image signal, s upport to translate other language to English Work with all type of channel or group, even channel have "Restrict Saving Content", work with  multi channel, multi MT5 Work as remote copier: with signal have ticket number, it will copy exactly via ticket number. Support to backtest signal. How to
219 USD
Trade Assistant Pro 36 in 1
Makarii Gubaydullin
5 (14)
Herramienta multifuncional con más de 65 funciones, incluidas: Calculadora de lotaje, Acción del precio, Calculo RR, Gestor de posiciones, Zonas de Oferta y Demanda Versión demo   |   Manual de usuario   |   MT5 La utilidad no funciona en el probador de estrategias: puede descargar la Versión Demo AQUÍ para probar el producto. Pongase en contacto conmigo para cualquier pregunta / ideas para mejorar / en caso de encontrar un problema Simplifica, acelera y automatiza su operativa de trading. Aume
139 USD
Equity Shield
Vladimir Stepanov
5 (2)
El Asesor Experto protegerá su cuenta de pérdidas inesperadas al monitorear constantemente la equidad y seguir las reglas según la entrada en los parámetros. Cuando se infringen las reglas, el EA cerrará todas las operaciones. Puede configurar el EA para que cierre todas las operaciones con un determinado porcentaje o pérdida de dinero, o para que cierre con un determinado porcentaje o ganancia de dinero. ¡Esta utilidad es muy útil para los Desafíos comerciales de apoyo para mantener el sorteo b
99 USD
Advanced trading tool: One click smart orders that execute under your conditions Developed by trader for trading community:  position size calculator (lot size), open position after price action, strategy builder, set and forget trading, mobile notifications... Risk Management -  Risk percentage position size calculator, gain percentage, target risk reward ratio, spread and commissions are included in calculations 7 Advanced order types   - Set and forget trading with price action automation
118 USD
TakePropips TradePad Pro
Eric John Pajarillaga Aldana
5 (3)
¡TakePropips TradePad Pro incluye un poderoso administrador comercial, un medidor de fortaleza de la moneda, herramientas de informes de cuentas, herramientas de gestión de riesgos y más! ¡Es uno de los gerentes y asistentes comerciales de forex más avanzados que jamás haya encontrado! Es la solución perfecta para los comerciantes que desean una forma más eficiente de administrar las transacciones comerciales. Puede descargar el manual de usuario en nuestra publicación de blog:   https://www.mql
99 USD
Everything for chart Technical Analysis indicator mt4 in one tool Draw your supply demand zone with rectangle and support resistance with trendline and get alerts to mobile phone or email alert -  Risk reward indicator Video tutorials and manuals   here .  Find contacts on my   profile . 1. Extend rectangle and trendline into future -  Trend Support Resistance Object will be extended into future when price will draw new candlesticks on chart. This is rectangle extender or trendline extender 2
98 USD
Trade Copier Pro
Vu Trung Kien
4.54 (13)
Trade Copier Pro es una poderosa herramienta para copiar el comercio a distancia entre múltiples cuentas en diferentes lugares a través de Internet. Esta es una solución ideal para el proveedor de la señal, que quieren compartir su comercio con los demás a nivel mundial en sus propias reglas. Un proveedor puede copiar los oficios a múltiples receptores y un receptor puede obtener el comercio de múltiples proveedores también. Proveedor y el receptor pueden gestionar su lista de asociados con el
149 USD
Telegram MT4 Signal Trader
Nguyen Van Anh
4.83 (71)
Telegram MT4 Signal Trader es un EA que le ayuda a intercambiar señales que se reciben a través de canales, grupos y chats de Telegram. Ni siquiera necesitas ser el propietario de los canales. Si puede leer los textos de la señal en su cuenta de Telegram, puede intercambiarlos todos. El EA necesita una herramienta gratuita increíble: la aplicación Telegram Reader que ayuda a leer textos de señales de canales, grupos y chats privados de Telegram a través de la API de Telegram. COMO INSTALA
199 USD
Auto Trade Copier
Vu Trung Kien
4.92 (86)
El Asesor Experto Auto Trade Copier se utiliza para copiar las operaciones en varias cuantas/terminales de MetaTrader 4 con una precisión de 100%. Utilizando esta herramienta Usted puede actuar como proveedor (fuente), o bien como receptor. Todas las acciones de trading serán copiadas desde el proveedor hasta el receptor sin retardos. Demo: Puede descargar su versión demo para probarla: https://www.mql5.com/es/market/product/4904 Información: Si quiere realizar el copiado a varios ordenadores v
79 USD
Este Asesor Experto supervisa constantemente el capital de su cuenta comercial para evitar costosas reducciones y / o cumplir con las reglas comerciales. Cuando se infringe un determinado conjunto de reglas, el EA alertará, cerrará todas las operaciones y, en algunos casos, eliminará todas las órdenes pendientes. Opcionalmente, también puede cerrar todos los gráficos para eliminar todos los EA que operan en la cuenta. Este EA es particularmente útil para los desafíos de comercio de accesorios,
99 USD
Trade Dashboard MT4
Fatemeh Ameri
5 (11)
Trade Dashboard, is a trade manager tool that is designed according to the basic principle of risk management, which is the key element of successful trading, This dashboard, as a trade assistant tool, helps manual traders make better decisions in shorter time. You can manage your risk, set reward to risk ratio, set multiple partial TP/SL, choose different types of trilling stops, set risk free options, set alarms, set time for trades and doing all this using dashboard visualization tools. By pu
