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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 231

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Triple Trailer
Alexander Yaskevich
We highly recommend you running this expert at EURUSD H4. This expert has the name Triple Trailer because it employs Trailing Stop and is based on 3 following elements: Slow Moving Average Fast Moving Average Money Flow Index Indicator Main Information MA intersection is mostly a criteria for closing positions, while MFI is used to open ones . The signal for buying is received when fast MA intersects slow MA from the bottom AND MFI is in its oversold area (< 20) Respectively, the signal for sel
35 USD
Grade Day
Iurii Tokman
Grade Day   The indicator of trend lines of support and resistance, calculated for one day. The indicator does not display its readings on a chart period higher than 4 hours. Description of settings color_1 - color of the third support line width_1 - thickness of the third support line style_1 - style of the third support line color_4 - color of the second support line width_4 - thickness of the second support line style_4 - style of the second support line color_6 - color of the first support l
67 USD
Big DipperEA Big DipperEA is According to the indicators, Martin Geer should cooperate with each other. From Martin's theory, but the risk is much lower than Martin's, built-in risk control, so that you do not like pure Martin EA, after ten years of historical data review, repeated revision strategy, I have just released, in line with investors and users responsible for Caution is prudent. As the world's most knowledgeable person, I've set the parameters to the optimal parameters, users can dire
30 USD
The Super Cross Trend Advanced indicator is designed for trend and signal trading. This indicator generates trend signals. It uses many algorithms and indicators to generate this signal. It tries to generate a signal from the points with the highest trend potential. This indicator is a complete trading product. This indicator does not need any additional indicators. You can only trade with this indicator. The generated signals are displayed on the graphical screen. Thanks to the alert features y
60 USD
Super Bollinger Trend indicator is an oscillator designed to calculate trend  points. A set of bollinger bands calculations and a set of algorithms to calculate trend reversals. Level probing system with high probability trends. All of these features combine to make it easier for investors to find trends. Prameters bollinger_Period - bollinger bands period setting bollinger_Deviations - bollinger bands deviations setting
30 USD
Just Rider EA
Agung Imaduddin
Just Rider EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor with the using of martingale and hedging strategies. Linear Regression and Moving Average Indicator-based filter are used for entries. The minimum deposit is 100 USD (10,000 cent), the recommended symbol is EURUSD and GBPUSD, timeframe is H1. Use a broker with good execution. A VPS is required. The product works both on 4 and 5-digit quotes. Specify values in points like for 5 decimal places in the input parameters, and it will automatically reca
100 USD
Signal Power System is an indicator that generates trade arrows. It generates trade arrows with its own algorithm. These arrows give buying and selling signals. The indicator certainly does not repaint. Can be used in all pairs. Sends a signal to the user with the alert feature. Trade rules Enter the signal when the buy and sell signal arrives. Processing should only be initiated when signal warnings are received. It is absolutely necessary to close the operation when an opposite signal is rec
50 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
This indicator shows not just a line of the price balance, but also forecasts it for the specified number of bars ahead. That is, the level of the probable balance of the price reflects on the chart in the future. The level of balancing is set by the Balance parameter, that is, it can be drawn at any level. Forecasting the future with the Shift parameter. The indicator reflects information in a visual form. Do not forget that the approach to trading should be comprehensive, to enter the market r
30 USD
This indicator scans and displays currency pairs that have crossed a moving average depending on a given timeframe. You can configure which pairs the indicator will scan. It also includes all types of alert options. Features Attach to one chart and scans all the currency pairs configured and visible in the Market Watch Window It can monitor all the available timeframes from M1 to MN1 and sends alerts on every timeframe's candle close when it crosses over a Moving Average Display all currency p
50 USD
The Zigzag Calculator indicator is designed to calculate bar and pips of zigzag lines. this indicator pips the distance between the end points. You can also see how many zigzag lines are completed in the bar. It is simple and practical to use. Parameters Fontsize - Font size setting. TextColor - Text color adjustment. Depth - the depth setting. Deviation - Deviation setting. Backstep - back calculation setting.