70 USD
Grid Manual MT4
Alfiya Fazylova
4.73 (15)
Grid Manual es un panel de negociación para trabajar con una cuadrícula de órdenes. La utilidad es universal, tiene configuraciones flexibles y una interfaz intuitiva. Funciona con una cuadrícula de pedidos no solo en la dirección de promediar pérdidas, sino también en la dirección de aumentar las ganancias. El usuario no necesita crear y mantener una cuadrícula de pedidos, la utilidad lo hará. Basta con abrir un pedido y el "Grid manual" creará automáticamente una grilla de pedidos para el mism
80 USD
This is exactly what the name says. Visual strategy builder . One of a kind. Turn your trading strategies and ideas into Expert Advisors without writing single line of code. Generate mql source code files with a few clicks and get your fully functional Expert Advisors, which are ready for live execution, strategy tester and cloud optimization. There are very few options for those who have no programming skills and can not create their trading solutions in the MQL language. Now, with Bots Build
149 USD
Ultimate Trailing Stop EA
4.57 (14)
This EA Utility allows you to manage (with advanced filtering) unlimited open orders (manual or EA) with 16 trailing stop methods: fixed, percent, ATR Exit, Chandelier Exit, Moving Average, Candle High Low Exit, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic, Envelope, Fractal, Ichimoku Kijun-Sen, Alligator, Exit After X Minutes or Bars, RSI and Stochastic. The trailing stop can be either real or virtual, and you can exit fully or with a partial close percent on touch or bar close.  Moreover, you can add (overr
100 USD
Live Bot Maker
Nabeel Zafar
5 (1)
Let Your Ideas Earn For You. Convert your Ideas and Strategies in to automated trading bots directly on MT4. Visual Strategy Builder with Instant Results on the chart. This One of a kind strategy builder, allows you to specify rules and visually see the signals based on those rule as you create them. Join our Discord Group for help and discussion User Manual Can be Found Here:  https://livebotmaker.com/guide/ Why Use LBM LBM is an essential tool for traders of all levels. It allows trader
197 USD
The product will copy all  Discord  signal   to MT4   ( which you are member  ) , also it can work as remote copier.  Easy to set up. Work with almost signal formats, support to translate other language to English Work with multi channel, multi MT4. Work with Image signal. Copy order instant, auto detect symbol. Work as remote copier: with signal have ticket number, it will copy exactly via ticket number. How to setup and guide: Let read all details about setup and download Discord To MetaTrade
199 USD
VR Alert
Vladimir Pastushak
5 (1)
La utilidad VR Alert, hecha en forma de un indicador, está diseñada para informar al comerciante sobre el logro del precio de un nivel determinado. Los niveles de señalización se pueden exponer no sólo horizontalmente, sino también en pendiente. De tal forma el comerciante tiene la oportunidad de recibir notificaciones de los niveles de tendencia inclinada. Gracias a la utilidad VR Alert, ya no tendrá que estar sentado cerca del monitor durante largos periodos de tiempo. Puede ocuparse tranquila
65 USD
The product is used to trade base on Alert signal from Tradingview with support of an application "Tradingview To MetaTrader". You can download the Demo version on the description page Easy to setup, simple format with custom keyword, do not need to open Internet browser to get alert Allow g et   popup alert from one or more   Tradingview account All option to management orders as trailing stop, breakeen, partial close, time filter, news filter ... Option to auto open grid orders How to setup an
149 USD
News Trade EA MT4
Konstantin Kulikov
4.58 (12)
Les presento un robot útil que yo mismo llevo usando desde hace varios años. Es posible utilizarlo tanto en el modo semiautomático como en el totalmente automático. El programa contiene configuraciones flexibles de comercio para operar con las noticias del calendario económico. No se puede comprobar en el probador de estrategias. Únicamente el trabajo real. En la configuración del terminal, es necesario agregar a la lista de las URL permitidas una página WEB de noticias. Haga clic en Servicio >
97 USD
EA for Cycle Sniper Indicator This utility is designed to open/close auto trades according to the Cyle Sniper indicator's signals. Different entry rules  with various stop loss, take profit options can be applied. You will find the details in this blogpost.  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/749655 Some important issues are explained in the video. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information. IMPORTANT NOTE: You can not test the full functions of the EA on the strategy t
399 USD
Take a Break
Eric Emmrich
5 (22)
Please check the " What's new " tab regularly for a complete and up-to-date list of all improvements + parameters. Take a Break has evolved from a once simple news filter to a full-fledged account protection tool. It pauses any other EA during potentially unfavorable market conditions and will continue trading when the noise is over. Typical use cases: Stop trading during news/high volatility (+ close my trades before). Stop trading when Account Equity, Balance or Margin is low. Only trade on s
70 USD
Este Ultimate Sniper Dashboard personalizado es una actualización EA del indicador Ultimate Sniper Dashboard original. Funciona con hasta 98 algoritmos diferentes para asegurar que captura la verdadera naturaleza de una tendencia en una clase de activos con los que trabaje. Es una respuesta directa a muchas de las sugerencias y consejos que recibimos de la mayoría de nuestros clientes durante varios meses.   Esta versión personalizada es totalmente personalizable. Desarrollado por 98 algorit
399 USD
My Trade History PRO
Bernhard Schweigert
5 (3)
¡¡ACTUALMENTE 20% DE DESCUENTO !! ¡La mejor solución para cualquier trader novato o experto! Revisar sus operaciones es el primer paso para ser un trader de éxito. Los traders de éxito tienen el hábito de revisar regularmente sus operaciones. Esta herramienta le ayudará a hacer precisamente eso. El proceso de revisión será más eficaz con esta herramienta para realizar un seguimiento de sus operaciones. Analice sus operaciones manuales o las operaciones de su EA. Utilice las 3 vistas g
65 USD
VR Watch list and Linker
Vladimir Pastushak
4.63 (8)
VR Watch list and Linker - asesor para el cambio sincrónico de los instrumentos financieros en las ventanas abiertas del terminal MetaTrader. Al elegir una herramienta de negociación en la revisión del mercado, inmediatamente obtendrá gráficos en las ventanas abiertas del terminal. Cada ventana Se puede personalizar individualmente.  Con el programa VR Watch list and Linker podrás Ver rápidamente una gran cantidad de instrumentos financieros y encontrar aquellos instrumentos que tienen señales
69 USD
Unlimited Trade Copier Pro is a tool to copy trade remotely between multiple MT4/MT5 accounts at different computers/locations over internet. This is an ideal solution for signal provider, who want to share his trade with the others globally on his own rules. One provider can copy trades to multiple receivers and one receiver can get trade from multiple providers as well. The provider can even set the subscription expiry for each receiver, so that receiver will not be able to receive the signal
299 USD
RedFox Copier Pro
Rui Manh Tien
5 (9)
$$ Happy New Year. Limit of 3 people FREE ACCESS TO VIP SIGNALS WITH PURCHASE (contact me)!!! FREE SIGNAL CHANEL:  https://t.me/redfox_daily_forex_signals Time saving and fast execution Whether you’re traveling or sleeping, always know that Telegram To Mt4 performs the trades for you. In other words, Our   Telegram MT4 Signal Trader  will analyze the trading signals you receive on your selected Telegram channels and execute them to your Telegram to MT4 account. Reduce The Risk Telegram
149 USD
Otros productos de este autor
MT5 to Telegram Signal Provider   es una utilidad fácil de usar y totalmente personalizable que permite el envío de señales   especificadas   al chat, canal o grupo de Telegram, convirtiendo tu cuenta en un   proveedor de señales . A diferencia de la mayoría de los productos de la competencia, no utiliza importaciones DLL. Versión MT4:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/63550 Configuración Una guía de usuario paso a paso está disponible en:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/74783
59 USD
Presentación del Gestor de Órdenes: Una utilidad revolucionaria para MT4 Gestione sus operaciones como un profesional con la nueva utilidad Order Manager para MetaTrader 4 (MT4). Diseñado con la simplicidad y facilidad de uso en mente, el Gestor de Órdenes le permite definir y visualizar sin esfuerzo el riesgo asociado a cada operación, lo que le permite tomar decisiones informadas y optimizar su estrategia de negociación. Como este producto acaba de salir al mercado, su precio todavía es
39 USD
The Direction Line indicator shows you if the current market is in a up trend or uf ut's in a down trend. The sensitivity of the trend calculation ist customizable. You can adjust it till it fit's your strategy. Even as a beginner is this indicator easy to use and you'll see every trend. Key Features of Direction Line Real-time trend calculations of all time frames Graphical Interface  Identical calculation for all time frames Customizable trend sensivity No repainting Settings / Inputs Sen
The Trading Session Indicator displays the sessions for London, New York, Tokyo and Sydney. It's also possible to display a userdefined session. Main features Sessions: London session New York sesion Tokyo session Sydney session User defined session Dashboard: All settings are easy adjustable trough the dashboard. Descriptions for every saisson. Set your own colors for the sessions. The Indicator is calculated at every new bar or if a change to the chart happens.
30 USD
Con el Panel de Noticias, tendrá todas las noticias de la semana de un vistazo. Ya no tendrá que temer que noticias inesperadas destruyan su configuración de negociación. Gracias a la función de filtro de impacto, puede elegir selectivamente qué noticias deben mostrarse en el panel. Esta práctica utilidad descarga las noticias desde ForexFactory. Sólo necesitas habilitar la URL para Webrequest. Puede encontrar esta información en los comentarios. Con el Panel de Noticias, siempre esta
30 USD
With the News Panel , you have all upcoming news of the week at a glance! You no longer have to be afraid that unexpected news will destroy your trading setup. Thanks to the impact filter function, you can selectively choose which news should be displayed on the panel. This practical utility downloads the news from ForexFactory. You only need to enable the URL for Webrequest. You can find this information in the comments. With the News Panel, you're always up to date and can specifically resp
30 USD
karel_j 2023.03.04 15:31 