30 USD
Super signal series mystery arrows is an indicator designed to generate trading signals. This indicator uses a number of different indicators and generates a signal using a number of historical data. Currency pairs:  Any Time interval:  M5, M15, M30. Suggested M5 Work with at least 20 pairs Parameters AlertsOn -  send alerts. If this feature is activated, it will be activated in other warning properties. AlertsMessage -  send a message AlertsSound -  sound alert setting AlertsEmail -  email al
50 USD
Buy Bot
Igor Chuzlov
Buy Bot  - это полностью автоматизированный советник для торговли в восходящем тренде. Используются элементы стратегий сетки, скальпинга, без убытка, установка Stop Loss и Take Profit .  Торговля по новостям. Советник выводит на график и сохраняет новости на локальном компьютере за 1 год. Новости обновляются каждые 60 минут или при нажатии кнопки "Обновить новости". Новости загружаются с сайта http://www.investing.com/economic-calendar/ . Для работы советника нужно добавить сайт в список разреше
99 USD
Pin bar Hunter
Vyacheslav Nekipelov
Ready-made trading system with a minimum of settings. The operation algorithm is based on the use of tick volumes and candlestick formations. The EA should add to the M5 charts the main currency pairs with low spreads (0.8-1.2): EURUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NSDUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD. For the most reliable results, set the EA testing mode to the "on every tick" option (the most accurate method). Due to the large ratio of the deposit to the starting lot size, the stability of the system
199 USD
This strategy I once saw in a video. The guy claimed that it is a win-win, but we all understand that the Forex market can not be any guarantees. The essence of the strategy is that 2 orders are placed and each of them has a small take profit, for example, 10 points and a large stop loss - for example, 30 points. Since the market often fluctuates-it collects these 10 points of each order. If the stop loss is triggered, then 1 of the orders will still be closed in plus. Thus, we get 20 points of
30 USD
This is the complete REX package. It consists of the lite, pro and ULTRA version.  Perfect for beginners and intermediates. REX complete is 100% non repaint. The strategy is based on a mix of different strategies, statistics, including pivot points, oscillators and patterns.  As the trading idea consists of a variety of some classic indicators like Momentum, Williams Percent Range, CCI, Force Index, WPR, DeMarker, CCI, RSI and Stochastic, it is clear that the fundamental indicators have being
1 800 USD
Fibonacci retracement is one of the most reliable and used technical analysis tools for trading. It uses the so called “golden ratio” to predict certain levels of support (price movement reverses from downward to upward) and resistance (price movement reverses from upward to downward) which is a mathematical pattern seen through out nature and even the universe. Because so many traders make use of this trading strategy and watch these price levels, more often than not the Fibonacci levels become
97 USD
Here is an automated Andrews Pitchfork indicator which is DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY to integrate with custom Expert Advisor or MANUAL indicator. It will not allow manual modification as it is strictly use for automatic. However, you still can change the Zig Zag parameters to suits your need. Proposed default parameter is 18-Periods or more with +18.     Feature Highlight Right top corner of the Currency information %   Strength / Spread / Remaining Bar Time   Bottom Right Current & Previous SEQUEN
39 USD
CCI Signal
Oliver Gideon Amofa Appiah
CCI SIGNAL This indicator is based on a custom CCI that is colored to reflect the trend. It was created with the idea in mind: "THE TREND IS YOUR FRIEND". It is simple and easy to use. Even a newbie can understand and use it to achieve great trade results. Simply follow the colors. RED means SELL. GREEN means BUY. It DOES NOT repaint and can be used for Scalping, Day Trading and Swing Trading. It can be used for any time-frame and any currency pair. CCI Signal is highly reliable and provides pow
50 USD
Flexible Grid
Dmitriy Sheykin
5 (8)
MT5 version here The Flexible Grid EA uses the RSI indicator to enter the trade. To enter BUY, the RSI must cross the bottom up the value specified in the EA parameters (for the sales, on the contrary, cross from top to bottom). In case of a successful entry, the transaction closes either according to Take Profit, or Trailing Stop is used. If the market goes in opposite direction, the order grid opens at a specified distance from the average price of the grid. Also, newly opened orders ca
200 USD
Friendly Trend
Oliver Gideon Amofa Appiah
FRIENDLY TREND This indicator is based on the common saying in forex and stock trading that:"THE TREND IS YOUR FRIEND" It is easy to understand and follow; even newbies can achieve great trades out of it. It paints Green candles in an uptrend and signals BUY. It also paints Red candles in a downtrend and signals SELL. The indicator DOES NOT repaint. It is good for any time frame and currency pair. It can be used for Scalping, Day Trading and Swing Trading. Friendly Trend gives push notifications
50 USD
ATR Channels
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
ATR Channel is an indicator. It shows us ATR ( depends on selected period ) Line on main chart. It also draw 3 up ATR channels (ATRu) and 3 down ATR channels (ATRd) on the same window. All they helps you to trade with a ATR indicator. There are 6 extern inputs; PeriodsATR   : You can change ATR Period default is 13. MA_Periods   : Use for draw ATR channels MA periods. Default is 34. MA_Type       : You can change MA_method here. Default is Linear weighted. Mult_Factor1 : It is for first up and d
80 USD
Dragon flight EA Dragon flight is a Martin-like EA, from Martin's theory, but the risk is much lower than Martin's, built-in risk control, so that you do not like pure Martin EA, after ten years of historical data review, repeated revision strategy, I have just released, in line with investors and users responsible for Caution is prudent. On the parameters control : You can control this EA as you like. Reap profit1 and Reap profit1 :Profit point。 proposal As the world's most knowledgeable pers
699 USD
A Trading
Patompong Junnil
A Trading is a fully automated Expert Advisor that uses Price Action strategy to detect the new trend and enter trade with fix take profit and stop loss every orders. It uses smart algorithms to adapt to all markets. This EA can work successfully with any brokers and spreads. This EA always uses fix take profit  and stop loss. No scalping, no martingale, no grid trading, no arbitrage. You can use EA with any brokers and spreads. Minimum balance is $100. However, bigger amount will help the EA pe
499 USD
PipMaster is built using a powerful trend + momentum following algorithm. Made after years of testing and with market noise filtering built-in.  Aggressive traders can enter a trade as soon as an arrow appear. Conservative traders should wait for a visual alert after a closed candle bar. This indicator is a great tool to be used with your most trusted trend/momentum trading strategy and with solid money management rules. Key Benefits: -Super easy to use by following color coded arrow pointing
49 USD
JustLineTrader is an EA for trading manually using Graphic Objects that are easy to use. There are 6 lines, namely Buy Line, TP Buy Line, SL Buy Line, Sell Line, TP Sell Line, and SL Sell Line. 6 The line is a trend line chart that we manually installed on the Chart. When the price reaches its Line, it will execute the order on the Panel Line Day Trade. JustLineTrader consists of a panel section for manual trading and part 6 lines for installing trend lines as triggers for order-send and order-c
30 USD
JustPanelTrader is an EA for trading manually using Graphic Objects that is easy to use.  Trading is done by clicking the button on the panel Button consists of Sell: To place a Sell order Buy: To place a Sell order SellLimit: To install a Sell order SellStop: To install a Sell Pending Order CloseAll: To close all orders and pending orders ClosePendingOrder: To delete all pending orders CloseSell: To close all Sell orders Close Buy: To close all Buy orders TextBox consists of LotRatio: to dete
30 USD
The indicator Universal Separate Window works according to your rules. It is sufficient to introduce a formula, along which the line of the indicator will be drawn. This indicator is intended for use in the separate chart window. All indicators of the series Universal : Main window Separate window Free MT4 Universal Main Window Free MT5 Universal Main Window Free MT5 MT4 Universal Separate Window Free MT5 Universal Separate Window Free MT5 Full MT4 Universal Main Window MT5 Universal Main W
30 USD
The indicator Universal Main Window works according to your rules. It is sufficient to introduce a formula, along which the line of the indicator will be drawn. This indicator is intended for use in the main chart window. All indicators of the series Universal : Main window Separate window Free MT4 Universal Main Window Free MT5 Universal Main Window Free MT5 MT4 Universal Separate Window Free MT5 Universal Separate Window Free MT5 Full MT4 Universal Main Window MT5 Universal Main Window MT
30 USD
Alexander Pekhterev
Needle is an adviser who trades on the breakout of support and resistance levels. Trading is pending orders. To support the position, a trailing stop is used. Recommendations Currency pair: EURUSD; Accuracy : 5 signs; Timeframe: M5, M15, M30, H1; Recommended leverage: from 1:100 and above; Minimum deposit: $ 100; Before installing on a live account, test with minimal risk; Brokers with low spreads and low commission. Settings and Input Parameters Risk - Risk per trade (as a percentage
12 000 USD
Wicked Inside Bars
Tagumpay Jr Cerdan
Inside bar price action. Inside bar must be completely engulfed within mother bar (mother bar is indicated as bar 2 in inputs). Stop orders will be placed after the formation of the inside bar at the top and bottom of the mother bar. Inputs: Interval from bar 2 - the distance of placing stop orders from the top and bottom of the mother bar. Lot Size - volume of the trade. Take Profit - multiple of the size of the mother bar. Stop Loss as % of mother bar - adjust the stop loss of the stop orders
30 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
Price Action Signals generates buy and sell signals with price close and complex logic. You can use it different timeframes and pairs.  Best results are on M30 and H1 charts with default parameter. You can change this parameter ( nFrequency ) for other timeframes. ( except M1 timeframe ) There is only one extern input: nFrequency: It determines signal frequency. Default is 0.004. You can use this arrow for Expert Advisors. Upsignal: iCustom(......"PriceActionSignals", buffer nr:0 ) Downsignal :
60 USD
Maksim Sovenko
Simplicity is a necessary condition of beauty (c) Leo Tolstoy This expert was developed for the 2008 championship. In that year he took 25th place. The recommended tool is GBP, timeframe M30. Transactions are opened to return to the calculated midline. Expert Options: minlot - the minimum lot; maxlot - the maximum lot; UseEquityStop - use stop by equity; TotalEquityRisk - percentage of drawdown; slip - slippage.