I like the product very much, I am satisfied with the current functionality. I like the report of currently opened trades, which shows me the lot calculation and possible profit - (based on my risk ratio), send back the screenshot and also give me the info about the RRR. I use it in connection with auto-trade of my signal and it gives me the visual response of the trade taken. I like it for the functionality of confirmation - that my order was fulfilled - based on the signal received to the MT4 platform.

Lukas Roth
Respuesta del desarrollador Lukas Roth 2023.03.04 15:48
Thank you for the feedback :)
Aurélien A.
Aurélien A. 2023.02.10 23:20 

Excellent tool with a very responsive and quick bug resolvation rate by Lukas ! Thanks for you hard work !

Clément 2023.01.27 17:40 

awesome product and perfect support!

MOHAMMED FOREX 2023.01.26 11:19 

The best expert is clear and easy

Manuel Rodriguez Fernandez
Manuel Rodriguez Fernandez 2023.01.11 13:39 

Great product and easy to use. As a suggestion, I would like the reports to have an option to show the maximum DD

therazor5 2023.01.07 18:54 

incredible and dev pushes updates fast

Lukas Roth
Respuesta del desarrollador Lukas Roth 2023.01.07 20:52
Thank you :)
Kit Gordon Queja
Kit Gordon Queja 2023.01.03 05:38 

Lots of errors and bugs, see terminal expert tab. Unable to send screenshot, not able to send close msgs, this is a walking disaster. For now this is my review and first impression. https://gyazo.com/1f442ed94b838267a2544330079422e3

EDIT: So far there bugs has been fixed. I didn't use screenshot functionality yet tho. I will try later

xswxsw151 2022.12.19 03:38 


Lukas Roth
Respuesta del desarrollador Lukas Roth 2022.12.22 22:31
Thank you
Gusti Lanang Ngurah
Gusti Lanang Ngurah 2022.12.06 11:01 

Why after my computer turns off (MT4), the signal doesn't send notifications to telegram. is it really like this?

Lukas Roth
Respuesta del desarrollador Lukas Roth 2022.12.07 09:56
If you want the EA to send signals even when the computer is switched off, you must run the EA on a VPS. This is also explained in the description.
If you run the EA on the MT4 on the computer and turn it off, the MT4 terminal is also turned off. So the EA can not send any signals
edisontan 2022.11.05 10:54 

everything works fine except the modification function for the stoploss, when it is moved, it only says 'Stop move to breakeven' please allow an option to remove it . tHANKS

Lukas Roth
Respuesta del desarrollador Lukas Roth 2022.11.06 15:47
Hello edisontan
in the general settings you can change the "Profit % for BE" value. This sets the profit % range for your trades to be counted as breakeven.
If you move your stoploss the EA calculates your possible loss. If this possible loss (In percentage to your Equity/Balance) is in the defined BE range then you get this 'Stop move to breakeven' message.
So just set it to a lower value and it's not counted as breakeven :)
For more information have a look at the manual or you can contact me via pm.
manual: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/747833
Aurel Florent Mahougnon Dossa
Aurel Florent Mahougnon Dossa 2022.09.16 12:22 

Highly suggested !

Lukas Roth
Respuesta del desarrollador Lukas Roth 2022.09.16 12:24
Thank you very much :)
Alex Kasama
Alex Kasama 2022.09.12 18:07 

Hello, I would like to know how can I setup the subscription model and how can I separate the signals from free to premium. Thanks

Lukas Roth
Respuesta del desarrollador Lukas Roth 2022.09.12 20:13
i'll write you per pm
FOREX TOP WINNER 2022.08.31 19:35 

Hi Lukas. Useful and excellent tool. I bought both versions of Metatrader 4 and 5. There are some bugs in Metatrader 4 version. When the show profit money option is activated, the amount of profit in dollars is not displayed in the message sent on Telegram. There is also a problem for sending messages for testing and the messages are not sent correctly or are sent with a delay. Even in some cases, by pressing the send text message button instead of sending a test message on Telegram, a new chart is returned on Metatrader. Please fix existing bugs and provide new updates. We wish the best for you.

Abdul Kaled
Abdul Kaled 2022.07.03 23:49 

great product. last week iv'e encountered glitches, when i closed a pending order it did not provide the update on telegram, when i changed TP it did not update on telegram. that is the reason im giving it 4 star.

recommendation: when a trade hits TP, can you also add the RISK/REWARD

Lukas Roth
Respuesta del desarrollador Lukas Roth 2022.07.04 15:21
Thank you for the feedback.
Could you please send me a screenshot of the log file at the moments the changes of your orders happend but nothing was sent?
Because this should not be possible and with the provided log file I can then locate the problem and fix it.
ewNicola 2022.06.29 18:21 

Product works great, speed is more than good. Like the idea that developer wants to work on improving already good product. Highly recommended

Mehdi Khosravi
Mehdi Khosravi 2022.05.09 21:14 

Excellent and unobtrusive. Thanks to Lukas for making this robot,The best and most attractive EA for sending signals mt4 to Telegram

Michele Manenti
Michele Manenti 2022.04.11 19:06 

Really good product, I found the EA "Mt4totelegram" very useful for my Telegram channel, although there were a few glitches at the beginning, the developer has shown great professionalism in making FIX of bugs, also is a very kind and helpful person, surely the EA still has much to improve but for now is really a great job.

Bluumart 2022.04.07 13:22 

He tenido un poco de lag en un de los dos canales que lo uso, pero muy bien todo lo demás. Facil de usar y configurar. Estoy satisfecho con la el producto

Lukas Roth
Respuesta del desarrollador Lukas Roth 2022.04.07 14:15
Gracias por sus comentarios :)
Para las capturas de pantalla, es necesaria una breve pausa para que se carguen los gráficos.
Shamgar Kim
Shamgar Kim 2022.03.29 20:28 

5 STAR!! Its an amazing product if you plan to start your own business for telegram signals

Charly Camille Alain Makhlouf
Charly Camille Alain Makhlouf 2022.03.03 09:15 

Very good seller he help me a lot for setup this EA , good communication and very good product i recommend at 100% thanks you very much