250 USD
Mr Pound
Phindile Victoria Qwabe
Mr Pound   Mr Pound  is an Expert Adviser derived from many trend following indicators to generate signals that are automatically traded please make sure you have an account with a leverage of 1:50 0 Strictly recommended to 1H timeframe ,GBPUSD only  The lot size is based on your balance    Do not close any trade ,whether in profit or in loss to allow a safe money management If the Last trade is a loss while back testing ,it just mean that the trade was still opened but close at stop ,adjust t
30 USD
This highly informative indicator applies overbought/oversold levels for more accurate representation of the market situation. All moving average settings are available, including average type and price it is based on. It is also possible to change the appearance of the indicator - line or histogram. Additional parameters enable more fine-tuning, while trading can be inside the channel and along a trend. Distinctive features Oversold/overbought levels; Does not redraw. Additional parameters fo
39 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
Virtue Multi Lot   "Virtue" is a fully automated Long term Expert Advisor. It calculates market condition itself and decides to enter a position. This is the main position. After that position, it adds some small lots for scalping. You can select how many orders will be open extra. It depends on your account margin and risk managment. "Virtue" needs patience that is the why its name Virtue. Patience is a virtue. You must be patient to make some Money. You have to be wait it find optimal condit
50 USD
This scanner is a tool used to support trading. Scanner searches on a wide market, in real time setups, created by mutual arrangements of candles (candles pattern). Its basic features are:  8 implemented trading setups (it is possible to add further setups, additional versions of the scanner),  the possibility of simultaneous scanning, all financial instruments available on the platform,  the possibility of simultaneous scanning, in all timeframes available on the platform,  the ability to manua
69 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
HLOC Trend Indicator This indicator helps you to determine trend direction on your trade. Default parameters for H1 time frame. You can use this indicator both bigger time frame and smaller time frame to open a trade. The calculation is based on high, low, opening and closing price values of each bar in the selected time period. When the values found in the Indicator custom formula are exceeded, the buy or sell signal falls on the screen. There are two extern inputs; RiskFactor: Early but risky
20 USD
Market Skanner Baks is a new indicator of market scanner. This indicator is equipped with a new algorithm for determining the trend. Now the trader does not need to analyze dozens of different indicators to determine the direction of the price movement. It is enough to place on the Market Scanner Baks chart and see where the arrow shows on the big and small timeframes. Thus, one can understand the short-term and long-term potential price movement. In addition, the indicator on the completion of
147 USD
Free Lotus
Christophe Godart
Due to the huge success of the limited free version, the now low priced LOTUS version will continue being updated in the future. Optimal for Binary Options and Forex. For beginners and intermediates. Lotus is 100% non repaint. The strategy is based on 4 ADX parameters, including pivot points and candle patterns.  It is recommendable to combine the arrow with an moving average, Elliot waves indicator or Parabolic SAR. The main goal was to  keep it as simple as possible ! No useless oscillators
450 USD
Supports & Resistances is an indicator that draws and reads automatically support and resistance levels like trendlines and fibonacci retracements to identify the most likely areas where the market will bounce. It mainly generates several horizontal and diagonal lines based on past highs and lows. The strenght:  Reading on the code the supports and resistances areas permits to use the indicator in the Expert Advisor. The risk:  Too many drawn lines on chart could confuse the manual trader but it
50 USD
We highly recommend you running this expert at EURUSD H1. Linear Regression Trader employs the mathematical model of linear regression for smoothing price movements and trend recognition. Best results can be achieved when trading at the change of the trend or when the prices form a triangle, rectangle or similar patterns. Uses libraries for executing operations with matrices, already included into EX4 file. The principles of work: Define the tangent coefficient of the line for the Large period
49 USD
Evgeniy Zhdan