Lukas Roth
Respuesta del desarrollador Lukas Roth 2022.03.03 10:43
Thank you for your feedback :)
Respuesta al comentario
Versión 3.70 2023.02.16
Fixed a Bug for incorrect pip calculations for new order messages
Versión 3.69 2023.02.09
Bug fixes and improvements
Versión 3.68 2023.02.02
Solved a bug where the calculation of the total winrate in the report was wrong
Versión 3.67 2023.01.27
Fixed a bug where the filters for comments on partial profit orders did not work, as the comments are automatically changed when a partial profit is taken.
Versión 3.66 2023.01.25
Fixed a bug where the profit calculations of the report were not correct if the partial orders were merged
Versión 3.65 2023.01.18
It is now possible to filter messages by Order Symbol or Order Comment.
Versión 3.64 2023.01.07
Fixed a bug wich made the EA crash (Error: MT4 to Telegram Signal Provider EURUSD,H1: invalid pointer access in 'OrderList.mqh' (702,45))
Versión 3.63 2023.01.03
bug fixes
Versión 3.62 2022.12.29
Bug fixes and improvements
Versión 3.60 2022.12.01
Eliminated a problem with the pre- and suffix of the symbols.
Fixed the error, if an order is delayed and the timeframe was changed the order wasn't sent.
Versión 3.43 2022.11.29
Worked on pre- and suffix for the symbol names.
Improvements in the code.
resolution for the GUI is now selected automatically depending on your screens dpi.
Versión 3.42 2022.11.28
Bug fixes
Versión 3.41 2022.11.15
Fixed a bug wich made the EA dissapear.
Worked on other improvements
Versión 3.40 2022.09.20
In this update some new improvements have been made.
Now you can choose between Points and Pips.
The saving and loading of the EA has been reprogrammed. Since it was not possible to have different settings on multiple charts. This is now possible. due to this update it may be necessary to check your settings again after updating your EA.
the thousand positions which were previously marked with the ' separator are now marked with a blank space.
Other small improvements were made.
Versión 3.30 2022.09.13
- Reports can now show the total gain in $
- The most common currencies are marked with their abbreviations
- A time delay for new orders has been added. So after placing the order it can still be changed and the "New order" message on
telegram will contain the new changes. the time can be set in the EA settings.
- Minor bugs were fixed
Versión 3.24 2022.09.03
Small changes for improvements
Versión 3.23 2022.06.14
improvements and bug fixes
Versión 3.22 2022.03.31
Improvements and Bug fixes
Versión 3.21 2022.03.01
Small bug fixes and improvements
Versión 3.20 2022.02.27
Now it's possible to send pending order activations as a new order message.
Versión 3.14 2022.02.25
Now it' possible to change the resolution of the dashboard!
Changed the send pending order from the "new order" section to the general section, by turning it off no messages regarding to pending orders will be sent, like deleting orders etc.

Improved screenshot handling.
other minor bug fixes.
Versión 3.13 2022.02.18
Added the option to work only with specified Expert ID's or to remove them
Versión 3.12 2022.02.14
Bug fixes and improvements
Versión 3.11 2022.02.09
Small bug fixes and improvements
Versión 3.1 2022.02.08
Bug fixes and improvements
Versión 3.0 2022.02.06
Nos complace presentar una nueva versión de este EA. Se ha reescrito y mejorado todo el código fuente. El EA es ahora más rápido y potente que antes. Además, se han corregido errores y se han añadido nuevas funciones.
ahora se pueden activar y desactivar los mensajes de nuevas órdenes pendientes. Además, se puede mostrar el precio de entrada y salida de una orden cerrada. Hemos trabajado mucho en esta actualización y esperamos que te satisfaga.
Si tiene algún problema con la actualización, o cualquier otra petición de mejora, por favor póngase en contacto conmigo a través de MQL.
Versión 2.15 2021.09.06
Fixed a bug where history reports was limited to ~60 orders.
Now history reprots can send unlimited orders!
Versión 2.14 2021.08.29
Small improvements
Versión 2.13 2021.08.06
fixed a bug on the close screenshot after a partial profit was taken.
Emojis in user message
other improvements
Versión 2.12 2021.07.27
small improvements
Versión 2.11 2021.07.24
Little bug fix
Versión 2.1 2021.07.22
Small improvements
Versión 2.0 2021.06.01

Algoritmo de reconocimiento de órdenes completamente nuevo
Nueva interfaz de usuario

Todo el código ha sido revisado y actualizado.
Versión 1.73 2021.04.12
Bug fixes
Versión 1.71 2021.04.07
Bug fixes
Versión 1.7 2021.04.06
- Fixed Bug with monthly reports
- Added user-settings for the reports
- Other small improvements
Versión 1.6 2021.03.25
- Minor bug fixes
- Added Order Ticket
- Other little improvements
Versión 1.5 2021.03.17
Little Improvements
Versión 1.3 2021.03.08
Little Improvements
Versión 1.2 2021.03.08
Little Improvements
Versión 1.1 2021.03.08
Little Improvements