The advisor determines the candle formations of the two timeframes (current and one timeframe below) and starts working towards the most likely price move. Main analyzable ligaments: Head-shoulders + flag; Head-shoulders + double top; Flag + tapering triangle; Absorption + hammer. Each transaction has a Stop-loss and Take-Profit. Each transaction is independent. Hazardous methods of work are not used. It is recommended to use currency pairs  for the default settings: GBPUSD 15m и EURUSD 15m. You
490 USD
Warrior HT
Aleh Rabtsau
This EA works randomly. Transactions are made completely unpredictable, depending on what signal will determine the EA itself, randomly. Since Forex is also a completely unpredictable market, this EA is very surprising with its results. Note that even in the strategy tester, the results will always be different since the random number selection is not tied to the terminal. Even if you put the EA on several pairs at the same time, the results for each pair will be random when opening trades at t
30 USD
Morning Breakout is an indicator that calculates the morning range where a symbol has been moving in a period of time. It also displays that levels in the current symbol. Through this indicator you can analyze and track all the symbols you want to invest in. It also includes alerts, mails and notifications that enables the possibility to look for new market opportunities. Main Features of Morning Breakout Track all the symbols you want to invest in or the symbols in your market watch. Apply a co
59 USD
Bekim Bytyqi
This Expert Advisior is following the main trend and makes profit in bull and in bear markets. It works for all currency pairs. I have attached a Screenshot for GPDUSD D1. It is very effective and has small drawdowns. I will give this EA away for only USD 30,-. This offer is valid until June, 30 2018 Later on  it will be much more expensive. It is very powerfull and profitable.
30 USD
The Forex RSI Wizard Expert Advisor works based on changes in the RSI. It looks for the direction and the strength of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and then places a buy or a sell order in the corresponding direction. To ensure maximum accuracy the EA also takes the bollinger bands in to account, in order to minimize false signals. Forex RSI Wizard is intended for trading any currency pair on the M5 timeframe or higher. However, backtests indicate that it is best suited for GBPAUD on H1.
30 USD
Prompt JT
Aleh Rabtsau
The EA analyzes the market behavior and makes trades if the price has passed the required number of points within a certain time. The EA uses virtual take profit, stop loss, trailing stop. You can also set the trading time for each day. We recommend setting the EA at the beginning of the week for each pair separately. When setting the time consider the release of important news as the robot earns only on a sharp price movement. You can use any currency instruments, any timeframe and leverage. Re
30 USD
In indicators the positive scale often unreasonably is accepted though in fact they are the symmetric. Such property has also standard RSI. The presented indicator works in the scale, symmetric concerning zero, but at the same time completely repeats an original form. In this indicator important levels 20 and -20. It is very convenient at its use in automatic trade as application of one threshold by optimization excludes overoptimization. Besides, the algorithm of calculation of the indi
30 USD
Raff and Bollinger
Vadim Zotov
4.25 (4)
The robot is intended for trading on a real account. Two channels are being constructed: Hilbert Raff and John Bollinger. The external Raff channel allows you to determine the direction of the global trend. Inside it, in the Bollinger channel, trade is conducted on a trend. Provision is made for disabling martingale and money management, transactions are protected by stop-loss. Features of the trading strategy The robot calculates two channels. The external channel is calculated by the method of
80 USD
Stay updated with Multicurrency Overview!! The algorithm of this EA releases an average of the movement percentage of all the Forex currencies linked to a single currency, isolating it, letting us to comprehend its real and specific trend. Above on the left, a panel show us efficiently the trend of the currency, in the timeframe actually used. The second panel will keep you updated on macroeconomic news. P.N.:The news time is based on your pc clock time, this way you won't have any problem r
30 USD
Advanced indicator of a professional trader   - is a professional indicator based on the popular Stochastic Oscillator. Advanced indicator of a professional trader  is an oscillator with dynamic overbought and oversold levels, while in the standard Stochastic Oscillator, these levels are static and do not change. This allows Advanced indicator of a professional trader to adapt to the ever-changing market. When a buy or a sell signal appears, an arrow is drawn on the chart and an alert is trigge
34 USD
Kappa Trender
Artur Brud
5 (3)
Kappa Trender is a unique indicator that will recognize trend direction and give you dynamically changing values for stop loss accordingly to further market movements and unique target calculations (take profit or trailing stop loss) based on last market movements. Even if you miss the signal (or close last trade at TP), this tool will give you range of price where you can re-enter with good risk-to-reward relation or you can enter manually and use current stop loss and take profit values.  How
50 USD
Primus Trading Engine is a trading system that combines price action,ratio based indicators & custom indicators to create this leading indicator with a multi-timeframe approach to give you high probability trade setups for forex,CFD cash/futures,metals & binary option to assist in making predictions on what is MOST likely to happen in the market Main Chart Features Price Action Signal-Arrow displayed on a specific bar;NOT buy/sell arrow;DOES NOT repaint;Bullish arrow on a bullish bar,price is l
999 USD
Maksim Sovenko
Советник работает на тайм-фрейме H4. Валютная пара EURUSD. В качестве входных параметров используются: Lots, TakeProfit, Stoploss.Торговая активность наступает в момент появления локального тренда, наилучшие результаты при этом достигаются на четырехчасовых свечах. Используется фиксированный размер лота, в процессе торговли он автоматически не увеличивается. Усреднение и прочие "хитрости" не используются. Один сигнал - одна сделка.
389 USD
This multi time frame and multi symbol indicator identifies when the stochastics signal line (D) crosses the stochastics main line (K) as well as options  to scan for main line and signal line level crossovers.  As a bonus it can also scan for Bollinger bands and RSI overbought/oversold crosses. Combined with your own rules and techniques, this indicator will allow you to create (or enhance) your own powerful system. Features Can monitor all symbols visible in your Market Watch window at the sam
30 USD
The indicator is intended for swing trading. The indicator is able to determine the trend and important trend peaks (swing), which will be important support / resistance levels. Features Simple visual displaying of 3 types of swings: Minor swings  - do not affect the trend, but only on the movement within the trend Normal swings  - can change the direction of the trend Strong swings  - have a double confirmation of the importance of the level Visual displaying of the trend reversal Minimum of se
75 USD
Stepping Trend
Mpendulo Chiliza
The Stepping Trend Indicator     The Steppi ng Trend indicator uses the  average true range  (ATR indicator) in its calculation. This gives you control to set your own average true range period, I set the Default as 10.   Indicator Details. Green Arrow Up: This means you are at the starting point of a new bullish trend, it’s time to buy.   Red  Arrow  Down : This means you are at the starting point of a new  bearish  trend, it’ s time to sell .   What if you miss the Arrow Signal?   No
180 USD
Probability Indicator displays volatility bands on the price chart and calculates probabilities of price exceeding specified levels for the next bar, taking trend into account. It does that by performing a statistical analysis of the completed bars in the chart's history, which may include years of data. The volatility bands differ from Bollinger bands in the calculation of standard deviation from the simple moving average, resulting in bands that envelop the range of price swings in a channel t
33 USD
TPSL Driver
Thushara Dissanayake
Introducing the TPSL Driver Utility , a powerful tool designed to enhance your trading experience by automating Stop Loss and Take Profit management. This utility caters to every trader who desires seamless order management and advanced profit protection techniques. One of its standout features is the ability to manage your orders invisibly , safeguarding your trading ideas from market maker brokers . With the option to set Take Profit and Stop Loss by dollar amount, you have greater flexibil
50 USD
MathScalper Pro
Denis Chebatarev
MathScalperPro MathScalperPro  is an automatic trend trading system based on mathematical calculations. The Advisor calculates the trading levels of price corrections and enters the transaction in the direction of the trend. Inputs on levels are possible in two ways. The first way is to enter the candlestick pattern 1-2-3, and the second way is to enter the change of direction of trade in the younger period. Each trading pair has its own settings, which you will get when buying this Expert Adv
50 USD
Rostislav Voitsehovsky
Money Management Parameters (параметры управления капиталом) UseMoneyManagement  - Управление капиталом включить или выключить. Допустимые значения:  true / false Lots  (по-умолчанию:  0.1 ) - Размер позиции RiskInPercent  (по-умолчанию:  2.0 ) - Риск в процентах при включенном управлении расчёта позиции MaximumLots  (по-умолчанию:  500 ) - Максимальный объем лота. Значение по-умолчанию: UseFixedMoney  (по-умолчанию:  false ) - Задействовать весь капитал счета в процентах или нет. Допустимые з
50 USD
PABT Pattern Indicator - it's classical system one of the signal patterns. Indicator logic - the Hi & Lo of the bar is fully within the range of the preceding bar, look to trade them as pullback in trend. In the way if indicator found PABT pattern it's drawing two lines and arrow what showing trend way.  - First line - it's entry point and drawing at: 1. On the high of signal bar or on middle of the signal bar (depending from indicator mode) for buy; 2. On the low of signal bar or on middle of t
110 USD
This indicator is used to visualize the profit of closed and open orders on the symbol. To control using four buttons which are located on the chart after the indicator is started: Button "C" - show/hide on chart open and close points of closed orders from account history by current symbol; Button "O" - show/hide on chart open points of opened orders and distance between open point and current order close price point; Button "$" - show (if button "C" and/or button "O" activated) / hide every ord
40 USD
CandleTrend EA
Elvira Akhsanova
This Expert Advisor is based on previous candlestick's price direction. Seven modes of operation with option to reverse signal. Assuming that current trend can be identified by checking status of one recent candlestick I have added additional strategies: 2/2, 2/3, 3/3, 3/5, 4/5, 5/5 candlesticks. For "1/1 Candles (Mode 1)": if previous candlestick's base currency has increased in value in reference to quote currency (close price is higher than open price) - uptrend is presumed and buy order is p
100 USD
Waddah Attar Mini Close Graphical Panel EA . This EA does not Trade with built in  Strategy . It is shows you your orders information in a table mode . You can close any group of your orders with mouse click . The table contain : Type : Buy + : means all buy profit orders . Buy - : means all buy loss orders . Sum : means all buy orders . Sell + : means all sell profit orders . Sell - : means all sell loss orders . Sum : means all sell orders . Total : means all orders . North : means a
30 USD
Chicken peck rices This is a short-term EA what based on price breakthroughs,and the parameters are simple and adaptable. Requirements: Run timeframe: H1; The type of account:ECN,spread of currency≤3,for example,EURUSD,USDJPY,and others. The minimum spread for order modification:0,it means that the minimum distance is zero between setting stop loss or take profit and current price. You must use the required accounts to ensure the reliability of profit. Input parameters: explanation=chicken peck
3 800 USD
MMM Relative Strength Index Strategy: The Expert Advisors uses its two built-in RSI indicators to determine the prices trends and calculates the signal to decide to open buy or sell positions. It sends an order, closes or moves the Trailing Stop loss position as the indicator works. You can define the time period of each day of the week the EA should not trade (the bad time to trade). Usually the period of day when the impact news are published. General Inputs Closes orders with any profit of va
75 USD
The block of bars is collected under condition of divergence . If the divergence conditions are not met, the block is deleted. More precisely, the condition is the transition of the block of bars from the state of divergence to the state of convergence . Blocks are formed selectively with gaps. Gaps are characterized by the state of convergence of bars. The indicator shows the value and direction of the price in the divergence block . To determine the divergence value, see here , the line of ex
25 USD
Этот индикатор предназначен для контроля уровней CCI на текущем и старших от него таймфреймах. Панель управления проста в понимании и состоит из кнопок, с помощью которых можно управлять отображением линий, соответствующим указанным на наименовании кнопок. Цвет кнопки совпадает с цветом линии. Этот индикатор из серии подобных индикаторов, которые уже успели завоевать популярность: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/30276 и https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/30403 Параметры "___| Set
50 USD
Main: Not martingale, not a grid, working on all symbols; a good rational algorithm; Work of two indicators:  RSI (from older timeframe - it works as a signal filter) and RSI (from junior timeframe - it works as a signal) ; There is a good money management system (there are several type for trailing stop loss); EA can work on closed candles, and on current candles; Quickly optimized (the work is maximally accelerated). Current sets after optimization are in comments. MetaTrader 4:  https://www.m
15 USD

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